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Exploration Warehousing: Turning Business Information into Business Opportunity
W. H. Inmon, R. H. Terdeman and Claudia ImhoffA revolutionary new approach to unearthing business opportunities, from the father of the data warehouseLet Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse, along with Robert Terdeman and Claudia Imhoff, introduce you to exploration warehousing, an innovative new approach to finding business opportunities hidden in patterns of data. In this groundbreaking book, they clearly explain the exploration process and identify the types of data warehouse designs best suited for exploration. They then outline the steps that must be followed in order to turn data into a competitive advantage.Using numerous case examples, the authors describe original exploration techniques and demonstrate how IT managers can work together with business managers to identify significant value in the data. These patterns can reveal opportunities in the marketplace for new products and services, when to discontinue products and services, where to streamline operations, and much more. To verify the strength and accuracy of these patterns, they show you how to use exploration with data mining techniques to assure business value.With this book, you'll gain a better understanding of:- The process of exploring data- The infrastructure of exploration- The roles that analysts play in your organization- How to form a basis of data that can be used for analysis- How patterns in data can be turned into business opportunity- When patterns should not be turned into business opportunity- The role of data mining
The Lunar Base Handbook: An Introduction to Lunar Base Design (GNRL USE)
Peter EckartWritten to cover the technical, economical, historical, management, legal, and even philosophical aspects of lunar base design and development, The Lunar Base Handbook, Second Edition, is a reference on building humankind’s first home on another planetary body. This book provides an overview about the Moon and its environment, the current status of lunar base design, tools needed to design a lunar base, checklists and flow charts that outline the design process, and technological requirements of a lunar base. The main audience for this book is engineers, but it is also interesting for scientists, managers, undergraduate students, and even interested laymen.
Successful Business Research: Straight to the Numbers You Need - Fast!
Planning ShopWhether you’re seeking outside financing for your business or not, you need well-researched, verifiable numbers to support your business plan. But the process of finding that data has been painful and expensive—until now. This one-of-a-kind product will take you step by step through the process of gathering critical, totally customized information and data about your business's industry, target market, and competition. Harnessing the often difficult-to-master power of the nation's leading public and private data sources, this book not only takes you to the information, but shows you how to filter it, interpret it, and use it to your business's advantage.From the Publisher Whether you need convincing data for a business plan, to raise money for your business, or for a report, you need it in a hurry. Successful Business Research shows you how to get the right info, right now. From stats on industries to the inside scoop on companies to detailed numbers on target markets, you’ll find the info you need—fast!Key features include:·         How to find key data about your industry, market, and competition·         Up-to-date hot lists of the leading research sources·         Shows you in “cookbook” fashion how to grab the data you need quickly and interpret it·         Dramatically reduces the time spent on research and improves the quality of results·         Can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in research expenses
Modeling and Designing Accounting Systems: Using Access to Build a Database
C. Janie Chang and Laura R. IngrahamGet the database skills that are in demandMore and more organizations are turning to database management systems to manage their accounting and other operational data. These organizations are looking for accountants with database skills and a good understanding of information technology.With Chang and Ingraham's Data Modeling and Database Design: Using Access to Build a Database you can develop the skills needed to build an actual accounting information system. Taking an approach that is both conceptual and practical, this book will help you understand the theory of data modeling, as well as its application and ultimate implementation in database design.Key Features:* Step-by-step detailed instructions show how to model and design three essential processes of an accounting information system: the sales/collection process, the acquisition/payment process, and the human resources/payroll process.* Presents data modeling from an REA (resource-event-agent) perspective.* The approach is software-independent, but utilizes Microsoft Access 2003 to implement the data models throughout the text.* Multiple-choice and detailed problems at the end of each chapter reinforce learning.* Includes a CD-ROM containing the additional data and forms you will need to complete each chapter.
