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Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design (6th Edition)
James K. Wight and James G. MacGregorReinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design, 6/e is a perfect text for professionals in the field who need a comprehensive reference on concrete structures and the design of reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete design encompasses both the art and science of engineering. This book presents the theory of reinforced concrete as a direct application of the laws of statics and mechanics of materials. In addition, it emphasizes that a successful design not only satisfies design rules, but also is capable of being built in a timely fashion and for a reasonable cost. A multi-tiered approach makes Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design an outstanding textbook for a variety of university courses on reinforced concrete design. Topics are normally introduced at a fundamental level, and then move to higher levels where prior educational experience and the development of engineering judgment will be required.
Cities and the Wealth of Nations
Jane Jacobs"Learned, iconoclastic and exciting...Jacobs' diagnosis of the decay of cities in an increasingly integrated world economy is on the mark."—New York Times Book Review"Jacobs' book is inspired, idiosyncratic and personal...It is written with verve and humor; for a work of embattled theory, it is wonderfully concrete, and its leaps are breathtaking."—Los Angeles Times"Not only comprehensible but entertaining...Like Mrs. Jacobs' other books, it offers a concrete approach to an abstract and elusive subject. That, all by itself, makes for an intoxicating experience."—New York Times
Meat Smoking And Smokehouse Design
Stanley MarianskiMost books on smoking just give some elementary information and then are filled with recipes; this book is the reverse, scholarly information and theory as it applies to smoking meats and a few recipes that will get one started. While various recipes usually get the spotlight, it is the authors' opinion that the technical know-how behind preparing meats and sausages is far more important. There is a section with some basic recipes, but after reading the book one should be able to create his own recipes without much effort. The book explains differences between grilling, barbecuing and smoking. The sections on smokehouse design include over 200 construction diagrams and photos that cover most known methods: masonry, portable, wood, concrete, and drum smokers. After reading this book a reader will fully comprehend what can be expected of any particular smoker and how to build one that will conform to his individual needs. The book will benefit the serious smoker as well as the beginner.
Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture
Marvin HarrisThis book challenges those who argue that we can change the world by changing the way people think. Harris shows that no matter how bizarre a people's behavior may seem, it always stems from concrete social and economic conditions.
Prefab Modern
Jill Herbers For many, the idea of prefab housing may bring to mind trailers and other less desirable images of home life. But this idea couldn't be more wrong! Rather, the newest trends in prefab has emerged as a great way for a design- (and cost-) conscious generation to achieve the dream of home ownership. Today, prefab houses are manufactured to the highest standards of construction and aesthetics. And with the internet, these houses can be ordered from all over the world--affording people everywhere the opportunity to acquire an affordable home of distinction. Prefab Modern explores the best prefabricated houses on the market today, from all over the world along with a resource directory on how you can purchase them. Included are case studies from all over the US and around the world, from top architects and designers. Projects featured include: The Ikea "Blokok House" Michael Graves "Target House" Steven Holl's "Turbulence House" in New Mexico David Hertz's Venice, CA "Concrete House" "SUSI" and "Fred Houses" from Kaufmann, KFN Architects (Australia) Jennifer Siegal's "Office of Mobile Design" and "Seaview House" and many more! Prefab is the inevitable next step to "cool" housing as the market looks for reasonably priced housing for first and second homes. Prefab Modern is the perfect guide to this undeniable and fascinating trend.
Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach (The Seeley Lectures)
Martha C. NussbaumProposing a new kind of feminism that is genuinely international, Martha Nussbaum argues for an ethical underpinning to all thought about development planning and public policy, and dramatically moves beyond the abstractions of economists and philosophers to embed thought about justice in the concrete reality of the struggles of poor women. In this book, Nussbaum argues that international political and economic thought must be sensitive to gender difference as a problem of justice, and that feminist thought must begin to focus on the problems of women in the third world. Taking as her point of departure the predicament of poor women in India, she shows how philosophy should undergird basic constitutional principles that should be respected and implemented by all governments, and used as a comparative measure of quality of life across nations. Nussbaum concludes by calling for a new international focus to feminism, and shows through concrete detail how philosophical arguments about justice really do connect with the practical concerns of public policy. HB ISBN (2000): 0-521-66086-6
Art of Thinking, The (9th Edition)
Vincent R. RuggieroAccessible and engaging, this unique text offers concrete, practice strategies for critical and creative thinking and includes many opportunities for practicing these fundamental skills.
Design for Six Sigma in Technology and Product Development
Clyde M. Creveling, Jeff Slutsky and Dave AntisTechnology companies can only achieve the full benefits of Six Sigma if they implement it proactively, starting with the earliest stages of technology development and product design, link it to a well-structured product development process, and rigorously manage it. Design for Six Sigma in Technology and Product Development shows how. Authors Clyde Creveling, Jeff Slutsky, and David Antis Jr. present step-by-step techniques, flow diagrams, scorecards, and checklists, plus the first complete introduction to Critical Parameter Management (CPM), the breakthrough approach to managing complex product development.
The Best of Brochure Design 11
Kiki EldridgeBrochure design is a perennial in the world of marketing and graphic design, yet it can be challenging to execute successfully. This collection of the world’s best brochure design offers hundreds of ideas, pages of inspiration, and armloads of advice for professional graphic designers and students alike. Using a clean, unfussy presentation, this book is a highly visual collection of ideas for everything from choosing type to photo treatments, and everything in between. Rockport’s Best of Brochure Design series is a best seller the world over.
The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses
Jesse SchellWould you like to design world-class games? The Deck of lenses is the ultimate game design creativity toolkit! Companion to the acclaimed book The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, this convenient deck contains 100 unique "lens cards" each featuring key questions that will make your game great, and a magnificent color illustration to help you remember each principle. The lenses span every aspect of game design - story, game mechanics, technology, aesthetics, psychology, creativity, teamwork, playtesting, and even business issues. Included instructions explain how to use the cards to design board, card, and videogames. Whether you are a novice or expert game designer, this deck of lenses will change the way you look at games. What people are saying about "The Art of Game Design" System:"A toolchest crossed with a kaleidoscope" -Heather Kelly "Comprehensive and Practical" -Will Wright "Fertilizer for the subconscious" -Kyle Gabler "Inspiring and practical for both veterans and beginners" -Bob Bates
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