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BookKeeping Express

BookKeeping Express is a franchise that offers bookkeeping services to small business owners in need.

How to Get Bookkeeping Clients Quickly: The Bookkeeping Business Marketing Guidebook
Sylvia JaumannIf you are a freelance bookkeeper who wants to save time and start your bookkeeping business faster, then you need to read “How to Get Bookkeeping Clients Quickly”. You'll discover many ways to promote your bookkeeping business -- some you may have never even thought of. This information is not available anywhere else, so you'll have an advantage over many other freelance bookkeepers who are still struggling to figure out how to get bookkeeping clients on their own. Written by a freelance bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience, this book is filled with a lot of resources for both online and offline marketing that will easily suit any freelance bookkeeper's budget. Some methods won't even cost you a penny! You'll also get free exclusive online access to a sample accountant letter, press release template, marketing services kit, ad campaign spreadsheet, sample ads and bonus reports. Click on the Buy Now link so you can be on your way to making your bookkeeping business profitable!
Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business: Freelance Bookkeeping at Home
Sylvia JaumannNow you can learn how to setup and operate your bookkeeping business quickly and efficiently. “Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business” will show you all the inside secrets that only experienced freelance bookkeepers know. You'll learn how to: * Choose the right equipment, even if you have a low or non-existent start-up budget. * Find good clients who not only suit your skill level but will pay your invoices on time. * Setup your rates so that you'll know exactly how much you'll be making each month. * Establish boundaries so that you're not working 24/7. * Transition out of your full time job and work your way into freelance bookkeeping. * Setup essential office systems to help you keep yourself and your client paperwork organized. * Market your business and find clients quickly. * Get help when you need it. * And much more! You'll also receive exclusive online access to these resources: * Sample bookkeeping business plan * Spreadsheets to track client information * Client forms * Marketing materials Click on the Buy Now link so you can be on your way to starting your own bookkeeping business.
How to Open your own in-home bookkeeping service 2nd edition
Julie Mucha-aydlottHow to Open your In Home Bookkeeping Service 2nd Edition has been the best kept secret on opening your own successful bookkeeping or accounting business. It has time and time again filled the gap for many entrepreneurs who wanted to go out on their own, but didn't know where to start. Not only does is have the Authors honest approach to self employment, it also includes the many responsibilities that the bookkeeper or accountant will have. This book includes Where to begin, what Bookkeeping and Accounting Services to offer. What the going hourly rates are for a bookkeeping business. A Step-by-Step guide on how to create Weekly, Monthly or Annual accounting. Information on Preparing Taxes, Estimating Taxes and Depreciation. A special Chapter on Common Questions, Educational Requirements, Mistakes to Avoid and Problem clients. It also includes a CD filled with Forms and Spreadsheets to start your business and use for your clients. Of course the best kept secret of them all, the most affective marketing ideas and How to get Clients!
Alpha Teach Yourself Bookkeeping in 24 Hours (Alpha Teach Yourself in 24 Hours)
Carol CostaOne day to bookkeeping success. Since many small businesses leave the all-important job of bookkeeping to someone on the staff with no training, there is a demand for this easy, authoritative how-to on the subject. Readers will find principles and procedures adapted to suit the needs of various types of business operations-from retail to entertainment to financial institutions.
BIG E-Z Bookkeeping - Business System #1 without Payroll (New & Improved Version)
Michelle CarleyThe Easiest Bookkeeping System You'll Ever Use! The BIG E-Z System has everything business needs to stay organized. How-to sections with step-by-step instuctions walk you through the process of keeping records, determining profits and tracking tax information. With our exclusive Match-Up Boxes(TM) and Built-In Calculation Marks, you'll find bookkeeping has never been easier. The BIG E-Z System includes all necessary forms for one year, easy instructions, illustrated examples and a receipt envelope all in one handy binder.
Keeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting for the Successful Small Business
Linda PinsonThe premier resource for basic bookkeeping and business record management, Keeping the Books is a comprehensive, yet down to earth, treatment of one of the most important, yet often neglected, aspects of running a business.  User-friendly and packed with easy-to-understand illustrations, worksheets, and forms, this popular financial reference tool is completely updated, and replete with the variety of IRS forms that entrepreneurs have to be familiar with.  From updating car and transportation expenses to exploding the myths around independent contractors, the author presents everything a small company needs to know to maintain proper records.  Following the roadmap outlined in Keeping the Books, entrepreneurs will learn how to: Prepare and analyze financial statements to stay in touch with the heartbeat of their businessSet up bookkeeping systems to keep track of financial detailsMaintain the required IRS records necessary to stay out of troublePlan for required taxes due
Bookkeeping & Administration for the Smaller Business
Elvira BellegoniEasy to read/understand explanation of bookkeeping and administration with ample illustrations, designed for the business owner, for those starting a business, and those changing careers or returning to the work force. All the information is relevant and to be used on daily operations.
Bookkeeping Made Simple
David A. FlanneryA streamlined introduction to record keeping, accounting, and more, Bookkeeping Made Simple takes the mystery out of financial jargon for small-business owners and students. Completely up to date, this comprehensive edition now covers the complete accounting cycle, making it easier than ever to master the math of commerce. Topics covered include:* assets and equities* individual accounts* the journal* adjustments to accounts* preparing statements* merchandising accounts* control of cash* petty cash* payroll* partnership* closing the books
Bookkeeping For Dummies
Lita EpsteinAccurate and complete bookkeeping is crucial to any business owner, but it’s also important to those who work with the business, such as investors, financial institutions, and employees. People both inside and outside the business all depend on a bookkeeper’s accurate recordings.Bookkeeping For Dummies provides the easy and painless way to master this crucial art. You’ll be able to manage your own finances to save money and grow your business. This straightforward, no-nonsense guide shows you the basics of bookkeeping—from recording transactions to producing balance sheets and year-end reports. Discover how to:Outline your financial road map with a chart of accountsKeep journals of cash transactionsSet up your computerized booksControl your books, your records, and your moneyBuy and track your purchasesRecord sales returns and allowancesDetermine your employee [is “employee” necessary here?] staff’s net payMaintain employee recordsPrepare your books for year’s endReport results and start overProduce an income statementComplete year-end payroll and reportsThis guide features tips and tricks for managing your business cash with your books and also profiles important accounts for any bookkeeper. There’s no question that bookkeepers must be detail-oriented, meticulous, and accurate. Bookkeeping For Dummies shows you how to keep track of your business’s financial well-being and ensure future success!
Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, and Stay Out of Trouble!
Bernard B. KamoroffWritten for small businesses, self-employed individuals, employers, professionals, independent contractors, home businesses, and Internet businesses, Small Time Operator is the most popular business start-up guide ever. In clear, easy to understand language, the author covers: getting permits and licenses; how to finance a business; finding the right business location; creating and using a business plan; choosing and protecting a business name; deciding whether to incorporate; establishing a complete bookkeeping system; hiring employees; federal, state and local taxes; buying a business or franchise; dealing with - and avoiding - the IRS; doing business on the Internet; insurance, contracts, pricing, trademarks, patents, and much more.