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Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion, Fourth Edition
Elizabeth LipskiThe definitive guide to healthy digestion! Digestive Wellness explains how your digestive system works and what to do when it doesn’t. You’ll find practical solutions to all the common gastrointestinal disorders (and many other conditions) and expert guidance on the newest advances in testing and diagnosis, nutrition, and natural therapies. Plus, you’ll learn how faulty digestion can affect the human body systemically, from migraines and skin issues to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. “Dr. Lipski offers a practical toolkit to support each of us—clinicians and patients—to return to wellness by bringing our gastrointestinal system back into balance and harmony. I believe that you will deeply benefit from joining Dr. Lipski on this journey toward digestive wellness.”—Patrick Hanaway, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Genova Diagnostics; President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine “For anyone who has an interest in truly understanding how the gut works or is just interested in finding ways to optimize quality of life during the aging process, Digestive Wellness, 4th Edition is a must read.”—Jeffrey Moss, D.D.S., CNS, DACBN, Moss Nutrition “Liz Lipski explains digestion in a most appetizing and personal way. Even better than the last edition, Liz updates her understanding and ours. Everyone with a digestive tract has a need to know what Dr. Lipski synthesizes so well.”—Russell M. Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D., CCN, founder, ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies, LLC, and Perque, LLC “Dr. Lipski has written an easy-to-read and highly informative book that will help the general population and practitioners alike understand what the problem is and how to treat it. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the intimate relationship between our digestion and our health.”—Marcelle Pick, RNC, M.S.N., OB/GYN NP
Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives
Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip SandahlWhen Co-Active Coaching was first released in 1998, this pioneering work set the stage for what has become a cultural and business phenomenon and helped launch the profession of coaching. Published in more than ten languages now, this book has been used as the definitive resource in dozens of corporate, professional development and university-based coaching programs as well as by thousands of individuals looking to elevate their communication, relationship and coaching skills. This fully revised third edition of Co-Active Coaching has been updated to reflect the expanded vision of the newly updated Co-Active Model and coaching course curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute, the training organization founded and run by the authors for 20 years. The third edition emphasizes evoking transformational change in the client and extends the use of the Co-Active Model into leadership management and its effectiveness throughout organizations. This edition also contains an on-line Coach’s Toolkit (replacing the CD of the second edition), several new coaching demonstrations and more than 35 updated exercises, questionnaires, checklists and reproducible forms.
Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home: Using Feng Shui to Disarm Illness, Accelerate Recovery, and Create Optimal Health
Nancy SantoPietroA groundbreaking paperback original offers advice, charts, and checklists for fostering wellness through home furnishing placement and design.
Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats
Mary Enig and Sally FallonCoconut oil, red meat, and butter—these fats are traditionally considered harmful, but this powerful book, based on more than two decades of research, shows that these saturated fats are actually essential to weight loss and health. Eat Fat, Lose Fat flouts conventional wisdom by revealing that so-called healthy vegetable oils (such as corn and soybean) are in large part responsible for our national obesity and health crisis.The three programs in this book, which features delicious coconut oil based recipes, among others, show that eating healthy fats is the answer to losing weight and achieving good health for a lifetime.“If permanently losing weight while improving your health is a real goal, I highly recommend Eat Fat, Lose Fat.”—Dr. Joseph Mercola, bestselling author of The No-Grain Diet“Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon are two of the most important voices in the wellness revolution. Eat Fat, Lose Fat is a must read.”—Jordan S. Rubin, author of The New York Times’ bestselling The Maker’s Diet
Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Sphere 3-Inch Diameter
The sphere is a foraging toy for inexperienced birds but may be used by most birds. Start today and discover the benefits of foraging and a of providing a fully enriched environment. Veterinarians agree that food foraging is a necessary, healthy behavior which will positively impact your pets psychological and physical wellness, Fill With Your Birds Favorite Treats, Veggies, Etc.
Jung on Active Imagination
C. G. JungAll the creative art psychotherapies (art, dance, music, drama, poetry) can trace their roots to C. G. Jung's early work on active imagination. Joan Chodorow here offers a collection of Jung's writings on active imagination, gathered together for the first time. Jung developed this concept between the years 1913 and 1916, following his break with Freud. During this time, he was disoriented and experienced intense inner turmoil --he suffered from lethargy and fears, and his moods threatened to overwhelm him. Jung searched for a method to heal himself from within, and finally decided to engage with the impulses and images of his unconscious. It was through the rediscovery of the symbolic play of his childhood that Jung was able to reconnect with his creative spirit. In a 1925 seminar and again in his memoirs, he tells the remarkable story of his experiments during this time that led to his self-healing. Jung learned to develop an ongoing relationship with his lively creative spirit through the power of imagination and fantasies. He termed this therapeutic method "active imagination."This method is based on the natural healing function of the imagination, and its many expressions. Chodorow clearly presents the texts, and sets them in the proper context. She also interweaves her discussion of Jung's writings and ideas with contributions from Jungian authors and artists.
