Video: Rube Goldberg-ian Page Turner

To some it may be a waste of time, to Joseph Herscher it is fun.


Cold-Buster: From Disaster To Success

Initially designed as a fast and efficient way for Canadian soldiers to fight off hypothermia, the Cold-Buster – the culmination of 18 years of research using more than $1 million in funding – was promising to become a success with athletes and backcountry enthusiasts.


Bake Out The Bedbugs

“People may have them for several months and not know it.


A Clothes Line That Wraps Around The World

World Clothes Line is an apparel company with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world.


Super Soaker Inventor Takes Aim At Solar Power

Johnson’s latest JTEC prototype, which looks like a desktop model for a next-generation moonshine still, features two fuel-cell-like stacks, or chambers, filled with hydrogen gas and connected by steel tubes with round pressure gauges.


Decluttering Your Home, In The Form Of A Diet

Over many years of working with clients, my team and I found ourselves constantly referring to diet metaphors during our work.


Couple Brew Up A Business In Library

After owning and operating DJ’s California Catering in Camarillo for the past 17 years, Doug and Jennifer Biggs have launched an additional venture.


A Better Wagon For Travel

For the past 10 years, Shapiro, a personal injury lawyer who works and lives at the Beach, has dabbled at inventing a wagon that’s easier to carry and load.


The Success Of Board Games: Qwirkle

Petaluma resident and game designer Susan McKinley Ross said that one great way to step back from glowing screens and reconnect with others is through activities as simple as a board game.

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