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A travel agency franchise.

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency
Tom Ogg, Joanie Ogg and TomHow to Start a Home Based Travel Agency has just been entirely updated. The effects of September 11th, 2001 and the resulting aftermath has had a dramatic effect on the travel industry and further enabled home-based travel entrepreneurs. The January 1st, 2003 printing of How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency is the most up-to-date information available about operating a travel business in this exciting industry. Issues such as the elimination of airline commissions, the implementation of service fees, the fabulous growth of the cruise industry and all of the changes that have evolved are discussed and analyzed. This edition of How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency is a must have if you are considering entering the travel industry or are an agent going home-based from a storefront.
Home-Based Travel Agent
Kelly MonaghanThe street-wise guide to setting up a home travel agency business without spending a fortune is now better than ever. Completely revised and updated to the realities of a travel marketplace in which airlines no longer pay commissions.
Start Your Own Travel Business and More (Start Your Own Travel Business & More)
Entrepreneur PressGet started with Entrepreneur Magazine's Start-Up Series Covers hot new travel trends such as cruises, extreme tours, senior travel, international travel, and more.
Travel Perspectives: A Guide to Becoming a Travel Professional
Ginger Gorham and Susan RiceTravel Perspectives: A Guide to Becoming a Travel Professional, 4th ed., is designed to address the challenges of today's travel professional. The fourth edition enables students to approach today's challenges with confidence by building critical thinking skills and developing the hands-on skills necessary to secure employment as a travel professional. These essential skills are reinforced by study exercises, vignettes, and case studies. Travel Perspectives: A Guide to Becoming a Travel Professional will take students on a journey exploring new career opportunities, new technologies, and the new realities involved in traveling, travel products, geography and sales. The Internet is presented as a strong reference tool for sales and marketing and new discussions of Ecotourism is explored. Current information on safety and security is a primary concern for today's travelers and travel professionals; therefore, policies, government agencies, and procedures are all presented in detail. .
How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency Independent Study Course
Tom Ogg and Joanie OggA completely new and professionally edited study course for starting your own home-based travel business, this is the book that started it all. This is a step by step guide that will answer all of your questions and lead to the successful opening and operation of your own home-based travel business.
Internet for the Retail Travel Industry
Ed MaurerFor students in travel management programs who need to acquire basic Internet skills and techniques for optimizing tools of the trade, this book is your source for first class travel training. Techniques on browsing and searching the Internet for travel information, e-mail marketing, web site planning administration, and time management to help build proficiencies needed for career success. Tips on integrating in-house client profiles to on-line travel information with search engines, mailing lists, and client databases are presented, along with coverage of Computer Reservation Systems and Global Distribution Systems. An overview of on-line technology in retail travel enlightens students to current trends and influences in the industry and how to meet challenges. Get on board with Internet for the Retail Travel Industry!
Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law (Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Law)
Karen Morris, Norman Cournoyer and Anthony MarshallFor students and practicing professionals in hospitality, travel and tourism as well as specialized paralegal work, Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law: A Preventative Approach, 7th Edition, addresses legal issues confronted by managers in the hotel, restaurant, travel and casino industries. The emphasis is on prevention of legal violations. By reading the book, managers can appreciate and identify what actions and precautions are necessary to avoid, or at least minimize, the number of lawsuits. The book uses the case method, long recognized as a helpful approach to learning the often-complicated discipline of law. Readers will study decisions from actual cases in which hospitality establishments were sued, as well as what legal precedents were cited.
Access: Introduction to Travel and Tourism (Access S.)
Marc ManciniThis is the first introductory textbook/workbook conceived to address the new realities of the travel industry. Access provides an overview of all sections of the business. The author has taken a highly practical approach, ensuring that readers acquire all the facts, insight and insider knowledge they must know to succeed in the travel industry. It is full of up-to-date, real-world industry terminology and can serve as a sturdy foundation for all future travel studies. Readers' will gain valuable insight into the implications of Internet travel sales. Questions for discussion and creative, entertaining activities reinforce the wealth of information contained within each chapter. Plus, an accompanying instructor's guide and computerized test bank make it easy for instructors to implement the text's content in the classroom.
Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel
Rolf PottsVagabonding is about taking time off from your normal life—from six weeks to four months to two years—to discover and experience the world on your own terms. Veteran shoestring traveler Rolf Potts shows how anyone armed with an independent spirit can achieve the dream of extended overseas travel. Potts gives the necessary information on:• financing your travel time • determining your destination • adjusting to life on the road• working and volunteering overseas • handling travel adversity • re-assimilating back into ordinary lifeNot just a plan of action, vagabonding is an outlook on life that emphasizes creativity, discovery, and the growth of the spirit. Visit the vagabonding community’s hub at
Selling Destinations: Geography for the Travel Professional
Marc ManciniSelling Destinations is the resource travel professionals from all sectors of the industry need to greatly enhance their knowledge of the major and secondary destinations around the world, and to increase sales. The sales-geography philosophy is supported by essential information that will help travelers make the most of their experiences. The author provides detailed information on travel to the destination, local modes of transportation, trip highlights, day trips, lodging options and allied destinations. You will find analysis as to why a person typically travels to the destination covered and the types of individuals who chose particular destinations, helping the travel professional make the right recommendations for the customer. Sales strategies focus on extra services that yield extra income for almost all travel professionals. The reader will find case studies and hypothetical situations that help them apply their newly gained knowledge.

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