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Cartridge Depot

An ink cartridge refill company.

Super High Performance Stomp Rocket Refill Pack(3)
Super High Performance Stomp Rocket Refill Pack(3)
Loop N Loom Refill 108/Pkg-Multi C
Assorted colors of loops for the Loop N Loom (sold separately). Includes 108 soft chunky stretchy loops in 9 different colors. Enough for 3 pot-holders! 108/Pkg, Multi Colors.
Stomp Rocket Super High Performance Stomp Rocket
Stomp on the launch pad to send this rocket up to 400ft in the airFeatures include: •The original Stomp Rocket that started the stompin revolution•Taje this to the park or beach and watch how many children and adults you get wanting to play•comes with 6 rockets and 6 flame stickers to put on•Refill rockets available•schools use all of our stomp rockets to teach distance, trajectory, force, motion etc…learning and having fun doing it.
Smart Growth: Building an Enduring Business by Managing the Risks of Growth (Columbia Business School Publishing)
Edward D. HessWall Street believes that all public companies should grow smoothly and continuously, as evidenced by ever-increasing quarterly earnings, and that all companies either "grow or die." Introducing a research-based growth model called "Smart Growth," Edward D. Hess challenges this ethos and its dangerous mentality, which often deters real growth and pressures businesses to create, manufacture, and purchase noncore earnings just to appease Wall Street.Smart Growth accounts for the complexity of growth from the perspective of organization, process, change, leadership, cognition, risk management, employee engagement, and human dynamics. Authentic growth is much more than a strategy or a desired result. It is a process characterized by complex change, entrepreneurial action, experimental learning, and the management of risk. Hess draws on extensive public and private company research, incorporating case studies of Best Buy, Sysco, UPS, Costco, Starbucks, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Room & Board, Home Depot, Tiffany & Company, P&G, and Jet Blue. With conceptual innovations such as an Authentic Earnings and Growth System framework, a seven-step growth funnel pipeline, a Growth Decision Template, and a Growth Risks Audit, Hess provides a blueprint for an enduring business that strives to be better, rather than simply bigger. (June 2010)
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Dover Thrift Editions)
Benjamin FranklinOne of the most popular works of American literature, this charming self-portrait has been translated into nearly every language. It covers Franklin's life up to his prewar stay in London as representative of the Pennsylvania Assembly, including his boyhood years, work as a printer, experiments with electricity, political career, much more.
Going Public: Everything You Need to Know to Take Your Company Public, Including Internet Direct Public Offerings
James B. Arkebauer and Ron SchultzVenture capitalist and IPO expert James Arkebauer tells readers everything they need to know to take their company public, including Internet Direct Public Offerings. "Going Public" is the definitive bible for CEOs, members of the IPO team, investors, and for anyone who needs to understand the process by which a company raises money by "going public".
The Ernst & Young Guide to the IPO Value Journey
Ernst & Young, Stephen C. Blowers, Peter H. Griffith and Thomas L. MilanA practical guide to taking your company public--successfully This updated version of the Ernst & Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public looks at the IPO as a milestone in a larger process called The Value Journey?sm, the basis for the work of the Ernst & Young Center for Strategic Transactions??, a business advisory resource for CEOs. This practical book is designed to help you determine whether an IPO is the right move for your company and addresses the major leadership challenges that CEOs face. It describes how to plan your IPO journey and chart your business strategy, focusing on the steps you must take to succeed during and after the IPO event and fulfill the critical need to continuously innovate and renew your company.
Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management (Wiley)
Jack M. Kaplan and Anthony WarrenThis third edition prepares entrepreneurs for the rewards and pitfalls of this career choice. It explores a new theme on how to effectively manage a start-up company. Focus on Real Entrepreneurs sections highlight how entrepreneurs position their companies to meet the various marketing, financial, and technological challenges. Management Track sections present key management issues while following the development of a real company. Entrepreneurs will also find real situations and examples on which they can practice the broad range of skills required to start and build a company in today's complex world.
Transitioning Ownership in the Private Company : The ESOP Solution
David Binns, Marshal Hyman, Ron Bernstein and Martin StaubusUsing a leveraged ESOP to buy out a departing or retiring business owner is a strategy with considerable benefits for all involved. For the owner, it is a means to ‘cash out’ with potentially significant tax benefits. For employees, it creates a real ownership stake in the company. Transitioning Ownership in the Private Company illustrates the issues and decisions that are part of the complex leveraged ESOP process. It is written for entrepreneurs and business owners who may be contemplating an ‘exit strategy’ for their business.
Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart!
Al Norman"Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart" is written in two parts. The first part describes why Wal-Mart, Home Depot and their kin are a threat to small community life in America. The second part gives you a game plan to stop Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers in your home town, much the way Al Norman and other concerned citizens kept Wal-Mart out of Greenfield. The book is a call for the preservation of all the qualities we love about hometown America. It is one man's David versus Goliath story. It can also be a road map for your community's fight to keep its downtown businesses and core values.