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Administering Successful Programs for Adults: Promoting Excellence in Adult, Community, and Continuing Education (Professional Practices in Adult Education and Human Resource Development Series)
Michael W. Galbraith, Burton R. Sisco and Lucy Madsen GuglielminoThe authors offer practical advice to novice and experienced administrators on the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of organizing and administering successful programs in adult, community, and continuing education settings. Administering Successful Programs for Adults is designed to assist administrators in understanding various approaches to the administrative process, assessing clientele needs and interests, securing financing and developing budgets, selecting paid and voluntary staff, creating effective marketing and public relations strategies, evaluating learning, instructors, and programs, understanding legal and ethical administrative issues, and finally mapping out a professional development plan for remaining effective. Throughout this book, many practical and useful strategies, approaches, forms, and tips to assist the administrator to be more effective are provided. This book will prove to be a valuable resource for administrators who work in community-based adult, community, and continuing education organizations, deans and directors of continuing higher education, directors of adult and community school programs, trainers in business and industry, and educational consultants.
Setting Boundaries® with Your Adult Children: Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents
Allison BottkeThis important and compassionate new book from the creator of the successful God Allows U-Turns series will help parents and grandparents of the many adult children who continue to make life painful for their loved ones. Writing from firsthand experience, Allison identifies the lies that kept her, and ultimately her son in bondage—and how she overcame them. Additional real life stories from other parents are woven through the text. A tough–love book to help readers cope with dysfunctional adult children, Setting Boundaries® with Your Adult Children will empower families by offering hope and healing through S.A.N.I.T.Y.—a six–step program to help parents regain control in their homes and in their lives. S = STOP Enabling, STOP Blaming Yourself, and STOP the Flow of Money A = Assemble a Support Group N = Nip Excuses in the Bud I = Implement Rules/Boundaries T = Trust Your Instincts Y = Yield Everything to God Foreword by Carol Kent (When I Lay My Isaac Down)
How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Website with Little or No Money
Bruce C. BrownInterested in promoting your business and/or Web site, but don t have the big budget for traditional advertising? This new book will show you how to build, promote, and make money off of your Web site or brick and mortar store using the Internet, with minimal costs. Let us arm you with the knowledge you need to make your business a success! Learn how to generate more traffic for your site or store with hundreds of Internet marketing methods, including many free and low-cost promotions. This new book presents a comprehensive, hands-on, step-by-step guide for increasing Web site traffic and traditional store traffic by using hundreds of proven tips, tools, and techniques. Learn how to target more customers to your business and optimize your Web site from a marketing perspective. You will learn to target your campaign, use keywords, generate free advertising, search-engine strategies, learn the inside secrets of e-mail marketing, how to build Web communities, co-branding, auto-responders, Google advertising, banner advertising, eBay storefronts, Web-design information, search-engine registration, directories, and real-world examples of what strategies are succeeding and what strategies are failing. **Award-Winning Finalist in the Business Category of the National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards **Bronze Winner in the Computer/ Internet Category of the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards
eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business
Corey PerlmanIn this Web 2.0 era, small business owners are at a severe disadvantage because they have minimal, if any, knowledge, about Internet marketing. They also lack the budget to hire a top-notch web marketer. As a result, the thrust of their Internet marketing program is usually a poorly performing website that attracts few visitors. e Boot Camp is the solution to the entrepreneur's Internet marketing problem. This do-it-yourself book provides the know-how that's needed to win business in cyberspace while eliminating the need for a large marketing budget. In just an hour or two a week, the small business owner will gain control of his or her Internet marketing campaign, using the step-by-step method Perlman presents. Specifically, readers will learn the keys to improving their search-engine ranking (the critical driver of traffic to a Website), how to create and manage blogs and e-newsletters and, finally, the secrets to a successful, sales-driven website.
Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide (CourseSmart)
Sharan B. Merriam, Rosemary S. Caffarella and Lisa M. BaumgartnerIn this updated landmark book, the authors have gathered the seminal work and most current thinking on adult learning into one volume. Learning in Adulthood addresses a wide range of topics including: Who are adult learners? How do adults learn? Why are adults involved in learning activities? How does the social context shape the learning that adults are engaged in? How does aging affect learning ability?
Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies
Janine WarnerA step-by-step guide to creating your first Web siteEverybody's building cool web sites, but how? Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, 2nd Edition, shows you how, with simple, step-by-step instruction that will build your confidence as you build your site.You'll learn to plan your site and secure a domain name, how to use Dreamweaver for site construction, and how to test and publish your site. You'll also learn about designing a blog, creating a podcast, adding Flash, and even how to make money with your Web site. Dummies makes it easy and fun!Perfect for those who've never attempted a Web site before, including small-business owners, the family historian, amateur genealogists, and travel buffsExplains using Web site creation tools including Dreamweaver, Photoshop Elements, Flash, and WordPressShows how Web pages work, how to plan and design your site, and what to look for in Web hosting servicesCovers editing and creating Web graphics and text, how to customize a site for different purposes, testing, and publishing your siteProvides information on blogs, podcasts, adding Flash, and making money from your siteWeb Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, 2nd Edition shows you how to create a Web site you'll be proud of.
The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow (Educational Business Studies)
Katherine R. BatemanExplaining the language of finance and the skill of investing, this guide gives kids an early start at making their money grow. The book explains the general concept of money and demonstrates how saving works based on the concepts of simple and compound interest. Children then learn where Wall Street is located, what stocks and bonds do, and, with the help of an adult, the right way to buy or sell a stock, mutual fund, or savings bond. Dozens of projects illustrate how to balance a checkbook, read a stock table, and understand common financial terms such as inflation, recession, and the Federal Reserve Board. This updated edition details the current financial environment, including what is meant by a global economy, economic clues for recovery, and a special section on what mortgages are and how they work. Updated resources for further information online are also included.
Tips and Tactics for Marketing on the Internet (Swc - General Business Series)
This brief book is the newest publication from America's leading authority on small and growing businesses...INC. MAGAZINE. Through 48 Capsule Cases from smaller companies that are successfully using the Internet, the reader is provided with a realistic picture of the benefits and challenges businesses face when marketing on the Internet today. Learn how to put the Web to work for your business. Here's a hands-on guide to: *What the Web is...and what the Web is Not *Why the Web is the Place to Be *Setting Goals for A Site *The ABC's of Online Promotions *Five Essentials for Any Site *Tracking Visitors to A Site
Internet Marketing for Your Tourism Business: Proven Techniques for Promoting Tourist-Based Businesses Over the Internet
Susan SweeneyFrom the basics of planning an online marketing strategy to using newsgroups and site links, this book provides business owners with everything they need to make their Web site the destination of choice for travelers, including Web site design guidelines, search engine tips, and online advertising opportunities.
Excel VBA Programming For Dummies
John WalkenbachTake your Excel skills to the next level with VBA programmingNow that you've mastered Excel basics, it's time to move to the next level—creating your own, customized Excel 2010 solutions using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The new edition of this non-threatening guide is your key to getting there. Using step-by-step instruction and the accessible, friendly For Dummies style, this practical book shows you how to use VBA, write macros, customize your Excel apps to look and work the way you want, avoid errors, and more.The book's Web site provides all the programming examples from the book.Introduces you to a new range of Excel 2010 optionsShows you how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to program your own custom Excel applications or to automate functionsExplains how to create VBA macros, program, handle errors, debug, and moreCovers Visual Basic Editor tools and functions; working with range objects; controlling program flow; and the easiest ways to create custom dialog boxes, toolbars, and menusIncludes a companion Web site with all the sample programs from the bookCreate your own, custom Excel programs with this information-packed guide!Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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