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ClearBra is a custom installed, nearly invisible car bra that provides ultimate auto paint protection.

Asset Protection Secrets: How Americas Affluent Lawsuit Proof Their Wealth... And How You Can Too! Book on Asset Protection and Asset Management
Hillel L. Presser and Esq.There's a good reason that the wealthiest Americans protect their fortunes using trusts, family partnerships, limited liability structures and corporate entities because they work. In today's litigious society, anyone can be sued and anyone can have their lifelong savings and real estate nest-egg attacked and attached by a court, a creditor, a lender, an accident victim, an ex-spouse, a neighbor, or a hostile business partner. These real and present threats exist for anyone with assets not just the wealthiest one percent. The first step in Asset Protection is educating yourself. This book will help you do just that educate yourself about Asset Protection and proper Asset Protection planning. In Asset Protection Secrets America's top Asset Protection attorneys reveal the newest, most effective strategies to protect yourself against lawsuits... creditors... divorce... foreclosure... and other deadly threats that can financially destroy you! We live in a lawsuit-crazy, financially risky world; where too many people unexpectedly lose their assets. More and more families, individuals and businesses are sued each year. It can happen to anyone!
The Aftershock Investor: A Crash Course in Staying Afloat
David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer and Cindy S. SpitzerAdvice on protection and profits in the short and long term future from the experts who accurately predicted the financial crisis of 2008, and who now have more detailed information about what is yet to comeFrom the authors who accurately predicted the domino fall of the conjoined real estate, stock, and private debt bubbles that led to the financial crisis of 2008 comes the definitive guide to protection and profit in 2012 and beyond. Based on the authors' unmatched track record of precision predictions in their three landmark books, America's Bubble Economy (Wiley, 2006), Aftershock (Wiley, 2009), and Aftershock, Second Edition (Wiley, 2011), their next book offers what readers have been clamoring for: A detailed guide to how to put Aftershock in action, with 14 new chapters on what investors need to know to survive and thrive in the next global money meltdown. The Aftershock Investor shows readers:Why recent actions by the U.S. Federal Reserve will eventually damage the dollar and hurt investors worldwideHow future rising inflation and interest rates will harm your specific investments, and what to do about itWhat's next for stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and other assetsDetailed investment advice about real estate, retirement, annuities, life insurance, jobs, and much moreHow to buy and own gold and silver before, during, and after the coming AftershockHow to profit rather than lose when so many asset bubbles collapse around the worldThose who heeded the authors' warnings last time were able to successfully ride out the financial crisis of 2008 and even cash in on the years that followed. Now The Aftershock Investor offers readers a second chance at protection and profit in the next financial crisis ahead.
yayayaya (Chinese Edition)
tototoASSET PROFILE shows you how to obtain financial privacy and asset protection. It is the most comprehensive asset protection manual that clearly describes the strengths and weaknesses of domestic plans that involve U.S. corporations. Anyone concerned with lawsuits, asset confiscation and divorce should read this book and put its principles into action. The manual's purpose is to empower most people with the critical steps in protecting their financial future from those who are least deserving of hard-earned wealth. "Asset Profile" clearly explains the specifics on how to structure a corporation from start to finish, and how to maintain the corporation, without leaving a trail for abusive creditors to follow. It's possible and feasible for anyone to control a corporation within the United States and not leave any paper or digital trail of their name, address or social security number to the corporation. Attorneys and accountants also have a great deal to gain from this book because it clearly explains the steps necessary to establish financial privacy for their clients. The Internal Revenue Code and the Nevada Revised Statutes also support the principles and strategies in the manual.
The Golden Motorcycle Gang: A Story of Transformation
Jack Canfield and William Gladstone               Have you ever asked yourself why you are on planet Earth? And what the ultimate purpose for your life might be? Well, Jack Canfield asked himself this very question and came up with a surprising answer—part of which included a vision revealing that he is part of a “Golden Motorcycle Gang”—a gang whose intent is to have fun, but also to make significant contributions to the well-being of humanity.                During a joyful dinner many years ago in Santa Barbara, California, Jack told his friend William Gladstone about the Gang. Upon hearing this account, William had an epiphany that Jack’s story held a powerful underlying truth not only explaining Jack’s true purpose, but William’s as well. For more than ten years, William encouraged Jack to write a book based on the story of the Gang, so they have now collaborated on this work to show you its relevance to this critical moment in the history of human civilization . . . and also to you, personally. As you read, you will be introduced to some of the extraordinary members of the Golden Motorcycle Gang, including visionary thinkers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, the originator of the concept of Conscious Evolution.                 The mystery and adventure inherent in this book reveals that there is now the opportunity for all of us on planet Earth to make a quantum leap in real time toward choosing the actual course of our evolution. Along the way, we are meant to experience the joy that comes from recognizing who we really are.                Perhaps, as you embark on Jack’s journey along with him . . . you will find that you are also a member of the Golden Motorcycle Gang! So get ready for the adventure of your life! 
