Learning Centers Are Taking Off, But Watch Out For Trendy Franchise Concepts

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With many franchisors capitalizing on the convenience trend, you can find services that help you do everything from cooking, cleaning, day care and even teaching your kids some shortcuts to get ahead in their toughest classes.

One of the latest such franchises, Math Monkey, aims to teach kids, aged six to 12, concepts based on the principles of Vedic math.

“Vedic Mathematics” is based on an ancient Indian system of mathematics, which was rediscovered in the early 1900s.

The Vedic math system of calculation allows problems to be solved without calculators, pencil or paper, based on sixteen formulas.

“It’s a way of looking at numbers and thinking about numbers that really illuminates the entire system of mathematics,” said Kirsten Fisch, president and CEO of Math Monkey.

Fisch, who has a background in early childhood education, founded Math Monkey Knowledge Centers in September 2005.

Now Math Monkey, which claims to be the only supplemental education franchise dedicated to teaching kids Vedic math, is becoming increasingly popular.

Since the business model started to franchise in the summer of 2006, there are currently about 20 franchises in Florida, Georgia, Missouri and California, but they hope to get up to 300 locations by the end of 2009.

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