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Strategic Planning for the Family Business: Parallel Planning to Unite the Family and Business (Family Business Publication)
Randel S. Carlock and Craig E AronoffFrom small start-ups to giant multinationals, from the Mom-and-Pop owned barber shop to Ford, family owned businesses continue to dominate the world economy. Regardless of size, running a successful family firm presents unique challenges, and many fail to survive the transition to the next generation. Here is a practical, comprehensive guide to ensuring success through effective strategic planning. The authors provide a wealth of tested, easy-to-follow tools and techniques for mastering strategic planning for family-owned firms. Filled with real world examples, case studies, checklists, and planning worksheets, the book shows how to deal with a host of emerging challenges--from new technologies and globalizing marketings--by integrating family values and dynamics into sound planning and management.
In the Pink: The Making of Successful Gay and Lesbian-Owned Businesses
Sue LevinIf you're interested in opening a quaint cafe in the country with your lover, you might want to peruse In the Pink: The Making of Successful Gay and Lesbian Owned Businesses before you do. This smart and practical guide is a great motivational tool to start your own successful business, even if you're not sure exactly where to begin. You'll get personal insight into what over 650 gay and lesbian entrepreneurs have to say about why and how they started their businesses and--most importantly--what they do to keep them open, profit-producing businesses today.In the Pink is a positive yet real-life view of gay and lesbian business ownership. You'll get practical, useful tips on having a gay-focused business, being partners with your partner, managing gay employees, and much, much more! You'll find a broad and far-reaching array of research and anecdotes from a number of successful gay- and lesbian-owned businesses from a wide geographical region. In addition, you'll get personalized help on general issues, such as motivation, personality, finance, marketing, planning, and management--but from a gay perspective. As a business owner, you'll be absolutely tickled pink when you read about: what the nation's oldest gay and lesbian magazine says about the day-to-day challenges of running a business why and how some of the largest gay and lesbian businesses in the country got started what makes the most successful gay and lesbian owned travel companies really fly how to “out” your business what to do about AIDS-related concernsFor academics, entrepreneurs, and employees alike, In the Pink will fit well into your life's needs, whether you're a professor heading a gay and lesbian business seminar, a gay or lesbian university graduate seeking a promising job, or a self-starter looking for sound guidance and business savvy. Without a doubt, the inspiration and often entertaining hands-on advice you'll find gathered for you here will guarantee you'll find yourself in the green as well as “in the pink.”
Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer
Carl Sewell and Paul B. BrownIn this completely revised and updated edition of the customer service classic (more than 600,000 copies sold), Carl Sewell enhances his time-tested advice with fresh ideas and new examples and explains how the groundbreaking “Ten Commandments of Customer Service” apply to today’s world.Drawing on his incredible success in transforming his Dallas Cadillac dealership into the second largest in America, Carl Sewell revealed the secret of getting customers to return again and again in the original Customers for Life. A lively, down-to-earth narrative, it set the standard for customer service excellence and became a perennial bestseller. Building on that solid foundation, this expanded edition features five completely new chapters, as well as significant additions to the original material, based on the lessons Sewell has learned over the last ten years. Sewell focuses on the expectations and demands of contemporary consumers and employees, showing that businesses can remain committed to quality service in the fast-paced new millennium by sticking to his time-proven approach: Figure out what customers want and make sure they get it. His “Ten Commandants” provide the essential guidelines, including:• Underpromise, overdeliver: Never disappoint your customers by charging them more than they planned. Always beat your estimate or throw in an extra service free of charge• No complaints? Something’s wrong: If you never ask your customers what else they want, how are you going to give it to them?• Measure everything: Telling your employees to do their best won’t work if you don’t know how they can improve • Borrow, borrow, borrow: Sewell, for example, learned about hospitality from Japanese culture, cleanliness from Disney, and politeness from his mother.
Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good For Business
Corey Rosen, John Case and Martin StaubusHow employee ownership can pay bottom-line benefits? Today, more than 25 percent of American workers own stock in their employers. You can shop at employee-owned supermarkets such as Publix, buy Gore-Tex fabric from employee-owned W.L. Gore & Associates, and sip coffee served by employee owners at Starbucks. Now Corey Rosen, John Case, and Martin Staubus present convincing evidence that employee ownership can be much more than just a good benefit program. Done right, it can be the foundation for a new - and more effective - model of management. Drawing on first-hand studies of dozens of companies from large corporations to local retailers, the authors show that the "equity model" enables firms to grow faster and more profitably than conventionally run competitors. Vivid examples of both winning and failed attempts at employee ownership reveal the key concepts that make the model successful, and suggest how managers can adapt these strategies for use in their own companies. This lively and practical guide delivers a sound business case for making employees true partners in a firm's success.
Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens: Earn Safe, Secured, and Fixed Returns Every Time
Larry B. LoftisProfit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens, the only tax lien book written by a tax lien investor, has been the top-selling tax lien book since its first release in November, 2004.  In this second edition, attorney and tax lien investor Larry Loftis not only teaches how to invest invest in tax liens and tax deeds, he provides insightful, first-hand experience from his purchases around the United States.  Having purchased millions of dollars of liens (and deeds) in 12 states and attended auctions in 5 additional states, Mr. Loftis provides stories from different locations around the country, giving tips on how to avoid risks, and how to beat the competition.  He provides technical knowledge that only an attorney can provide, as well as "tricks-of-the-trade" that only a seasoned investor can provide.  Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens also debunks the common myth that tax liens are found only on run-down properties, and shows that liens exist on every type of property. Author Loftis, who has purchased liens on properties owned by famous athletes like NBA stars and world champion boxers, national banks (like Chase Manhattan Bank and LaSalle National Bank), and even a building whose major tenant was the local sheriff's department, reveals that he has seen liens on properties owned by a 9-time Wimbledon champion, a 3-time Masters champion, a Cy Young and World Series winner, a movie icon, an international celebrity athlete/model, and even properties owned by cities, the U.S. Post Office, and even the U.S. government!In this authoritative guide, Loftis helps investors avoid the pitfalls while answering all the key questions they need to consider: * What states are lien states and what states are deed states, and how do they work?* What about the "hybrid" (as Loftis calls them) states like Texas and Georgia?* How does an investor go about bidding at tax sales? And what is the due diligence required?* What are the different requirements in each state? * Where are the risks in this type of investing, and how do I avoid them? * How long do I have to wait to get paid off, and what rate of return can I expect?* How are counties selling liens and deeds using internet auctions, and how do I start?
Birthing the Elephant: The Woman's Go-For-It! Guide to Overcoming the Big Challenges of Launching a Business
Karin Abarbanel and Bruce FreemanCustomized for the female entrepreneur's unique psychological experience of launching a business, BIRTHING THE ELEPHANT goes beyond logistics to prepare women for the emotional challenges they will face, with expert advice on reshaping one's business identity, giving up the paycheck mentality, anticipating problems, and avoiding costly mistakes. This supportive handbook gives the small-business owner the staying power to survive and succeed in the business of her dreams.A female entrepreneur's guide to navigating the psychological aspects of launching and building a business during the critical first 18 months. Women-owned businesses are increasing at twice the rate of other startups, with 500,000 launches each year. With a foreword by cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown.ReviewsRead all about it on: Awareness"...emerging entrepreneurs will find advice that's worth the price of the book alone."-Booklist"This positive and practical guide for the first-time entrepreneur details the life cycle of a small-business launch with real-life stories and a slew of helpful hints and strategies."-Publishers Weekly PW and AARP's Roundup of Spring Books for Baby Boomers 4/15/08It's main segment on the page this week "Cash Flow: Subbing Brains fro Cash" featuring a contributor to the book and Karin plus, if you click on "small business: view all videos," you can see Karin's sole interview from the week before: "Cash Flow: 4 Spending Mistakes"-SmartMoney TV"With the number of women-owned businesses growing in the U.S. at the rate of one every 60 sconds-roughly 600,000 launches a year, according to the authors-the audience for this positive, cheerful, practical book should be substantial."-Publishers Weekly
Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age
Michael ShumanNational drug chains squeeze local pharmacies out of business, while corporate downsizing ships jobs overseas. All across America, communities large and small are losing control of their economies to outside interests. Going Local shows how some cities and towns are fighting back. Refusing to be overcome by Wal-Marts and layoffs, they are taking over abandoned factories, switching to local produce and manufactured goods, and pushing banks to loan money to local citizens. Shuman details how dozens of communities are recapturing their own economies with these new strategies, investing not in outsiders but in locally owned businesses.
202 Things You Can Buy and Sell For Big Profits! (202 Things You Can Buy & Sell for Big Profits)
James StephensonThis is it--THE handbook for cashing in on the huge boom in reselling new and used products for big bucks At last, a soup-to-nuts primer on how to tap into the exploding market for new and "previously owned" merchandise flying off online sites and elsewhere. This book has it all­­what to buy, where to buy, what to pay, and then how to sell it for big profits. You get a complete lowdown from a true expert on: How and where to buy overstock, out-of-season, and slightly damaged goods to "flip" for big returns How to register for auctions and bid and buy for bargain-basement prices, then sell goods via low-cost ads How to negotiate dirt-cheap prices for salable items from estate sales, government surplus, liquidations, flea markets, and more
Working with Family Businesses: A Guide for Professionals (Jossey-Bass Management)
David Bork, Dennis T. Jaffe, Sam H. Lane, Leslie Dashew and Quentin G. HeislerAt least eighty-five percent of all businesses in the United States are family-owned--with their own special problems, situations, issues, and family dynamics. This book is a practical guide for all professional practitioners who service the needs of family businesses. It provides a basic training manual for all providers--attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, insurance and health care providers, therapists, and others--who are specialists in their fields, but are unfamiliar with the unique psychology and dynamics that often control and influence family businesses. The authors detail how to deal with the special circumstances that arise when advising and consulting to family businesses that can make or break the process of consulting, advising, and planning.
Howards End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading from Home
Susan HillEarly one autumn afternoon in pursuit of an elusive book on her shelves, Susan Hill encountered dozens of others that she had never read, or forgotten she owned, or wanted to read for a second time. The discovery inspired her to embark on a year-long voyage through her books, forsaking new purchases in order to get to know her own collection again.A book which is left on a shelf for a decade is a dead thing, but it is also a chrysalis, packed with the potential to burst into new life. Wandering through her house that day, Hill's eyes were opened to how much of that life was stored in her home, neglected for years. Howard's End is on the Landing charts the journey of one of the nation's most accomplished authors as she revisits the conversations, libraries and bookshelves of the past that have informed a lifetime of reading and writing.
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