Women’s Fitness: Walk On Ladies!

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In its effort to promote women’s fitness, good health and living a healthy lifestyle, Lady of America wants to make sure women are incorporating walking into their fitness program.

Walking five to seven days for a minimum of 30 minutes exposes women to many health benefits of walking. Studies have shown that for every hour of regular exercise two hours of life are gained. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports reports that walking one mile burns about 100 calories, depending on intensity, pace and speed. Walking has also been shown to help control weight, lower cholesterol, strengthen the heart, improve muscle tone and reduce the likelihood of serious health problems. And, it can slow the aging process.

AARP – a leading non-profit organization for people 50 and over – lists managing weight, controlling blood pressure, decreasing risk of heart attack and stroke among the many health benefits of walking. Read more.

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