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Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership

Aaron's is a leader in sales and lease ownership, and offers a wide range of furniture , electronics, appliances and computers.

The Complete Guide to Selling a Business
Fred S. SteingoldA small business owner who wants to sell a business runs into many potentially thorny legal issues. Most important is preparing a sales agreement that covers all the key concerns, from price and payment terms to liability protection and restrictions on future competition. This comprehensive legal guide provides stepbystep advice on preparing a solid sales agreement and other crucial documents, including promissory notes and the assignment of a lease. Legal Guide to Selling a Business covers all aspects of selling a business, including getting the business ready for sale, setting a price, finding good buyers, and preparing and signing a sales agreement.
The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win
Steven Gary BlankThe essential book for anyone bringing a product to market, writing a business plan, marketing plan or sales plan. Step-by-step strategy of how to successfully organize sales, marketing and business development for a new product or company. The book offers insight into what makes some startups successful and leaves others selling off their furniture. Packed with concrete examples, the book will leave you with new skills to organize sales, marketing and your business for success.
Transitioning Ownership in the Private Company : The ESOP Solution
David Binns, Marshal Hyman, Ron Bernstein and Martin StaubusUsing a leveraged ESOP to buy out a departing or retiring business owner is a strategy with considerable benefits for all involved. For the owner, it is a means to ‘cash out’ with potentially significant tax benefits. For employees, it creates a real ownership stake in the company. Transitioning Ownership in the Private Company illustrates the issues and decisions that are part of the complex leveraged ESOP process. It is written for entrepreneurs and business owners who may be contemplating an ‘exit strategy’ for their business.
The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
Brian TracyDouble and triple your sales-in any market. The purpose of this book is to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to make more sales, faster and easier than ever before.  It's a promise of prosperity that sales guru Brian Tracy has seen fulfilled again and again. More sales people have become millionaires as a result of listening to and applying his ideas than from any other sales training process ever developed.
Start and Run a Money-Making Bar
Bruce FierWritten by an owner and consultant, this book provides a step-by-step course in bar business ownership, management, and operation. It explains how to research the market and location, get a loan, design the space, purchase, keep the books, advertise, and hire and train. It also talks about food service, entertainment, regulations, ownership structures, how to promote and advertise the business, and other topics.
The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition
Jeffrey GitomerSales guru Jeffrey Gitomer's bestselling classic is now available in paperbackJeffrey Gitomer's Sales Bible was listed as one of "The Ten Books Every Salesperson Should Own and Read" by the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Program. Now completely revised, this book is available for the first time in paperback. The Sales Bible has helped tens of thousands of salespeople all over the world reach their potential and close the big deal. Gitomer gives sales professionals the right answers to the toughest questions:How to make sales in any economic environmentTwenty-five ways to get that most-elusive appointmentTop-down sellingHow to fill the sales pipeline with prospects ready to buyHow to use the right questions to make more sales in half the timeThis book is everything its title claims to be
The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, New Edition
Jeffrey GitomerSince its initial publication in 1994, Morrow's hardcover edition of Jeffrey Gitomer's THE SALES BIBLE has sold over 117,000 copies, and another 100,000 in paperback (published by Wiley).But in the 13 years since then, Gitomer has made himself into a sales powerhouse with huge success around an inventively packaged series of books, with his classic THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING at its heart.Now at last, Gitomer has taken the title that began it all, and has completely revised it. The Sales Bible is totally reworked to fit into his line of bestselling sales titles. It's sure to be THE must-have title for sales professionals worldwide who've already come to know and trust Jeffrey's inventive, irreverent sales wisdom through his "Little [Color] Book of..." series.
Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good For Business
Corey Rosen, John Case and Martin StaubusHow employee ownership can pay bottom-line benefits? Today, more than 25 percent of American workers own stock in their employers. You can shop at employee-owned supermarkets such as Publix, buy Gore-Tex fabric from employee-owned W.L. Gore & Associates, and sip coffee served by employee owners at Starbucks. Now Corey Rosen, John Case, and Martin Staubus present convincing evidence that employee ownership can be much more than just a good benefit program. Done right, it can be the foundation for a new - and more effective - model of management. Drawing on first-hand studies of dozens of companies from large corporations to local retailers, the authors show that the "equity model" enables firms to grow faster and more profitably than conventionally run competitors. Vivid examples of both winning and failed attempts at employee ownership reveal the key concepts that make the model successful, and suggest how managers can adapt these strategies for use in their own companies. This lively and practical guide delivers a sound business case for making employees true partners in a firm's success.
The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales
Dan S. KennedyA powerful sales letter is the ultimate marketing tool for all types of business owners, sales reps, and advertising professionals. However, most sales letters end up getting tossed in the junk mail pile. The Ultimate Sales Letter, 3rd Edition shows you how to write letters that get read, generate leads, and make money. Coverage includes: The twelve best headline formulas; Strategies for building a customer base; Sales letters for Web sites and online use. This guide teaches you a step-by-step system for writing sales letters any business can use--designed by the most successful and highly paid professional direct-response copywriter in the country.
The SPIN Selling Fieldbook: Practical Tools, Methods, Exercises, and Resources
Neil RackhamStrategies and tools that guarantee big-ticket sales! Neil Rackham's national bestseller SPIN Selling revolutionized high-end selling. Now, The SPIN Selling Fieldbook shows you how to actually put into practice the proven tools and techniques outlined in that cutting-edge guide. After a review of the SPIN method of selling, Neil Rackham zeroes in on the critical SPIN® questioning behaviors. He shows you how to apply the tools and techniques to your own selling situation, using practical, skill-building exercises incorporated into each chapter. Addressing the sales of services as well as capital goods, the Fieldbook provides you with a hands-on implementation guide for applying SPIN in a wide range of businesses from localized companies to large multinationals. Real-life case studies of sales forces at leading-edge companies such as Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, and AT&T help you explore additional techniques that go beyond the basics to boost sales with even the toughest customers and clients.

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