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Craft Business Opportunity

A crafting business opportunity

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Crafting for Dollars: Turn Your Hobby into Serious Cash
Sylvia LandmanIn this era of corporate downsizing and cost cutting, thousands of people are looking to home-based businesses for income and job security. For the creative person, a career in crafts can be both fulfilling and profitable. Professional craft designer and successful craft entrepreneur Sylvia Landman has written the definitive guide for those wishing to start or expand a home-based craft business. Crafting for Dollars is a step-by-step guide for woodworkers, quilters, knitters, and all other craftspeople wanting to establish an independent livelihood creating the crafts they love. It provides solid business guidelines and practical advice on establishing and maintaining a successful craft-based profession. Landman includes interviews with successful crafters who share their varied experiences in developing a business plan, organizing an efficient home office, and maximizing sales at craft fairs and trade shows. Among those profiled are: ·Bonnie Boots who sells doll patterns by mail-order ·Debi Linker who started a designer fashion fabric store in 1969, and now employs over 125 people ·Crochet enthusiast Gwen Blakely Kinsler who organized the First Annual Crochet Conference ·Joe and Kathy Lamancusa who built a strong marriage and business designing programs for craft manufacturers Landman describes the myriad roles a craft entrepreneur must play in order to keep a small business alive. She addresses some of the difficult situations that can arise when one works from home. Issues such as child care, distractions, and interruptions are all challenges that need to be recognized and handled with care. Also included are tips on how to separate personal and professional tasks within the home, and how to maintain creativity and motivation.
Creating a Successful Craft Business
Robert Robbins and Rogene A. RobbinsFrom writing a business plan and financing an idea to choosing the most cost-efficient production method and best-suited sales approach, Creating a Successful Crafts Business provides a sound blueprint for turning a beloved hobby into a lucrative career. Written by two experienced craftspeople who have been through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of running a crafts business, readers will learn, step by step, how to negotiate with bankers, choose the ideal retail location, promote the business on-line, expand into lucrative new markets, and much more. Filled with the infectious spirit of people who have “been there,” this down-to-earth book will bring fledging craft businesses to new levels of profits and success.• Finally—a realistic guide to running a profitable crafts business• Checklists, sidebars, and notes help readers through important business and legal procedures
Start and Run a Craft Business (Start & Run ...)
William Hynes- Profit from the popularity of handmade crafts - Make things that sell - Find markets for your crafts
The Craft Business Handbook - The Essential Guide To Making Money from Your Crafts and Handmade Products
Alison McNicolWish you could turn your talent for making lovely things into cash? Bored of the 9 to 5 and dreaming of starting your own crafty business, but not sure where to start? Then this is the book for you ! The Craft Business Handbook has ALL the information you need to get started making money from your crafts - NOW ! From setting up as a proper business, producing and pricing your goods for maximum sales and profit, to the various options for selling online, at craft fairs, trade shows and getting your products into retailers, right through to gaining magazine coverage, promoting your business online and managing your business as it grows, this is THE essential guide for any would-be crafty entrepreneur! Whether you're just considering getting started with a crafty business idea, or already selling your wares and looking for ways to grow your business ( think sales reps, fulfillment houses and more!), this handy book - written by craft business expert Alison McNicol - shares tons of insider tips, practical information, and shows how you too can achieve Craft Business success! PLUS - some of the most successful crafty business people around share their stories - how they started and grew their successful craft businesses - prepare to be inspired with in-depth interviews from some of your favorite crafty entrepreneurs around!
Creative Cash : How to Profit From Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills, and Related Know-How
Barbara BrabecTurn Your Passion Into A Lucrative VocationDid you know that you can turn your creativity into a profitable business? Imagine making thousands of dollars a year from a hobby you love! Millions of people just like you are using their creative talents to make big money. With the help of this crafts business classic, so can you!The nation's top expert on this topic, Barbara Brabec, gives you everything you need to know to launch a lucrative home-based business. Packed with dozens of moneymaking ideas and the success secrets of more than 100 professional crafters and industry experts, this guide shows you how to:·Discover the hobby that will pay off for you ·Start your own home shop, boutique, or party planning business ·Sell your work through retail or wholesale outlets ·Develop and sell your original patterns and designs ·Write how-to articles for craft magazines ·Get started teaching at home or in local craft shops ·And much, much more!"The liveliest, most down-to-earth, non-intimidating approach to making money from your crafts that I've ever seen."—Interweave Press"An invaluable road map based on the real-life experiences of craft entrepreneurs. . . . The ultimate 'how-to' in crafting."—Renee; Chase, Webmaster, Crafter.Com"Easy reading, with plenty of interesting real-life examples sprinkled in, providing practical advice from those who've been there."—Miriam Olson, editor, Crafts Magazine"Chock-full of moneymaking strategies for craftspeople at every level."—Amy Detwiler, editor in chief, Sunshine Artist"Amazingly fresh and insightful . . . inspiring to read . . . a brilliant book to help keep crafters on the road to success."—Maria Nerius, host of "Creative Chat" on Aleene's Creative Living show (TNN)"As usual, Barbara has her hand on the pulse of the craft industry."—Linda Coomer, Coomers Craft Malls
