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Start Your Own Cleaning Service (Start Your Own Cleaning Business)
Jacquelyn LynnAll the expert advice you need to start your own Clearning Service More than 80 percent of dual income households use some sort of cleaning service. Low start-up costs and little specialized knowledge make it easy for you to start—which is why the first edition sold more than 6,800 copies.
How to Start a Cleaning Service
Entrepreneur PressLearn the secrets to starting a residential maid service, commercial janitorial service, and a carpet/upholstery cleaning service with the help of this CD set.
Start & Run a Home Cleaning Business (Start & Run a)
Susan BewseyHome cleaning is one of the fastest-growing service businesses in North America. A good cleaning service brings comfort and order into people's lives and in today's world, these are highly sought-after commodities. A home cleaning service can start out small, but it has the potential to grow to be a multi-million dollar business with branch offices and franchises. With the help of this book, you can get your business up and running, and survive that essential first year. The book answers questions such as: Do I have what it takes to run my own business? What are the legal requirements for running a business like mine? How do I find and keep clients? How much should I charge? What equipment do I need? What other services can I offer? How do I hire and train staff? How does commercial cleaning differ from home cleaning? This updated new edition comes with numerous forms and examples to get you started and keep you organized, now all included on CD-ROM.
Cleaning Up for a Living
Don AslettAslett shares the know-how he accumulated while building a $12 million cleaning business.
The Cleaning Encyclopedia
Don AslettThe ultimate guide to the art of cleaning, this reference is packed with professional secrets for getting maximum results through minimum results through minimum effort. Discover how to save time, money, and elbow grease on every cleaning problem, as well as how to prevent housework with surprising tricks of the trade. From aluminum siding to zoom lenses, this alphabetical index covers every job, big and small.
Speed Cleaning
Jeff Campbell and The Clean TeamThe definitive cleaning guide- tips, tricks and strategies to get everything cleaned in half the time or less!
Spring Cleaning
Jeff CampbellThe people who taught readers how to clean their homes in 42 minutes flat spell out how to go about tackling those heavy-duty, spring cleaning chores in the most efficient, and painless, way.
How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Cleaning Service: With Companion CD - ROM
Beth MorrowA lot of people believe that they can set up and operate a cleaning business that will reap big profits with a few dollars and some cleaning supplies. The reality is most of these startups fail in a couple of months. As with any business, it takes hard work and time to develop a profitable cleaning business. However, armed with the detailed information in this new book, you can have your recession-proof cleaning business up and running quickly. You will learn how to build your client list quickly, properly bid on jobs, organize your schedule, and maximize your time and profits. You will learn everything you need to know BEFORE starting your cleaning business. A cleaning service can be run part or full-time and can easily be started in your own home. As such, these businesses are one of the fastest growing segments in the service economy. This new book will teach you all you need to know about starting your own cleaning business in the minimum amount of time. Here is the manual you need to cash in on this highly profitable segment of the service industry. This new book is a comprehensive and detailed study of the business side of cleaning. This superb manual should be studied by anyone investigating the opportunities of opening a cleaning business and will arm you with everything you need, including sample business forms, contracts, worksheets and checklists for planning, opening, and running day-to-day operations, and dozens of other valuable, time-saving tools that no entrepreneur should be without. While providing detailed instructions and examples, the author leads you through finding a location that will bring success (if necessary), buying (and selling) a cleaning service, pricing formulas, sales planning, tracking competitors, bookkeeping, media planning, pricing, copy writing, hiring and firing employees, motivating workers, managing and training employees, accounting procedures, successful budgeting, and profit planning development, as well as thousands of great tips and useful guidelines. By reading this book, you will become knowledgeable about basic cost control systems, Web site plans and diagrams, software and equipment layout and planning, sales and marketing techniques, legal concerns, IRS reporting requirements, customer service, monthly profit and loss statements, tax preparation, public relations, general management skills, low and no cost ways to satisfy customers and build sales, and auditing. In addition, you will learn how to draw up a winning business plan (the Companion CD-ROM has the actual business plan that can be used in Microsoft Word), how to set up computer systems to save time and money, how to hire and keep a qualified professional staff, how to generate high profile public relations, and how to keep bringing clients back. The manual delivers literally hundreds of innovative ways to streamline your business. Learn new ways to make your operation run smoother and increase performance. Shut down waste, reduce costs, and increase profits. In addition owners will appreciate this valuable resource and use it as a reference in their daily activities and as a source for ready-to-use forms, Web sites, operating and cost cutting ideas, and mathematical formulas that can be easily applied. The Companion CD-ROM contains all the forms in the book, as well as a sample business plan you can adapt for your own use.
Spiritual Marketplace: Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion.
Wade Clark RoofIn large chain bookstores the "religion" section is gone and in it's place is an expanding number of topics including angels, Sufism, journey, recovery, meditation, magic, inspiration, Judaica, astrology, gurus, Bible, prophesy, evangelicalism, Mary, Buddhism, Catholicism, and esoterica. As Wade Clark Roof notes, such changes over the last two decades reflect a shift away from religion as traditionally understood to more diverse and creative approaches. But what does this splintering of the religious perspective say about Americans? Have we become more interested in spiritual concerns or have we become lost among trends? Do we value personal spirituality over traditional religion and no longer see ourselves united in a larger community of faith? Roof first credited this religious diversity to the baby boomers in his bestselling A Generation of Seekers (1993). He returns to interview many of these people, now in mid-life, to reveal a generation with a unique set of spiritual values -- a generation that has altered our historic interpretations of religious beliefs, practices, and symbols, and perhaps even our understanding of the sacred itself.The quest culture created by the baby boomers has generated a "marketplace" of new spiritual beliefs and practices and of revisited traditions. As Roof shows, some Americans are exploring faiths and spiritual disciplines for the first time; others are rediscovering their lost traditions; others are drawn to small groups and alternative communities; and still others create their own mix of values and metaphysical beliefs. Spiritual Marketplace charts the emergence of five subcultures: dogmatists, born-again Christians, mainstream believers,metaphysical believers and seekers, and secularists. Drawing on surveys and in-depth interviews for over a decade, Roof reports on the religious and spiritual styles, family patterns, and moral vision and values for each of these subcultures. The result is an innovative, engaging approach to understanding how religious life is being reshaped as we move into the next century.
