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Cart-Away Supply

Cart-Away Supply is the concrete, rental and landscape supply store.

Principles of Supply Chain Management (with InfoTrac and CD-ROM)
Joel D. Wisner, Keah-Choon Tan and G. Keong LeongStreamline your studying and get the grade you want with PRINCIPLES OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: A BALANCED APPROACH, Second Edition. With this textbook, you'll learn from real case studies, as well as games--like The Beer Game Supply Chain Management Simulation--how to understand and apply supply chain management. The coverage in this text uses a broad brush to encompass OM, purchasing, and logistics with a supply chain management focus, covering a great deal of content that isn't currently available elsewhere. The book guides you through how all aspects of supply chain activity are accomplished effectively and efficiently. It brings you the real world of supply chain management. The authors break down supply chain issues into purchasing, operations, and logistics. This is one of the most--if not the most--balanced supply chain management texts available, and it follows a natural flow through the supply chain. The well-organized chapters include excellent case studies, demonstrating the practical application of supply chain management in the workplace. Profiles throughout the text reinforce the studies, and help to reinforce your learning. This second edition also includes a number of new cases, in addition to the previous 15 cases, all packaged on the Student CD. Each of the 14 chapters includes revised and updated Supply Chain Management in Action opening features, e-Business Connection features, Global Perspective features, and company examples to ensure that current supply chain management issues are covered in depth.
Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Third Edition
Michael H. HugosThe latest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies to stay current in supply chain managementPresenting the core concepts and techniques of supply chain management in a clear, concise and easily readable style, the Third Edition of Essentials of Supply Chain Management outlines the most crucial tenets and concepts of supply chain management. Shows how to utilize technology to boost efficiency and responsivenessIntroduces new material on the latest technology and practices available for supply chain managementOffers new cases and executive interviews throughout the bookWritten by author of Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know about Cloud ComputingCreating an effective supply chain is key to staying ahead in today's complex market. The Third Edition provides the tools, guidance, and examples to help maximize business performance and create competitive advantage.
Operations and Supply Management: The Core (Operations and Decision Sciences)
F. Robert Jacobs and Richard ChaseJacobs and Chase continue to lead the field of Operations Management with cutting edge up-to-date content, technology, and motivation. Now, in this Second Edition Jacobs and Chase focus on the core concepts of operations and supply management. This condensed text was constructed with sections on the four essential core areas—strategy, process management, supply chain management, and inventory and control (supply and demand planning). This set of four core areas was first suggested by a panel of OM instructor’s at the Decision Science Institute meeting, and has been verified by market research which examined course syllabi from across the US. The Second Edition provides increased emphasis on supply management concepts, integrates sustainability as a strategic consideration, and includes updated company applications, problems, and cases.
Operations and Supply Chain Management (The Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series)
F. Robert Jacobs and Richard ChaseOperations and Supply Chain Management, as the title indicates, provides increased emphasis on supply chain management in the 13th Edition. The 13th Edition continues its market leading up-to-date coverage of service operations as well. The text includes solved examples and problems, enough cases for MBA courses to use without supplementing, and the industry leading technology support suite.
How to Start a Hotdog Cart Business: How to Start and Run Your Own Profitable Hotdog Cart Business
Perry BelcherThis ain't no trendy new business- Hot dogs have been sold for hundreds of years and will be sold for hundreds more. The hot dog has become an American standard and everybody loves one, especially from a good hot dog cart vendor. Is the hot dog cart business right for you? 100% Recession Proof Fast to start Dirt Cheap Start Up Costs Very, Very high paying Be Your Own Boss Flexible hours (work when YOU want) It's Portable (move when YOU want) Scalability (grow as big as YOU want) Easy to sell when you're ready to move on Perry Belcher teaches YOU teach you how to get FREE rent, FREE locations. Yep, that’s right, FREE. Actually it's easier to get a free location for your hot dog cart than it is to get a paid location, once you know how. Perry will also teach you exactly what you need to say when people walk by your carts or walk up to your carts to get the maximum sale from them. You will learn the secret to getting a commissary anywhere you want to be that will work with you, let you store your stuff, and let you come in and out as you please, usually absolutely FREE. Perry gives you his Winning Menu and Proven Recipes Like his "Killer Kraut Dog" That Keep Them Coming Back I promise you, you can make money your very first day. I've never opened a hot dog cart anywhere that didn’t make sales the very first day I was opened. And usually you'll make back, 100% of your investment in less than 30 days. I've made it back in as little as a week!
