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Music for Sight Singing
Thomas E. Benjamin, Michael Horvit and Robert S. NelsonDesigned for the "musicianship" portion of the freshman theory sequence, Benjamin/Horvit/Nelson MUSIC FOR SIGHT SINGING, Fifth Edition, presents music that is carefully chosen to challenge--not overwhelm--you.
A History of Western Music (Eighth Edition)
J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout and Claude V. PaliscaThe Eighth Edition of A History of Western Music is a vivid, accessible, and richly contextual view of music in Western culture. Building on his monumental revision of the Seventh Edition, Peter Burkholder has refined an inspired narrative for a new generation of students, placing people at the center of the story. The narrative of A History of Western Music naturally focuses on the musical works, styles, genres, and ideas that have proven most influential, enduring, and significant—but it also encompasses a wide range of music, from religious to secular, from serious to humorous, from art music to popular music, and from Europe to the Americas. With a six-part structure emphasizing the music’s reception and continued influence, Burkholder’s narrative establishes a social and historical context for each repertoire to reveal its legacy and its significance today.
Understanding the Music Business: A Comprehensive View
Irwin Steinberg and Harmon GreenblattUnderstanding the Music Business: A Comprehensive View makes it possible for anyone interested in the music industry to gain an increased knowledge of how the business works and the many opportunities and threats that are part of its everyday life. This new edition brings recent changes in the music industry to the text, breaking down the recording industry into its component parts and explaining how each of them works.
101 Great Mail-Order Businesses, Revised 2nd Edition: The Very Best (and Most Profitable!) Mail-Order Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Money
Tyler G. HicksMake a Mint by Mail Order!Sell computers, vitamins, clothing, or gourmet foods. Create and sell newsletters on almost any topic. Make and sell your favorite arts and crafts. Would you like to join the booming mail-order business? You can! Bestselling author Ty Hicks shows you how. You don’t need a lot of money, years of experience, or a college education—just a mailing address and the desire to deliver products and services quickly for the best value your customers can get. Ty Hicks explains in clear, easy steps how to start your mail-order business today, including:·Getting started quickly and easily ·Creating an e-commerce Web site to promote and sell your products or services directly ·Using proven marketing and promotion strategies ·Carving niche markets with unusual products and services ·Expanding your business for maximum profitability ·And much, much more!
Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music
Peter Spencer and Peter M. TemkoLearning music's organizing principles . . . Approaching the study of form as an exercise in perceiving the interaction of a number of discrete musical events, Spencer and Temko's book embodies much more than a search for visual clues. Students of form develop perceptual tools that allow them to proceed from the aural experience to an understanding of the arch-principles upon which music is organized. The authors hold that the organizing principles of a given piece of music may be gleaned from studying: the internal attributes that give a section its specific identity; the functional relations between sections; the ordering of those sections.
The Descendants
The Descendants is the first mainstream American movie scored exclusively with Hawaiian music, most of it created by acknowledged masters of the genre, both modern and classical Gabby Pahinui, Ray Kane, Keola Beamer, Lena Machado, Sonny Chillingworth, Jeff Peterson, and Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, among others. The filmmakers sought to make a movie with a distinctly Hawaiian flavor, and the music was a crucial component. As well as echoing the experience of watching the film, The Descendants soundtrack will reveal to listeners the soulful and emotional spectrum of Hawaiian music over the decades and serve as an eye-opening introduction to some of Hawaiian music s greatest and most essential artists.KA MAKANI KA ILI ALOHA -Performed by Gabby Pahinui KALENA KAI - Performed by Keola Beamer and George WinstonHI ILAWE - Performed by Gabby Pahinui ULILI E - Performed by Rev. Dennis KamakahiPINE TREE SLACK KEY - Performed by Pancho GrahamAUWE - Performed by Ray KaneLEAHI - Performed by Gabby PahinuiHAWAIIAN SKIES - Performed by Jeff PetersonHE EIA - Performed by Gabby Pahinui and Sons Of Hawaii IMI AU IA OE - Performed by Keola BeamerKAUA I BEAUTY - Performed by Gabby PahinuiHI ILAWE - Performed by Sonny ChillingworthWAI O KE ANIANI - Performed by Gabby PahinuiPUA HONE - Performed by Rev. Dennis KamakahiHAPUNA SUNSET - Performed by Charles Michael BrotmanDEEP IN AN ANCIENT HAWAIIAN FOREST - Performed by MakanaMOM - Performed by Lena MachadoKA MELE OKU U PU UWAI - Performed by Sol Hoopii s Novelty Trio
SanDisk microSDHC 8GB Class 2 Card with SD Adapter (SDSDQ-8192)
This SanDisk 8 GB MicroSDHC / TransFlash Card w/SD Adapter is for you to expand the memory capacity for your compatible device like cell phone, PDAs, digital camera, music players, and more cool device that is with a microSD card slot available.It is ideal for storing media-rich files such as music, videos, and photographs. FEATURES: High storage capacity for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more Slot compatibility: MicroSDHC, TransFlash, or full size SD when used with an adaptor Comes with a Secure Digital /SD card adapter with lock which enables use the card as a SD card for multimedia applications such as digital cameras, and more Fast transfer rate for reliable copy, download, back-up.
