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The Artist-Gallery Partnership: A Practical Guide to Consigning Art
Tad Crawford and Susan MellonThe definitive guide for those who create and those who sell art is back, now in a newly revised and updated third edition.Artists, dealers, and gallery owners will welcome this clear explanation of the consignment contracts that lie at the heart of the relationship between artists and galleries. Updates include the latest developments in state laws and all of the current statutes in the 32 states that have laws regarding consignment sales. A thorough discussion of the Standard Consignment Agreement, covering agency, consignment, warranties, transportation, insurance, pricing, gallery commissions, promotion, return of art, and more, plus a ready-to-use contract, is included. Want a clear understanding of art-consignment law? Get The Artist-Gallery Partnership.
Guardsman Furniture Touch Up Kit
Nicks, marks, scratches, the inevitable results of living with wooden furniture. But you don't have to strip and refinish when the damage is minimal. Get out your handy touch up kit and dab the pen along the mark. There are three colors so you'll be able to get a very convincing match easily.
Pricing Without Fear
Barbara Wright SykesPricing Without Fear: From cover to cover the book "Pricing Without Fear" takes you on an amazing journey showing you how to make money utilizing your sewing skills while pricing your services effectively to earn a profit. Author Barbara Wright Sykes shares a wealth of how-to tips on pricing your goods and services. This dynamic entrepreneur knows what she is talking about. She holds nothing back as she shares her knowledge and expertise. After reading this book you are sure to earn a profit. Pricing Without Fear is a well rounded resource covering everything from why consumers spend to how to buy supplies in bulk. One of the nicest features is that the book covers a broad range of sewing specialties, not limited to but including: Bridal Home Decor - Interior Design Children's Apparel Custom Sewing Alterations Retail Wholesale and Consignment How to have a Pattern Line Wearable Art and much more! During an interview Barbara shared her motivation for writing Pricing Without Fear: Pricing without fear should be second nature, but it is not. What I have found is that of all the concerns sewing professionals have, pricing seems to be number one. My motivation for writing this book was to reassure sewing professionals that they can have a healthy business, and not be afraid to price for profit. When I penned my first book, The "Business" Of Sewing, I covered the basic pricing methods, and gave illustrations. I briefly addressed overcoming doubt, fear and procrastination, which I later devoted an entire book to. Once I became more aware of how many people suffered from the fear of pricing, I recorded an audio entitled, Take The Fear Out Of Pricing, complete with exercises and worksheets. However, I wanted a tool that addressed pricing in more detail. One that any sewing professional could use no matter what field of specialty, thus came Pricing Without Fear. Sykes has several new books: The "Business" Of Sewing Vol. 1 The "Business" Of Sewing Vol.2 Do You Sew For Profit (A Guide For Wholesale, Retail and Consignment) Marketing Your Sewing Business She has also designed the following forms specifically for sewing professionals: Forms On Computer Disc Home Decor - Interior Design Forms Marketing Forms CD Marketing Graphics FormsDeluxe Marketing Forms Barbara Wright Sykes continues to offer solid advice for those who want to sew for profit!
Interior Design with Feng Shui: New and Expanded (Compass)
Sarah RossbachA centuries-old Chinese practice, feng shui has captured the Western imagination as a tool for design and well-being. In this classic book, complete with helpful drawings and photographs, Sarah Rossbach shows how anyone can apply its principles to enhance their careers, family life, health, and prosperity. Rossbach interprets the teachings of feng shui master Lin Yun for contemporary Westerners, offering practical methods for achieving harmony with one's environment. Focusing on common problems in business and residential settings, she discusses everything from the site of a building to furniture arrangement to wall decoration. In a chapter new to this edition, she explains how to choose colors that satisfy individual needs and preferences. Rossbach's easy-to-execute advice includes such simple steps as moving a microwave oven, repositioning a desk, and hanging mirrors to alleviate negative influences.
Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style
Cristina Paredes Benitez and Alex Sanchez VidiellaFresh perspectives on how good design can create stylish yet ecologically sound living spaces in small-scale homes. Anyone who has faced the challenges of limited living space will find inspiration in this survey of the latest trends in environmentally sensitive, small-scale residential designs. More than fifty residential spaces are profiled—from woodsy houses and repurposed barns to cool apartments and urban lofts—both inside and out. Most of the projects were designed by up-and-coming architects, and each design proves that small-scale efficiency as well as beautiful, thoughtful design can overcome the apparent constraints of a small setting. Environmental impact is a growing concern, so each project was chosen because of its ecological sensitivity. Each case history describes the challenges confronting the designer and the solutions. Creating color schemes to enhance the feeling of openness, taking advantage of high ceilings to make multiple levels, and using collapsible furniture and sliding doors to maximize space are some of the design solutions that can be applied in any situation. Filled with beautiful color photographs and helpful floorplans, this book is a remarkable showcase of how good design can transform any small space into a comfortable, modern—and environmentally sensitive—home.
