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Just Tattoo Removal

Just Tattoo Removal is a tattoo removal service.

Juxtapoz Tattoo 2
Juxtapoz Art & Culture MagazineBy popular demand, Juxtapoz Tattoo 2 expands on a subject very dear to the inked hearts of its readers. Many featured artists emerged at the beginning of Tattoo's modern renaissance at the end of the millenium, hungry for a new approach, but steeped nonetheless in the traditions of their craft. Whether these gifted tattooists are creating a modern twist on a classic theme, or changing the game completely, aesthetic integrity is the goal. Featured tattooists include: Mark Heggie, Jose Lopez, Paulie Tattoo, Jun Cha, Eva Huber, Liz Gruesome, Mark Bode, Colin Stevens, Angelique Houtkamp, Yoni Z, Stephanie Tamez, Jime Litwalk, Shawn Barber, Sunny Buick, Clae Welch, Stever Byrne, Mike Ledger, Virginia Elwood and more.
Susan D. Mustafa and Sue IsraelIncludes Killer’s Gruesome Confession!"She had beautiful legs. I wanted to keep those legs.” One by one, investigators found the women’s bodies. Each one carefully posed. Each one brutally mutilated. An arm here. A leg there. A breast, nipples, a tattoo. The killer was cutting his victims to pieces… "At that point, I pretty much went for the head.” For ten years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the killings went on. Women of slight stature were hunted down, bludgeoned and strangled. And what the killer did with their bodies in the privacy of his car, his home, his kitchen, and his shower-was beyond anything police could imagine. "I was pure evil.” When investigators finally caught mild-mannered, Star Trek fan Sean Vincent Gillis, he couldn’t wait to tell his story. In the presence of shocked veteran detectives, Sean told them every detail of his killings, everything he did with the bodies.... And he smiled the whole time…Includes 16 pages of shocking photographsWarning: Contains Graphic Details
Writing Fabulous Sentences & Paragraphs
Jill Norris, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers and Don RobisonIf you want to improve and refine the sentence and paragraph writing skills of middle grade students, then this book is a "must have." It begins with a brief review of the parts of a sentence, types of sentences, and ending punctuation. Succeeding lessons and activities progress from writing sentences to writing paragraphs and, finally, multiple paragraph passages. There are complete teacher instructions and over 70 reproducible models and student writing forms. A summary of topics covered:* Sentences -- combining sentences, adding descriptive details, using figurative language* Single Paragraphs -- recognizing and writing main idea, topic sentence, and supportive details; 27 organizer forms for writing six types of paragraphs (how-to, narrative, compare/contrast, descriptive, persuasive, definition)* Multiple Paragraphs -- organizing notes and sentences into paragraphs, writing multiple paragraphs using webs, outlines, and notetaker forms Exercises with suggested paragraph subjects include: Cleaning the Cage, An Ice Cream Sundae, Creatures of the Sea, My Room, Recess, I Vote For Computers, Friendship, and many others.Teacher resource information includes: keeping writing folders, holding student writing conferences, writing conference forms, and a paragraph skills checklist. Answer key provided. Cute and humorous line art illustrations throughout. All 112 pages perforated for easy removal.
Writing Poetry With Children
Jo Ellen MooreNewly revised and expanded, Writing Poetry with Children makes it easy to teach these poetry forms: couplets, cinquain, haiku, limericks, shape poems, and acrostic poems. You get more than 30 reproducible writing forms to showcase poems and lots of ideas for interesting ways to display and share student poetry in grades 1-6. Each poetry lesson provides samples of the poetry form. Step-by-step lessons on three levels of difficulty are provided: Level 1-students are guided through all the steps to write a poem Lever 2-students are guided through the first few steps and then complete the poem independently Level 3-students write independently, following the guides on a "How to" chart and a reproducible step-by-step form. This three-level approach gives teachers the versatility to meet any student's needs. Subjects for poems include The Sun, Birds, Rain, A Clown, Bubbles, Kittens, Motorcycle, Cowboy, Space Alien, and many more to which students will readily relate. Ideas provided for displaying and sharing student poetry include display boards, charts and banners, a newsletter, a program for a poetry reading, and a portfolio - each with complete instructions and, where needed, reproducible templates. Each poetry form is illustrated with engaging line art. All 96 pages perforated for easy removal. $10.95 each.
