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Halstrom High School® provides unique individualized instruction ensuring students reach their full academic potential.

Results Now: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Teaching and Learning
Michael J. SchmokerAccording to author Mike Schmoker, there is a yawning gap between the most well-known essential practices and the reality of most classrooms. This gap persists despite the hard, often heroic work done by many teachers and administrators. Schmoker believes that teachers and administrators may know what the best practices are, but they aren’t using them or reinforcing them consistently. He asserts that our schools are protected by a buffer—a protective barrier that prevents scrutiny of instruction by outsiders. The buffer exists within the school as well. Teachers often know only what is going on in their classrooms—and they may be completely in the dark about what other teachers in the school are doing. Even principals, says Schmoker, don’t have a clear view of the daily practices of teaching and learning in their schools.Schmoker suggests that we need to get beyond this buffer to confront the truth about what is happening in classrooms, and to allow teachers to learn from each other and to be supervised properly. He outlines a plan that focuses on the importance of consistent curriculum, authentic literacy education, and professional learning communities for teachers.What will students get out of this new approach? Learning for life. Schmoker argues passionately that students become learners for life when they have more opportunities to engage in strategic reading, writing with explicit guidance, and argument and discussion.Through strong teamwork, true leadership, and authentic learning, schools and their students can reach new heights. Results Now is a rally cry for educators to focus on what counts. If they do, Schmoker promises, the entire school community can count on unprecedented achievements.
The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Effective Instruction (4th Edition)
Margo A. Mastropieri and Thomas E. ScruggsThis text offers a wealth of practical and proven strategies for successfully including students with disabilities in general education classrooms.  The text provides targeted strategies for the subject and skill areas, as well as special needs of individual students, with a strong focus on instructional strategies applied to specific student need areas. An overall theme of “effective, differentiated instruction” is infused throughout the text, relating to those practices that are most closely aligned with academic success.  The text is unique in its three-part coverage of 1). the fundamentals of teaching students with special needs, 2). effective general teaching practices, and 3).inclusive practices in specific subject areas. With a strong focus on instructional strategies and how they are applied to specific student need areas, the text goes further by featuring more specific strategies than any other text, and extensive information about the most effective strategies available, and when and how to use them.. This strong focus instructs pre-service teachers and other education personnel on how they can implement in the classroom specific strategies to address a very wide range of grade levels, skill levels, academic content areas; and extensive and very specific information on strategies teachers can use in the areas of most concern to them, e.g., behavior management, handling student confrontations, promoting literacy, memory for school content, motivation to learn, maintaining student attention, adapting assessment and improving test scores, and specific strategies for adapting specific lessons in math, science, social studies, and career and technical education.  Specifically written for pre-service or in-service special education teachers who will work with general education teachers in K-12 classrooms, the text is also relevant for school psychologists, counselors, support staff, and other school personnel interested in helping all students succeed in the classroom.
Up the Down Staircase
Bel KaufmanBel Kaufman's Up the Down Staircase is one of the best-loved novels of our time. It has been translated into sixteen languages, made into a prize-winning motion picture, and staged as a play at high schools all over the United States; its very title has become part of the American idiom. Never before has a novel so compellingly laid bare the inner workings of a metropolitan high school. Up the Down Staircase is the funny and touching story of a committed, idealistic teacher whose dash with school bureaucracy is a timeless lesson for students, teachers, parents--anyone concerned about public education. Bel Kaufman lets her characters speak for themselves through memos, letters, directives from the principal, comments by students, notes between teachers, and papers from desk drawers and wastebaskets, evoking a vivid picture of teachers fighting the good fight against all that stands in the way of good teaching.
Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction
Isabel L. Beck PhD, Margaret G. McKeown Phd, Linda Kucan PhD, Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown and Linda KucanExciting and engaging vocabulary instruction can set students on the path to a lifelong fascination with words. This book provides a research-based framework and practical strategies for vocabulary development with children from the earliest grades through high school. The authors emphasize instruction that offers rich information about words and their uses and enhances students' language comprehension and production. Teachers are guided in selecting words for instruction; developing student-friendly explanations of new words; creating meaningful learning activities; and getting students involved in thinking about, using, and noticing new words both within and outside the classroom. Many concrete examples, sample classroom dialogues, and exercises for teachers bring the material to life. Helpful appendices include suggestions for trade books that help children enlarge their vocabulary and/or have fun with different aspects of words.