Schooling In Capitalist America: Educational Reform and the Contradictions of Economic Life
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis"This seminal work . . . establishes a persuasive new paradigm."—Contemporary SociologyNo book since Schooling in Capitalist America has taken on the systemic forces hard at work undermining our education system. This classic reprint is an invaluable resource for radical educators.Samuel Bowles is research professor and director of the behavioral sciences program at the Santa Fe Institute, and professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts.Herbert Gintis is an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute and emeritus professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts.
Business Mastery: A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping it Successful
Cherie M. Sohnen-MoeThis best-selling business manual for wellness practitioners covers the major aspects of building and maintaining a successful practice. The all-new Fourth Edition is completely updated and includes information about how to effectively negotiate, keep up with the latest research, deal with difficult clients, increase career longevity, and attract first clients. Practical tools and tips teach how to market skills, work smarter, develop alliances through networking, fine-tune communication skills, and increase profits. This text is perfect for both practicing body workers and students as the road map that helps navigate the way to a highly successful and enjoyable career.
How Baking Works: Exploring the Fundamentals of Baking Science
Paula I. FigoniAn up-to-date, comprehensive guide to understanding and applying food science to the bakeshopThe essence of baking is chemistry, and anyone who wants to be a master pastry chef must understand the principles and science that make baking work. This book explains the whys and hows of every chemical reaction, essential ingredient, and technique, revealing the complex mysteries of bread loaves, pastries, and everything in between. Among other additions, How Baking Works, Third Edition includes an all-new chapter on baking for health and wellness, with detailed information on using whole grains, allergy-free baking, and reducing salt, sugar, and fat in a variety of baked goods. This detailed and informative guide features:• An introduction to the major ingredient groups, including sweeteners, fats, milk, and leavening agents, and how each affects finished baked goods• Practical exercises and experiments that vividly illustrate how different ingredients function   • Photographs and illustrations that show the science of baking at work• End-of-chapter discussion and review questions that reinforce key concepts and test learningFor both practicing and future bakers and pastry chefs, How Baking Works, Third Edition offers an unrivaled hands-on learning experience.
Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law
Richard Zitrin, Carol M. Langford and Nina TarrMore than a problem-oriented book, Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law is a problem-driven book. This new edition fully covers the academic subject area by simulating the reality of law practice through the use of real-live examples of ethical dilemmas as they occur in the practice of law. This real-life context is enhanced by studying such topics as the culture of law firms, financial constraints and pressures and family obligations facing young lawyers, bias and diversity in the legal workplace, and the perils of stress and substance abuse in the profession.This edition of Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law maintains the basic format of the first two editions, while updating and adding to the substance without materially lengthening the text. Significant new changes to this new edition include:•   Multicultural Decisionmaking: The problem on decisionmaking and client autonomy is now two problems. The new problem focuses on understanding and communicating and making decisions with clients from different cultural and experiential backgrounds.•   The Bybee Torture Memo: Was writing this memo unethical? How far may an opinion letter vary from mainstream legal analysis? If it does vary, what must the author say to give the client notice of that variance, or that certain counter-arguments are ignored? Are the duties of the government lawyer different?•   Stress, Depression, Drugs, and Wellness: The problem on these issues now includes a new article on the pervasiveness of depression, the recent ABA opinions that touch on this subject, and most significantly, a 2005 piece by Larry Krieger, who has long done pioneering work on wellness for students.•   Enron: The authors look to understanding Enron--and to Vincent & Elkins' role--in historical as well as ethical perspective. Law firms have gone this way before (many will recall Kaye Scholer and Lincoln Savings & Loan in the 1990s) and may again. How do regulatory schemes change to address these issues, and will they succeed?•   Sarbanes-Oxley and the SEC Regulations: The meaning of SOX § 307 and the SEC regulations is thoroughly explored and future changes anticipated. The authors contrast and compare the ABA's Rule 1.6 and Rule 1.13 changes, as the ABA and the federal government leap-frogged over each other to change corporate confidentiality rules.•   Techno-Ethics: An updated problem on technology includes the latest on the duties of lawyers regarding embedded data and ""metadata,"" chatrooms and solicitation, the consequences of unsolicited emails from potential clients (are they confidential / do they create a conflict of interest), and the latest on inadvertent disclosure.
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