Chilli Challenge For Pizza Capers Consumers

May 2, 2012 by Cris | 0 Comments

Pizza franchise, Pizza Capers, has today launched what it calls the “hottest, tastiest” pizza in the country – The Inferno – which features gourmet habanero chilli sauce and comes with its own survival kit.

While the exact recipe remains a secret, The Inferno contains red chillies, chilli flakes, cajun spices and special Habanero and Coconut Chilli sauces created for Pizza Capers by The Byron Bay Chilli Company. It also features a mix of fresh ingredients inlcuding chicken and mozzarella cheese and comes with a survival kit including gloves, a warning brochure and a mango gelato.

Pizza Capers co-founder, Scott Geiszler, said “Only the bravest – or some would say the most foolish – souls should attempt The Inferno.

“It’s not labelled Australia’s hottest pizza for nothing. I’ve seen grown men cry after consuming just a few bites. It will definitely knock your socks off.”

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