Data Integration Blueprint and Modeling: Techniques for a Scalable and Sustainable Architecture
Anthony David GiordanoMaking Data Integration Work: How to Systematically Reduce Cost, Improve Quality, and Enhance Effectiveness   Today’s enterprises are investing massive resources in data integration. Many possess thousands of point-to-point data integration applications that are costly, undocumented, and difficult to maintain. Data integration now accounts for a major part of the expense and risk of typical data warehousing and business intelligence projects--and, as businesses increasingly rely on analytics, the need for a blueprint for data integration is increasing now more than ever.   This book presents the solution: a clear, consistent approach to defining, designing, and building data integration components to reduce cost, simplify management, enhance quality, and improve effectiveness. Leading IBM data management expert Tony Giordano brings together best practices for architecture, design, and methodology, and shows how to do the disciplined work of getting data integration right.   Mr. Giordano begins with an overview of the “patterns” of data integration, showing how to build blueprints that smoothly handle both operational and analytic data integration. Next, he walks through the entire project lifecycle, explaining each phase, activity, task, and deliverable through a complete case study. Finally, he shows how to integrate data integration with other information management disciplines, from data governance to metadata. The book’s appendices bring together key principles, detailed models, and a complete data integration glossary.   Coverage includes Implementing repeatable, efficient, and well-documented processes for integrating data Lowering costs and improving quality by eliminating unnecessary or duplicative data integrations Managing the high levels of complexity associated with integrating business and technical data Using intuitive graphical design techniques for more effective process and data integration modeling Building end-to-end data integration applications that bring together many complex data sources
Forensic Analytics: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Investigations (Wiley Corporate F&A)
Mark NigriniDiscover how to detect fraud, biases, or errors in your data using Access or ExcelWith over 300 images, Forensic Analytics reviews and shows how twenty substantive and rigorous tests can be used to detect fraud, errors, estimates, or biases in your data. For each test, the original data is shown with the steps needed to get to the final result. The tests range from high-level data overviews to assess the reasonableness of data, to highly focused tests that give small samples of highly suspicious transactions. These tests are relevant to your organization, whether small or large, for profit, nonprofit, or government-related.Demonstrates how to use Access, Excel, and PowerPoint in a forensic settingExplores use of statistical techniques such as Benford's Law, descriptive statistics, correlation, and time-series analysis to detect fraud and errorsDiscusses the detection of financial statement fraud using various statistical approachesExplains how to score locations, agents, customers, or employees for fraud riskShows you how to become the data analytics expert in your organizationForensic Analytics shows how you can use Microsoft Access and Excel as your primary data interrogation tools to find exceptional, irregular, and anomalous records.
The Dynamics of Performance Management: Constructing Information and Reform (Public Management and Change series)
Donald P. MoynihanEfficiency. Innovation. Results. Accountability. These, advocates claim, are the fruits of performance management. In recent decades government organizations have eagerly embraced the performance model -- but the rush to reform has not delivered as promised. Drawing on research from state and federal levels, Moynihan illustrates how governments have emphasized some aspects of performance management -- such as building measurement systems to acquire more performance data -- but have neglected wider organizational change that would facilitate the use of such information. In his analysis of why and how governments in the United States have made the move to performance systems, Moynihan identifies agency leadership, culture, and resources as keys to better implementation, goal-based learning, and improved outcomes.How do governments use the performance information generated under performance systems? Moynihan develops a model of interactive dialogue to highlight how performance data, which promised to optimize decision making and policy change for the public's benefit, has often been used selectively to serve the interests of particular agencies and individuals, undermining attempts at interagency problem solving and reform.A valuable resource for public administration scholars and administrators, The Dynamics of Performance Management offers fresh insight into how government organizations can better achieve their public service goals.
Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy (The AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series)
Joshua M. BirkholzFundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy Fundraising Analytics shows you how to turn your nonprofit?s organizational data?with an appropriate focus on donors?into actionable knowledge. The result? A vibrant, donor-centered nonprofit organization that makes maximum use of data to reveal the unique diversity of its donors. It provides step-by-step instructions for understanding your constituents, developing metrics to gauge and guide your success, and much more.
Driven by Data: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction
Paul Bambrick-SantoyoDriven by Data offers valuable tips and general guidelines about data-based methods and the difficulties surrounding the implementation of data-driven instruction. Through a CD-ROM, this guidebook provides all the tools needed to launch data-driven instruction effectively, such as an implementation rubric, meeting agendas, calendars, assessment templates, and more. Written by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, who has worked with over 1,000 schools across the nation, the book clearly shows how to maneuver through assessments and statistics. Bambrick-Santoyo offers vital tips, such as: how to create a data culture, how to run a successful data analysis meeting, how to write quality assessments, and how to deal with resistance from your teachers. The book also includes twenty case studies of high-performing schools. School leaders will find this resource useful for achieving remarkable results and immense gains, regardless of the school's background, leader, or demographic.Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Budget Tools: Financial Methods in the Public Sector
Greg G Chen, Dall W Forsythe, Lynne a Weikart and Daniel W WilliamsThis unique supplement and workbook with a companion CD, perforated pages, and an array of exercises gives students the opportunity to master the application of budgeting concepts. While theory plays an important role in any budgeting course, students need the ability to translate theory into practice and to feel comfortable reading, analyzing, and creating budgets. Focusing on budgeting at all levels of government, as well as at non-profits, the authors improve students spreadsheet literacy while having them work with real budgeting data. Exercises and problems, class-tested and proven to work, cover a range of topics and skills such as historical analysis, forecasting, cost analysis, pension analysis, performance-based budgeting, debt structure and management, cash flow estimates and variance analysis, classifying and categorizing data, as well as memo writing and multi-year planning.

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