Managing Quality (4th Edition)
Thomas Foster Managing Quality is a comprehensive introduction to the field of quality management that presents a supply chain theme as the unifying framework for quality improvement. Differing Perspectives on Quality; Quality Theory; Global Supply Chain Quality and International Quality Standards; Strategic Quality Planning; The Voice of the Customer; The Voice of the Market; Quality and Innovation in Product and Process Design; Designing Quality Services; Managing Supplier Quality in the Supply Chain; The Tools of Quality; Statistically Based Quality Improvement for Variables; Statistically Based Quality Improvement for Attributes; Six-Sigma Management and Lean Tools; Managing Quality Improvement Teams and Projects; Implementing and Validating the Quality System  For quality control managers and/or anyone interested in greater quality management. 
The Economic Way of Thinking, 12th Edition
Paul Heyne, Peter J. Boettke and David L. Prychitko Accomplish more with less, learn The Economic Way of Thinking. KEY TOPICS:The Economic Way of Thinking;  Efficiency, Exchange and Comparative Advantage; Substitutes Everywhere: The Concept of Demand; Cost and Choice: The Concept of Supply; Supply and Demand: A Process of Coordination; Unintended Consequences: More Applications of Supply and Demand; Profit and Loss; Price Searching; Competition and Government Policy; Externalities and Conflicting Rights; Markets and Government; Measuring the Overall Performance of Economic Systems; The Wealth of Nations: Globalization and Economic Growth; Money; Economic Performance and Real-World Politics; The Limitations of Economics MARKET: This text goes beyond explaining the basic principles of micro- and macroeconomic analysis by showing readers how to apply these principles as tools. The authors expose a method of reasoning that encourages readers to think like an economist through example and application. They also show readers how not to think, by exposing errors in popular economic reasoning.
SimQuick with Excel and Software CD Package (2nd Edition)
David Hartvigsen This easy-to-use computer package for process simulation runs in the Excel spreadsheet environment. It is accompanied by a booklet that walks users through the construction and analysis of a wide variety of SimQuick models and contains a number of exercises. Models include waiting lines, inventory and supply chains, manufacturing, and project management. Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction to process simulation and the concepts underlying SimQuick; Chapter 2 offers step-by-step instruction on how to use SimQuick by completely working-through a simple example; and Chapters 2-5 include a wide variety of examples of business processes to model—models include Waiting Lines, Inventory, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Project Management. For business students in Decision Science courses.
Operations Management (9th Edition)
Lee J. Krajewski, Larry P. Ritzman and Manoj K. MalhotraCreating value through Operations Management.   Operations Management provides readers with a comprehensive framework for addressing operational process and supply chain issues. This text uses a systemized approach while focusing on issues of current interest.   The latest edition of this text has been revised to integrate a supply chain orientation.
Hot Dogs Saved My Life - The Most Comprehensive Guide On The Market
Ben Wilson"Hot Dogs Saved My Life" - the book It's a course, it's a book - it's the complete guide from start to success in the hot dog vending world. Ben was a success, a mutli-furniture store owner. Then the economy collapsed and he lost it all. Starting from scratch, he begged, borrowed and finally was able to get a hot dog cart. 7 weeks later he had purchased 2 more carts from the profits from the first cart and was on his way. Fast forward almost 4 years and he now not only operates carts, but also helps others... many many others do the same. He has a manufacturing company building carts that real people can afford and that will last for decades. He has free training videos and speaks to hundreds of people monthly - guiding them to success. He has now written a complete course and true to his goal to help others, he offers it for less than 0 while other sellers try to get much more. You will feel like you know Ben when your done with this book, you will feel like friends and he will take your phone calls. The E-book has been a hit and only weeks later the paperback is available. No stone is left unturned. You will know the business, how to start, what to watch for, the pros the cons and every secret and tip in his bag are yours for the taking.

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