What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, Second Edition
Dave F. Brown and Trudy Knowles    There is a world of difference between seeing the promise in young adolescents and seeing them as problematic. Seeing the “promise” is at the center of What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know. From start to finish young adolescents are treated with dignity and respect, and their education is more an adventure worth having than a trial to be endured. - James A. Beane Author of Democratic Schools, Second Edition   The first edition of What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know helped tens of thousands of preservice and inservice educators find new, energizing ways to think about their practice. Now Dave Brown and Trudy Knowles present a second edition with 40 percent new material that includes the latest research about middle schoolers' development, deep explorations of why true middle school structures strongly support young adolescents' learning, and ways to combine these findings to optimize students' in-school experiences.   What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know is a clear and comprehensive description of truly responsive middle school instruction. With the same teacher-friendly voice as in their first edition, Brown and Knowles provide what educators need to know to teach with skill and compassion, including information on: the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and identity-based development of students between the ages of 10 - 15 ways to design curriculum with students to engage them in thinking deeply about their learning and their world explicit methods for creating the learning experiences and classroom environments that help young adolescents learn best ideas for using assessment, including self-assessment, to encourage learning rather than merely measure it the implications of high-stakes testing on curriculum and instruction significant, recent research that supports the vital middle-level practices of advisory programs, teaming, flexible scheduling, exploratory experiences, looping, and student-led conferences.   Ever practical, Brown and Knowles once again present powerful a resource for middle-level teachers that is grounded in the voices of students as well as in current research. They also offer in-depth commentary from teachers whose classrooms exemplify the integrated, progressive, mindful approach that What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know advocates.   Adolescence is a time of exciting, challenging adjustments for students, and it can be just as exciting for their teachers. With What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know any teacher can meet curricular demands while creating meaningful learning experiences that place students at the center of their own learning.
Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners (with MyEducationLab) (5th Edition)
Suzanne F. Peregoy and Owen F. BoylePraised for its strong research base, engaging style, and inclusion of specific teaching ideas, the Fifth Edition comprehensively examines oral language, vocabulary, writing, reading, and writing/content-based instruction in English for grades K-12 students.    This Fifth Edition of Peregoy & Boyle's best-selling book continues the strengths of the Fourth Edition with its comprehensiveness and accessibility, providing a wealth of practical strategies for promoting literacy and language development in ELLs (K-12). Unlike many books in this field, Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL takes a unique approach by exploring contemporary language acquisition theory (as it relates to instruction) and providing suggestions and methods for motivating ELLs’ English language, literacy and content area learning. The book highlights content-based instruction and features differentiated instruction for English language learners.
Culture in School Learning: Revealing the Deep Meaning
Etta R. HollinsIn this text Etta Hollins presents a powerful process for developing a teaching perspective that embraces the centrality of culture in school learning. The six-part process covers objectifying culture, personalizing culture, inquiring about students' cultures and communities, applying knowledge about culture to teaching, formulating theory or a conceptual framework linking culture and school learning, and transforming professional practice to better meet the needs of students from different cultural and experiential backgrounds. All aspects of the process are interrelated and interdependent. Two basic procedures are employed in this process: constructing an operational definition of culture that reveals its deep meaning in cognition and learning, and applying the reflective-interpretive-inquiry (RIQ) approach to making linkages between students' cultural and experiential backgrounds and classroom instruction. Discussion within chapters is not intended to provide complete and final answers to the questions posed, but rather to generate discussion, critical thinking, and further investigation. Pedagogical Features Focus Questions at the beginning of each chapter assist the reader in identifying complex issues to be examined. Chapter Summaries provide a quick review of the main topics presented. Suggested Learning Experiences have been selected for their value in expanding preservice teachers' understanding of specific questions and issues raised in the chapter. Critical Readings lists extend the text to treat important issues in greater depth. New in the Second Edition New emphasis is placed on the power of social ideology in framing teachers’ thinking and school practices. The relationship of core values and other important social values common in the United States to school practices is explicitly discussed. Discussion of racism includes an explanation of the relationship between institutionalized racism and personal beliefs and actions. Approaches to understanding and evaluating curriculum have been expanded to include different genres and dimensions of multicultural education. A framework for understanding cultural diversity in the classroom is presented. New emphasis is placed on participating in a community of practice. This book is primarily designed for preservice teachers in courses on multicultural education, social foundations of education, principles of education, and introduction to teaching. Inservice teachers and graduate students will find it equally useful.
