VTL’s Vending Machines Offer Healthy Options

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There is nothing difficult about delivering healthy food through vending machines, says Gary Stevens, Chairman of vending machine company VTL Group Ltd.

“We run “healthy option? programmes through our machines that are proving popular with organisations such as schools, hospitals and universities, although we are finding a better uptake for this in Australia and the United States than in New Zealand.?

Mr Stevens says the company’s 24seven vending machines can offer up to 40 different products, giving customers a wide choice of food and drinks.

“Our machines are monitored electronically so we know what is selling and when, which gives us the ability to know what people are eating and when. Clearly if people are buying healthy foods our franchise operators will be making it available to their customers.

“Any Government-imposed restrictions on what can be sold through machines will be good for our business, but not for those vending operations focused only on selling their own fizzy drinks and snack foods. We can also apply the experience we have gained in vending ‘healthy options’ in the US and Australia.?

He says that VTL’s interests in the US, held through Service America Inc, give it access to some 37,000 vending machines in that market, where the emphasis is on traditional snack food lines, but with interest growing in healthy food options.

“Clearly our business is about giving customers what they want, but we are also finding that there is a growing demand for healthier food lines.

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