The Crafts Business Answer Book: Starting, Managing, and Marketing a Homebased Arts, Crafts, or Design Business
Barbara BrabecCompletely revised and updated, The Crafts Business Answer Book is an essential resource for anyone looking to start a homebased art or crafts business or perfect an existing one. Crafts business expert Barbara Brabec provides the answers to every question a creative person might have about the business side of crafting—-from pricing and advertising, to understanding tax and labor laws, to protecting original work with copyrights and trademarks.In an easy-to-use A-to-Z format, she discusses nearly 300 business topics and includes dozens of feature articles, as well as links to more than 150 web sites essential for success.
Developing a Business Case (Pocket Mentor)
Harvard Business School PressHow do you decide the best course of action for your company to take advantage of new opportunities? You must develop a business case to explore multiple alternatives before making a recommendation to support a particular option. This book shows you how to use a business case to define an opportunity, identify and analyze alternatives, and present your final recommendation to key stakeholders. You'll learn to- Clearly define the opportunity you'll want to address in your business case- Identify and analyze a range of alternatives- Recommend one option and assess its risks- Create a high-level implementation plan for your proposed alternative- Communicate your case to key stakeholders
The Savvy Crafters Guide To Success: Turn Your Crafts Into A Career
Sandy MccallTake your crafts out of your workshop - and into the spotlight.Do you dream of making money with your art but feel unsure of how to begin? With The Savvy Crafter's Guide to Success, turning your hobby into a career is easier than you think.Leave the boring business books to the white-collar set! In these pages filled with plenty of artwork for inspiration, renowned rubber-stamp and polymer-clay artist Sandra McCall teaches you everything you need to know about successfully marketing and selling your work. She shares personal insights from some of the industry's top crafters, including Traci Bautista, Claudine Hellmuth, Michael Jacobs, Catherine Moore and Stephanie Olin.With sound advice, valuable do's and don'ts, and plenty of encouragement, you'll learn to:Become a regular contributor to craft publicationsStart teaching workshops at stores, retreats and craft showsAssert yourself as an "expert" in your fieldTurn your dreams into reality. Turn your crafts into a career!
Exploration Warehousing: Turning Business Information into Business Opportunity
W. H. Inmon, R. H. Terdeman and Claudia ImhoffA revolutionary new approach to unearthing business opportunities, from the father of the data warehouseLet Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse, along with Robert Terdeman and Claudia Imhoff, introduce you to exploration warehousing, an innovative new approach to finding business opportunities hidden in patterns of data. In this groundbreaking book, they clearly explain the exploration process and identify the types of data warehouse designs best suited for exploration. They then outline the steps that must be followed in order to turn data into a competitive advantage.Using numerous case examples, the authors describe original exploration techniques and demonstrate how IT managers can work together with business managers to identify significant value in the data. These patterns can reveal opportunities in the marketplace for new products and services, when to discontinue products and services, where to streamline operations, and much more. To verify the strength and accuracy of these patterns, they show you how to use exploration with data mining techniques to assure business value.With this book, you'll gain a better understanding of:- The process of exploring data- The infrastructure of exploration- The roles that analysts play in your organization- How to form a basis of data that can be used for analysis- How patterns in data can be turned into business opportunity- When patterns should not be turned into business opportunity- The role of data mining
Ultimate Start-Up Directory
James StephensonFind your next great moneymaking opportunity! Entrepreneur magazine's Ultimate Start-Up Directory is the most authoritative and comprehensive business start-up book available. It provides 1500 great start-up ideas for you to cash in on the next great moneymaking opportunity. DISCOVER: 1500 great business start-up ideas in more than 30 industries, including 250 brand-new opportunities in manufacturing, retail, internet and services Start-up costs, earning potential, and special skills or legal requirements needed to operate each business Secrets to successfully starting and running a business from home on a full- or part-time basis Thousands of cutting-edge business, marketing, sales and advertising tips that the pros use to start and run winning, money-making businesses New information on business and marketing research and planning, with helpful work sheets to walk you through the process Real business advice and real business opportunities that people from every walk of life are now effective operating for a profit-and how you can do it, too One of the 1500 great business start-up ideas featured here is sure to be your ticket to success.

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