Making College Count: A Real World Look at How to Succeed in and After College
Patrick S. O'BrienDiscover the best-selling college success book updated for today's college student. The new 2nd Edition of Making College Count is a must-read for students who are serious about building a great future. It s the best college success book ever written packed with insights on how to make the most of the college experience. Making College Count goes far beyond teaching you how to survive college. This college success book delivers an actionable plan showing student how to thrive there and build the skills that will open great doors for the future. This great college success book offers students (and parents) a proven framework to achieve at a high level in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and in their work experiences. The book also positions students for success in their future job searches. Making College Count offers literally hundreds of success tips and sets the students up for a great result in the job interview process from their first days on campus. Making College Count features an eye-catching, two-color design with 78 illustrations, and is written in an approachable, student-friendly voice. This college success book is the best high school graduation gift you can give. Now in its 12th printing, Making College Count is the best-selling college success book of all time. The original version was featured in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, on CBS Morning News, MSNBC, and 50+ other media outlets throughout the nation. It was also the basis for live speaking programs that have now reached 23+ million high school and college students across the nation. Author Patrick O'Brien has taught at Miami University for the past decade and rewritten the book with fresh insights from campus. With additional input from educators, students, and corporate recruiters, the book offers practical tips and tools that you can put to work from your first day on campus. If you're making the significant investment in going to college, make the investment to learn how to make college count. This must-read college success book is a great high school graduation gift for any student. Making College Count also offers great advice for parents of college students. As a college parent, you ll want to be prepared to give your students great advice when they need it. If you ve never been to college or have not been there in 20 years you may not be well prepared to be a resource for your student. Given the price of college today and the high cost of failing there, a proven college success book can make the difference. Making College Count is the perfect high school graduation gift for any student. If you're going to give a high school graduation gift, give college success as your graduation gift this year!
The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction
Robert J. MarzanoThough classroom instructional strategies should clearly be based on sound science and research, knowing when to use them and with whom is more of an art. In The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction, author Robert J. Marzano presents a model for ensuring quality teaching that balances the necessity of research-based data with the equally vital need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.He articulates his framework in the form of 10 questions that represent a logical planning sequence for successful instructional design. For classroom lessons to be truly effective, educators must examine every component of the teaching process with equal resolve. Filled with charts, rubrics, and organizers, this methodical, user-friendly guide will help teachers examine and develop their knowledge and skills, so they can achieve that dynamic fusion of art and science that results in exceptional teaching and outstanding student achievement.
Holler If You Hear Me: The Education of a Teacher and His Students, Second Edition (Teaching for Social Justice)
Gregory Michie''A decade later it's still alive with relevancy, ideas, and voices.'' --Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in LA''This narrative inspires a sense of hope and possibility in teaching with insights into an inner-city teacher's practice -- a must read for preservice teachers, inservice teachers, teacher educators, and all who care about social justice and educating the future generation.'' --JoAnn Phillion, Purdue University''Gregory Michie expands degrees of hope for cultivating humanity through teaching with love, justice, and cultural empathy and imagination.'' --Ming Fang He, College of Education, Georgia Southern University''It is a great and marvelous thing to be reminded that to change the world we need only to change ourselves. Greg Michie and his students give me that hope.''-- Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street''Michie is a passionate believer in the power of education.''-- Teacher MagazineIn this time of narrowed curricula and high-stakes accountability, Gregory Michie's tales of struggle and triumph in Holler If You Hear Me: The Education of a Teacher and His Students are as relevant as ever. Since it was first published in 1999, Holler has become essential reading for new and seasoned teachers alike and is an inspiring read for many others. Weaving back and forth between Michie's awakening as a teacher and the first-person stories of his students, this highly acclaimed book paints an intimate and compassionate portrait of teaching and learning in urban America. While the popular notion of what it's like to teach in city schools is dominated by horror stories and hero tales, Michie and his students reside somewhere in between these extremes--''between the miracles and the metal detectors.'' This updated 10th Anniversary Edition of Michie's moving memoir of teaching on Chicago's South Side features a new introduction and a new afterword that includes updates on several of his students.
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