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Wood Defender

A contractor-grade fence stain and sealer.

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Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD
Donald Breyer, Kenneth Fridley, Jr., David Pollock and Kelly CobeenThe leading text and reference on wood design, updated to include the latest codes and data Continued the sterling standard set by earlier editions, this indispensable reference leads you through the complete design of a wood structure (except for the foundation), following the same sequence used in the actual design/construction process.
Working Windows, 3rd: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows
Terry MeanyThis definitive book covers the operation, care, repair, and restoration of all kinds of wood windows, along with chapters on weather-stripping, repainting, and refinishing.
Paradise Toys Small Hanging Thimbles, 4-Inch W by 12-Inch L
This parrot toy is loaded with a variety of colorful wood components, intended to provide activity, and entertainment while offering lots to chew. A Bundle Of Wood Chew Toys Assembled On Cotton Rope Encourages Your Pet To Manipulate Objects.
Quixx Acrylic Scratch Remover
The same engineering that made QUIXX High Performance Paint Scratch Remover so successful has now been applied to acrylic and Plexiglas. QUIXX High Performance Acrylic Scratch Remover quickly and easily removes scratches from acrylic and Plexiglas surfaces including headlamps, rear lamps, dashboard, wood trim with clear coat, motorcycle windshields, RV windows, boat windows, aircraft windows, and even acrylic glass bath tubs and furniture. QUIXX High Performance Acrylic Scratch Remover restores surfaces to a scratch-free finish. The kit includes 1 tube (50G/1.76oz) of QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover, 1 polishing cloth, and 2 strips of special abrasive paper (1600 grit).
Paradise Toys Hanging Thimbles, 6-Inch W by 12-Inch L
Wood thimbles, barrels, beads and slats, A mixture of soft and hardwood items to be chewed. It's entertaining for birds to maneuver each strand to make their selection
Lady of Avalon
Marion Zimmer BradleyA new age is coming...The King will come...and he will rule forever in Avalon.Through the generations the women of Avalon prepare for the coming of the Defender, the sacred king who will guard the old ways of the Britons and save their land from destruction. On the holy isle of Avalon, hidden in the mists between the world of Faerie and the world of men, they wait.For High Priestess Caillean, facing the Roman foe, salvation comes not through victory, but bitter sacrifice. Two hundred years later her successor, Dierna, faces a new enemy: the Saxon hordes who assail her people like savages. By the time of Viviane, Britain seems wholly lost. But a Merlin is made amongst the Druids once more, and the day of the Defender, who will come to be known as Arthur, draws close.A spellbinding historical fantasy, Lady of Avalon links the bestselling novels in the Avalon series-The Forests of Avalon and The Mists of Avalon.
Construction Business Management: What Every Construction Contractor, Builder & Subcontractor Needs to Know
Nick GanawayWritten by a general contractor of 25 years, Construction Business Management offers the lessons learned from both good and not-so-good decisions. Read what it takes to build all aspects of a business that’s profitable, enjoyable, and enduring: a.. Contract Terms & Conditions (to include and to avoid) b.. Fair Allocation of Risk Between Contractor and Owner c.. How to Make Sure You’re Paid What You're Owed d.. Critical Dos and Don'ts of Mechanics Liens e.. How to Select, Hire, and Keep Golden Employees f.. How to Choose Accountants, Lawyers & Insurance Agents g.. How to Target, Check out, Land, & Retain Profitable Customers h.. Effective Marketing Even the Smallest Contractor Can Afford i.. The Required Success Characteristics of a Contractor j.. Avoiding the 57% Four-Year Contractor Failure Rate k.. Opportunities & Requirements of Retail Construction l.. The Importance of the “Human Factor” And much more that will pay off now and throughout your career. Written for contractors, key employees, subcontractors, students, and facility executives. Check out the Table of Contents for more detail.
Working for Yourself: Law & Taxes for Independent Contractors, Freelancers & Consultants
Stephen Fishman J.D.For the more than twenty million Americans who are self-employed and offer their services on a contract basis, Working For Yourself is the book to have. It tells the reader how to: successfully meet business start-up requirements,comply with strict IRS rules, draft solid consulting and independent contractor agreements, get paid in full and on time.Please see Consultant and Independent Contractor Agreements for all the legal forms and agreements necessary either to work as an independent contractor or consultant, or to run a home-based business.
Living Lost: Why We're All Stuck on the Island
J. WoodMiracles, viruses, plane crashes and acts of terror perpetrated by a group of Others. This is the perplexing and radical world created by J.J. Abrams in his hit television show, LOST. Joley Wood, with wit and insight, explores the shows quirky details, and argues for an idea as weird as the show itself: That weOre all stuck on the island.
Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction
Alison DykstraWhat it takes to develop, plan and manage a construction project. This straightforward and readable, yet thorough, textbook focuses on the role of the contractor, taking the reader from start to finish -- from the early development stage through bidding, selection of the contractor, the construction itself, and close-out. A wide range of practical issues are explored, and frequently-asked questions answered: -- Exactly who the players are in construction and what each one does -- Why contractors should avoid some jobs, and how they get the right jobs -- What bidding is, and why the low bid isn't always the best bid -- Why different types of construction contracts carry different levels of risk -- The link between the type of contract and how the contractor gets paid -- Why cost estimates and schedules are keys to project success -- How a general contractor brings in a job on time and on budget And much more: -- Bonds, insurance, and liens -- Avoiding and resolving disputes -- Design-build, integrated project delivery and BIM -- Change orders -- Getting paid -- Extensive glossary of construction project management vocabulary With a complete introduction to Green Building.
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