Local Franchisee Featured In Pizza Delight Television Commercial

March 16, 2010 by Mark | 0 Comments

Canada NewsWire:

As television sets get turned on in Northern New Brunswick people will notice a familiar face on screen. The thirty second commercial features Serge D’Astous, a Pizza Delight franchisee in Bathurst, Shippagan and Tracadie, in the new spot, which promotes the chains newest menu items.

“We’re excited for Serge to have been part of our latest commercial and enjoy this unique experience.” indicates André Levesque, Director of Marketing. “Our restaurants are heavily rooted in their communities as are our franchisees who own and operate them. Having real Pizza Delight franchisees in our commercials to represent the brand and tell their stories is something we are very proud of.” says Levesque.

The commercial began airing March 15 and will continue on for six weeks until April 25. Serge’s father Jean-Claude D’Astous, was one of Pizza Delight’s first franchisees back in 1969. Having practically grown up with the brand, Serge’s story was picked amongst many others as one to tell. “To have franchisees who have grown with the brand and who are passionate for its success is unique and the reason why we picked it as the next Pizza Delight commercial” states Levesque.

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