Cafe! Best of Coffee Shop Design
BraunThe design of coffee shops is increasingly on the move. Where cafs have traditionally been viewed as places principally to enjoy a coffee, they have evolved to show a broad range of multifunctional purposes and amenities: They can, for instance, exist as cozy lunch-time meeting spots before abruptly transforming into vibrant late-night bars after sundown. Caf! Best of Coffee Shop Design shows the wide scope of different caf concepts, including coffee bars as integral parts of cutting-edge multipurpose buildings, flagship stores and traditional shops with a contemporary twist. The 40 projects featured comprise an extensive variety of designs and styles, ranging from minimalist, strict and reduced, to opulent and extravagant.
Living with Books
Alan PowersEveryone has books—but most people simply put them on a shelf, neglecting more creative ways to make their treasures an integral part of the interior design. Alan Powers’ witty, elegant guide to showcasing your precious volumes will change all that. Going room to room, from kitchens to hallways, he reveals inspirational ways that books can create character in the home. Stunningly photographed images from around the world display large-scale libraries, as well as such ingenious space-saving devices as enclosed book lofts; shelves cleverly tucked into stairways; and narrow wall-mounted boarding that fits snugly behind a chair. There’s advice on caring for the volumes, technical hints on planning and building bookshelves, and practical, detailed projects. Special double-page features cover such topics as designer solutions and constructing furniture out of books.
The "Business" of Sewing: How to Start, Achieve and Maintain Success, Vol. 1
Barbara Wright SykesSee what other sewing professionals are charging through sample price lists from Home Decor, Bridal, and Children s, Custom Tailoring, Alterations, Hats, Art-To-Wear and more. Learn how to obtain money for you business through a list of organizations and lending institutions. Discover payment methods you can offer your customers and how to get a merchant account for credit card sales. You ll gain knowledge on how to collect money on past due accounts. Save by buying in bulk with a list of suppliers and a sample letter to contact them. Determine what type of business is right for you and how to increase your knowledge to make more money. It also covers: business and financial plans; studio design, networking; time management; tackling your fears; turning sewing into a business and making the transition; how to avoid getting frustrated; industry statistics. *Extensive Resource Directory, charts, illustrations and graphs included. Note: The "Business" Of Sewing: Vol. 2, is available in this dynamic series and has additional information not included in this book. The Business of Sewing has received rave reviews from: Nancy Zieman of Sewing With Nancy, McCall's and Simplicity, LA Times and more. All three editions of The Business Of Sewing continue to be our best sellers. Be sure to see all of Barbara Wright Sykes Sewing For Profit products. Barbara Wright Sykes sewing for profit BOOKS: Do You Sew For Profit: Wholesale, Retail, ConsignmentMarketing Your Sewing Business Pricing Without FearThe "Business" Of Sewing Vol. 1The "Business" Of Sewing Vol. 2 The "Business" Of Sewing FORMS offered here for sewing professionals: Forms On Computer DiscHome Decor - Interior Design FormsThe Marketing Forms CDMarketing Graphics FormsDeluxe Marketing FormsThe "Business" Of Sewing on AUDIO CD series: Take The Fear Out Of PricingMarketing Your Sewing BusinessThe "Business" Of SewingThe "Business" Of Sewing Audio Album (Get all 3 and save). Be sure to see Barbara's new book: Good Lovin' Ain't Easy
Building the Custom Home Office: Projects for the Complete Home Work Space
Niall BarrettEverything a homeowner needs to know about designing a custom work space at home. Includes information on building home-office furniture, space planning and ergonomics, materials, lighting and computers. Featuring 12 projects, complete with measured drawings and cut lists.
New Cottage Style : Decorating Ideas for Casual, Comfortable Living (Better Homes and Gardens)
Better Homes & GardensDecorating ideas to achieve a cottage look that’s clean, simple, and light.New and remodeled homes that incorporate cottage style via architectural features and easy decorating choices.Secrets to creating harmony and simplicity with paint, furniture, fabrics, and accessories.Examples of projects in the country, the woods, suburbia, and oceanfront locations.Practical ideas and decorating techniques to create a comfortable getaway look.Effective color schemes that achieve a serene palette.

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