Successful Free-Lancing: The Complete Guide to Establishing and Running Any Kind of Freelance Business
Marian FauxFreelancing is one of the fastest-growing job trends of the nineties, but starting up a freelance business involves more than just hanging out a shingle. In this user-friendly, up-to-the-minute guide, veteran freelancer Marian Faux explains everything you need to know. Topics include:-Establishing a business plan-Setting up an office-Negotiating fees-Handling contracts and agreement letters-Tax, insurance, and benefits planning-Expanding your business-Advertising, publicity, and marketing-Measuring your successBoth new and experience freelancers-in every field-will find the information they need in order to run a successful, profitable business.
1-800-DryCarpet carpet cleaning Dealership
1-800-DryClean cleaning drycleaning Dealership
Advanced Cleaning Systems carpet cleaning Dealership
Anago Cleaning Systems clean cleaning housekeeping janitor services Dealership
Anago Franchising cleaning commercial Dealership
Carpet Care Professionals carpet cleaning upholstery Dealership
Chem-dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning carpet cleaning upholstery Dealership
Chemex clean cleaning hygiene Dealership
Clean & Happy Windows cleaning window Dealership
Cleancraft Carpet Care carpet cleaning equipment supplies Dealership
Cleaning Concepts cleaning dry Dealership
Cleaning Doctor clean cleaning home restoration Dealership
Cleannet Usa cleaning commerical Dealership
Coit Cleaning And Restoration Services cleaning restoration Dealership
Coverall Cleaning Concepts cleaning commerical industrial Dealership
Daycare Cleaning Services Inc cleaning service Dealership
DetailXperts cleaning eco-friend green vehicles Dealership
Dry Cleaning Station cleaners cleaning dry Dealership
Dryer Vent Wizard cleaning dryer vents Dealership
Duraclean International cleaning restoration Dealership
Fast & Friendly Floorcare cleaning floor maintenance restoration Dealership
Gp66 Chemical Corp. chemical cleaning solution Dealership
Heaven's Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning carpet cleaning Dealership
Hessonic Ultrasonic Co. cleaning ultrasonic Dealership
Jan-pro International cleaning commercial Dealership
Jantize America cleaning janitorial Dealership
Kwik Dry carpet cleaning Dealership
Lady Bug Carpet Care carpet cleaning upholstry Dealership
Lapels Dry Cleaning cleaning dry Dealership
Maid Brigade cleaning green maids service Dealership
Maid To Perfection cleaning maid Dealership
Maid To Sparkle cleaning maid service Dealership assistance business cleaning maid service Dealership
Maidpro cleaning maid service Dealership
Maids Etc. cleaning house maid Dealership
Martinizing Dry Cleaning cleaning dry Dealership
Merry Maids cleaning house maid Dealership
MiniMaid cleaning maid Dealership
Molly Maid cleaning housekeeper maids residential Dealership
MTO Clean cleaning commercial residential Dealership
National Pro Clean Corp cleaning janitorial Dealership
New City Contract Cleaning cleaning Dealership
Octoclean cleaning janitorial Dealership
Office Pride Comm'l Cleaning cleaning commercial janitorial Dealership
Oil Lift cleaning oil Dealership
On-site Corporation blinds cleaning drapery Dealership
Openworks cleaning commercial janitorial Dealership
Ovenclean cleaning home ovens Dealership
OxiFresh carpet cleaning Dealership
Oxxo Care Cleaners cleaner cleaning dry Dealership
Pressed 4 Time cleaning dry Dealership
PureProtect antibacterial clean cleaning nontoxic Dealership
PuroClean cleaning damage property restoration Dealership
Rainbow International cleaning repair restoration Dealership
ReNEW Softwash cleaning home mobile Dealership
Rotovac carpet cleaning Dealership
Safeclean clean cleaning organic Dealership
Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning carpet cleaning Dealership
ServiceMaster Clean carpet clean cleaning damage janitorial upholstery Dealership
Sparkle Carpet Cleaning carpet cleaning Dealership
Squeegee Squad cleaning window Dealership
Stanley Home Products cleaning parties party Dealership
Start a Cleaning Business cleaning Dealership
Steam Brothers Professional Cleaning And Restoration carpet cleaning restoration Dealership
Steamatic carpet cleaning restoration Dealership
Stratus Building Solutions cleaning office Dealership
System4 Commercial Cleaning cleaning commercial Dealership
The BBQ Cleaner bbq cleaning mobile outdoors Dealership
The Cleaning Authority cleaning house maid service Dealership
The Hygienic Home cleaning green house Dealership
The Maids Home Services cleaning house maid service Dealership
The Master's Touch cleaning mobile Dealership
Vanguard Cleaning Systems cleaning commercial Dealership
VIP Bin Cleaning bin cleaning ecofriendly garbage Dealership
Well Polished clean cleaning home office Dealership
Window Cleaning Bizop cleaning window Dealership
Window Gang cleaning window Dealership
Zips Dry Cleaners cleaning drycleaning Dealership

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