The Choice: A Fable of Free Trade and Protection (3rd Edition)
Russell RobertsWritten as a novel, the book makes the complex concepts, issues and terminology of international trade understandable for students.  Professors complain that their students cannot grasp the nature of how some economic tools are used or how they work in life.  This novel bridges the gap of concepts with applications by use of a fictional story.   David Ricardo comes to life to discuss international trade theory and policy with Ed Johnson, a fictional American television manufacturer seeking trade protection from television manufacturers. Their dialogue is a sophisticated, rigorous discussion of virtually every major issue in trade theory and policy. To illustrate the positive and normative effects of international trade and trade policy, Ricardo takes the reader and Ed Johnson into the future to see an America of free trade and an America of complete self-sufficiency. The fictional element brings these topics to life so that students gain the intuition and understanding of how trade changes the lives of people and the industries they work in. The fundamental intuition of how international markets function including general equilibrium effects and policy analysis is provided.
Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable--Includes new bonus chapter
Seth GodinThe classic bestseller that taught the business world that safe is risky; very good is bad; and above all, you're either remarkable or invisible In 2002, Seth Godin asked a simple question that turned the business world upside down: What do Starbucks and JetBlue and Apple and Dutch Boy and Hard Candy have that other companies don't? How did they confound critics and achieve spectacular growth, leaving behind formerly tried-and-true brands? Godin showed that the traditional Ps that marketers had used for decades to get their products noticed-pricing, promotion, publicity, packaging, etc.-weren't working anymore. Marketers were ignoring the most important P of all: the Purple Cow. Cows, after you've seen one or two or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, though . . . now that would be something. Godin defines a Purple Cow as anything phenomenal, counterintuitive, exciting . . . remarkable. Every day, consumers ignore a lot of brown cows, but you can bet they won't ignore a Purple Cow. You can't paint your product or service purple after the fact. You have to be inherently purple or no one will talk about you. Godin urges you to emulate companies that are consistently remarkable in everything they do, which drives explosive word of mouth. Purple Cow launched a movement to create products and services that are worth marketing in the first place. Now this expanded edition includes dozens of new examples from readers who've taken the message to heart.
Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors
Jonathan AdlerNo one has a happier sense of hue and pattern than Jonathan Adler! Inspiring readers to be fearless in their decorating choices, Adler guides us through color-drenched rooms, from True Blue and Going Rouge to Champagne Sparkle. Every chapter is devoted to his thoughts on one color scheme, and he reveals his go-to paint chips, favorite fabrics, and personal color muses, like Diana Vreeland and Grace Jones. 
Real Estate Loopholes: Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing
Diane Kennedy, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Garrett SuttonFinding wealth through investing in property depends on knowledge, a good plan - and building a team of advisors and mentors who can provide the expert guidance needed. By examining the three keys to successful real estate investing - selection, taxation and protection - REAL ESTATE LOOPHOLES shows what it takes to makes a real estate investment work.
New Cottage Style : Decorating Ideas for Casual, Comfortable Living (Better Homes and Gardens)
Better Homes & GardensDecorating ideas to achieve a cottage look that’s clean, simple, and light.New and remodeled homes that incorporate cottage style via architectural features and easy decorating choices.Secrets to creating harmony and simplicity with paint, furniture, fabrics, and accessories.Examples of projects in the country, the woods, suburbia, and oceanfront locations.Practical ideas and decorating techniques to create a comfortable getaway look.Effective color schemes that achieve a serene palette.
Snap-on 92164 25-LED Rechargeable Angle Work Light
Snap-On 25-LED Rechargeable Angle Work Light is bright, versatile, cool to the touch and easy to handle. LED's are rated up to 100,000 hrs of continuous service. Light is constructed of tough ABS housing with shatter proof lens. Lens bumpers offer protection from impact and fold-away swivel hook add positioning versatility. Rechargeable AC wall adapter is included. Snap-On flashlights are backed by a lifetime warranty.
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How to Be an Independent Field Inspector car inspection Franchise
How to Start a Courier Business car courier delivery driving Franchise
J.d. Byrider car dealership pre-owned used Franchise
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Smart Synthetics automobile car oil Franchise
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