I Don't Mean to Be Rude, But...: The Truth about Fame, Fortune and My Life in Music
Simon CowellNo one can deny the impact that X Factor judge Simon Cowell has made. His acerbic put-downs and witty one-liners have sparked international debate whilst at the same time earning him a legion of admirers. Cowell's own story has all the brutal honesty you'd expect. I Don't Mean to be Rude, as compulsive, entertaining and hard-hitting as his trademark insults. With tips and advice on becoming a star from the man who knows how to make it happen, this book is the ultimate through-the-keyhole view inside the music industry. But it wouldn't be complete without setting the record straight about those trousers, and the truth about the women in his life. In the fully updated paperback edition of I Don't Mean to be Rude, But...Simon predicts the future for the X Factor winners and dishes the dirt on American Idol. It's a complusive read and as compelling as the man himself.
202 Things You Can Make and Sell for Big Profits (202 Things You Can Make & Sell for Big Profits)
James StephensonThe New Encyclopedias for Supplemental Income Filled with 202 proven money-making opportunities, each book in this popular series outlines a multitude of ways you can supplement your income. The internet has expanded the market for homemade goods to a global marketplace. This book offers 202 products that you can easily make or sell for a profit across the street or across the world, with step-by-step instructions.
180 South
Adventurer Jeff Johnson strikes so deeply into the heart of Patagonia's wilderness that we come to feel at home there. Retracing the epic 1968 journey of his hero Yvon Chouinard, he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, surfs the longest wave of his life and prepares himself for a rare summit of Cerro Corcovado. Jeff's life turns when he meets up with an older and wiser Chouinard, while he is in Patagonia to help save its wildlands. ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACK In 2007 I fl ew down to Patagonia with my friends James Mercer and Mason Jennings. My cousin, Chris Malloy (fi lmmaker), and I were excited to have both James and Mason work on music for the fi lm, so bringing them down to see Patagonia with their own eyes seemed mandatory. We told them they didn't have to write or play any music while down there and that we just wanted them to check it out and meet everyone making the fi lm. Then the fi rst camp fi re lit up and guitars and accordions came out. It was not long before Mason and James joined in and gave us a nice night under the stars listening to them trade off on Neil Young covers. In that moment, we didn't really care any more if they helped make music for our fi lm because bringing them down there already felt worth it. When we returned home, the experience was etched so beautifully in our minds but unfortunately it would be a long time before any music was needed. There was miles of footage to go through and a fi lm to be made. We stayed in touch with James and Mason and gave them updates on the fi lm, although we were lying when we said it wouldn't be long before we were done. The trip really had a profound effect on Mason and within the next few weeks he had written a couple of songs that really put our experiences to music. Then a few more months passed and we showed a preview of the fi lm to Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. James lived near Isaac in Portland and kept telling me that he thought he would be a good fi t to work on some music for the fi lm as well. Isaac liked what he saw and then handed me a pamphlet on saving the salmon in Alaska and said he would do it if we could help with this cause. Seemed fair enough. When we fi nally had a rough edit of the movie, we headed to Portland to Isaac's studio to record the soundtrack for 180° South. Pulling up to an old two-story craftsman house, we could hear the peaceful sound of guitars feeding back through the windows. Chris and I stopped and stared up at the attic completely captivated by what we were listening to. It was not long before we were watching footage and going over ideas and it wasn't long after that before we heard Isaac's banjo, Tom's trumpet, Eric's squeezebox, Joe's drums and James's harmonies coming from every corner of that house. That did not stop for almost 2 weeks. This record is inspired by the stars in Southern Chile and was brought to life via a cabin in Minnesota, a garage in Hawaii and an attic up in Portland.

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