Draw...Then Write, Grades 1-3
Joy EvansChildren love to draw, especially when they can follow simple steps. In this newly revised and expanded edition of Draw...Then Write, grade 1-3 students follow picture and written directions to draw animals, people, and vehicles. The finished drawings provide motivation for creative writing. The 30 topics in Draw...Then Write are presented in three levels of difficulty, allowing you to customize the lessons to the needs of your students. Easiest level-students follow three steps to complete a drawing and then select words for a word box to complete three sentences about the object drawn. More difficult level-students follow three steps to complete a drawing and then write phrases to answer who, what, where, and why questions about the drawing. These phrases are then used to write a sentence. Most difficult level-students are challenged to draw the object in a new situation. They then write a paragraph about the picture, following the writing prompt provided. The instructive pictures utilize basic geometric shapes, which the student composes, step by step, into a complete picture of the topic. The 30 Draw...Then Write topics are: caterpillarbirdmouseturtlesnail frogelephantpuppylionkoala pickup truckrobotclownhelicopterduck hipporace carsharkbearporcupine monkeycatfoxoctopusfish airplantdragonchildcastlewhale Includes 90 reproducibles, three for each topic. Cheerfully illustrated throughout. All 96 pages perforated for easy removal. $10.95 each.
Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Eighth Edition
Jesse Dukeminier, Robert H. Sitkoff and Mr. James LindgrenRetaining the late Jesse Dukeminier's signature blend of wit, erudition, insight, and playfulness, Wills, Trusts, and Estates, now in its Eighth Edition, continues to offer interesting cases, well written notes, and a logical organization. The Eight Edition's new Companion Website, available with adoptions, includes an electronic version of the Teacher's Manual, PowerPoint slides on selected topics, and author updates. A stellar example of a great casebook, Wills, Trusts, and Estates features: eminently clear presentation of topics comprehensive substantive coverage inspired case selection engaging notes, questions, and problems that connect and highlight legal themes and principles humorous and illustrative cartoons, art, photographs, and other images With many new and revised notes, questions, and problems, the carefully updated Eighth Edition explores: New developments in law reform by the ALI and NCCUSL, such as: the 2008 Amendments to the Uniform Probate Code, including validation of notarized wills, reformation of wills for mistake, and a reworking of the spousal share the Uniform Power of Attorney Act further progress in the Restatement (Third) of Trusts and Restatement (Third) of Property Ongoing developments in the law, in such areas as: inheritance rights for same-sex partners the posthumous right of publicity the power of an agent to alter an incompetent principal's estate plan liberalized rules of trust modification and termination, and of trustee removal standing for donors in suits against the trustees of charitable trusts perpetual trusts and self-settled asset protection trusts Increasingly important topics such as: the movement to cure will execution defects and reform mistakes in wills fiduciary administration and trust investment law will contests, particularly the law of capacity and insane delusion Co-authors Robert Sitkoff and James Lindgren took great care to preserve the voice and spirit of Jesse Dukeminier, while fulfilling the trust and expectation among users for timely and relevant coverage, cases, and note material. LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO HELP YOU IN WILLS TRUSTS & ESTATES? TRY EXAMPLES & EXPLANATIONS: WILLS TRUSTS & ESTATES 4E (9780735562400) AND INTRODUCTION TO PROPERTY 3E (9780735589353) --TWO OF MANY GREAT STUDY GUIDES FROM WOLTERS KLUWER LAW & BUSINESS.
Egg Topper Cutter Clipper Stainless Kitchen Gadget
Top Off ! This great egg topper will remove the tapered top of a soft-boiled egg, shell and all. Made of dishwasher safe stainless steel Squeeze the handle and a ring of teeth pierces the egg Gently twist and lift up to remove
BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game, 2nd Edition
Dana NealWritten by a former debt collector, this credit repair book covers many aspects of credit restoration, including how to legally remove any adverse credit from a consumer credit report, how to negotiate debt, how to prevent and recover from identity theft, the secrets to raising a credit score, and more. Remove judgments, liens, late payments, bankruptcies, collection accounts, inquiries, charge-offs, repossessions, and foreclosures. Learn how to negotiate like a pro, reducing credit card and other unsecured debt to a fraction of what you owe!
How to Start a Cleaning Service
Entrepreneur PressLearn the secrets to starting a residential maid service, commercial janitorial service, and a carpet/upholstery cleaning service with the help of this CD set.
Horses Tattoos (Dover Tattoos)
John Green, Tattoos and HorsesEasy to apply and remove images of 6 handsome breeds: Appaloosa, mustang, palomino, Hanoverian, pinto, and Arab.