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International Economics
Robert C. Feenstra and Alan M. TaylorCombining classic international economics with straight-from-the-headlines immediacy, Feenstra and Taylor’s text seamlessly integrates the subject’s established core content with new topic areas and new ideas that have emerged from recent empirical studies.  Like no other textbook it brings cutting-edge theory, evidence, and policy analysis to the field of international economics. International Economics is available as a complete textbook or in two split volumes: International Trade and International Macroeconomics.
The Great Thirst: Californians and Water-A History, Revised Edition
Jr. Norris HundleyThe story of "the great thirst" is brought up to date in this revised edition of Norris Hundley's outstanding history, with additional photographs and incisive descriptions of the major water-policy issues facing California now: accelerating urbanization of farmland and open spaces, persisting despoliation of water supplies, and demands for equity in water allocation for an exploding population. People the world over confront these problems, and Hundley examines them with clarity and eloquence in the unruly laboratory of California.The obsession with water has shaped California to a remarkable extent, literally as well as politically and culturally. Hundley tells how aboriginal Americans and then early Spanish and Mexican immigrants contrived to use and share the available water and how American settlers, arriving in ever-increasing numbers after the Gold Rush, transformed California into the home of the nation's preeminent water seekers. The desire to use, profit from, manipulate, and control water drives the people and events in this fascinating narrative until, by the end of the twentieth century, a large, colorful cast of characters and communities has wheeled and dealed, built, diverted, and connived its way to an entirely different statewide waterscape.
International Business (13th Edition)
John Daniels, Lee Radebaugh and Daniel SullivanAn effective balance between authoritative theory and meaningful practice. International Business is an authoritative and engaging voice on conducting business in international markets. This text not only describes the ideas of international business but it also uses contemporary examples, scenarios, and cases to help readers effectively put theory into practice.
International Economics
Dominick SalvatoreBack in its tenth edition, Dominick Salvatore’s International Economics presents a comprehensive, up-to-date, and clear exposition of the theory and principles of international economics that are essential for understanding, evaluating, and suggesting solutions to the important international economic problems and issues facing the United States and the world in this age of globalization. Neither overly complex nor too simplistic, it helps students see the immediate relevance and importance of the material and contains an unparalleled number of real-world applications and examples.
International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition w/ CESIM access card
Donald Ball, Michael Geringer, Michael Minor and Jeanne McNettInternational Business: The Challenge of Global Competition, 12th Edition, by Ball, Geringer, Minor and McNett continues to be the most current, objective and thorough treatment of International Business available for students. Enriched with maps, photos, and the most up-to-date world data, this text boasts the collective expertise of four authors with firsthand international business experience, specializing in international management, finance, law, global strategy, and marketing – a claim no other text can make. In addition, each new copy of International Business, 12e includes access to CESIM – an interactive IB simulation developed for industry professionals. Ball, et. al. is the only textbook on the market which features access to CESIM. Only Ball, Geringer, Minor and McNett can offer a complete view of International Business as diverse as the backgrounds of business students.
Fusionbrands Poachpod Egg Poacher Lifter
The Poachpod Lift is a tool used for placing a Poachpod in and out of water. It perfectly cradles and lifts a Poachpod while keeping fingers safe from hot water. Made of nylon. Lifter measures 8.75 by 3 by 2-Inch. Works with all Poachpods (Poachpod sold separately). By Fusionbrands.
The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements
Gerald I. White, Ashwinpaul C. Sondhi and Dov FriedAccounting Standards (US and International) have been updated to reflect the latest pronouncements.* An increased international focus with more coverage of IASC and non-US GAAPs and more non-US examples.
International Business (6th Edition)
John J. Wild and Kenneth L. WildA readable, concise, and innovative tour through the study of international business.   International Business: The Challenges of Globalization presents international business in a comprehensive yet concise framework with unrivaled clarity. Real-world examples and engaging features help bring the concepts to life and make international business accessible to all readers.   The sixth edition captures and explains the influence of the global credit crisis and recent recession on international business, while also emphasizing its focus on the crucial role of emerging markets in today’s global marketplace.   Accompanied by myIBlab! myIBlab––is a powerful online tool that combines assessment, reporting, and personalized study to help you succeed. It offers a personalized, interactive learning environment for international business with many customizable features, making it an ideal online learning platform that embodies convenience and simplicity.
International Financial Management
Jeff MaduraINTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, builds on fundamental principles of corporate finance to provide the information and insights you need to succeed in today's dynamic global business environment. This thorough text includes a detailed introduction to the world of international finance, in which multinational corporations continue to expand and play an increasingly important role in global commerce. The text then focuses on a wide range of managerial topics from a corporate perspective, combining in-depth coverage of essential financial theory with a strong emphasis on hands-on, real-world applications. Known for its reader-friendly style and clear explanations, INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, gives you the tools to understand and manage within the exciting field of international finance.
Maverick SEC-3 Harriett Hen Egg Cooker
Fun for kids and adults alike, Harriett nests right on your countertop and poaches or hard and soft-boil eggs to perfection. Harriett converts water into steam, and features adjustable water levels to ensure your eggs are cooked exactly the way you prefer them. Cook up to 7 eggs at once. When eggs are done cooking, Harriett chirps to let you know that breakfast is ready. Most parts are dishwasher safe for added convenience. The perfect gift for everyone in your family.
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