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You don’t need experience to become a VERY successful hitting coach. Our system will teach you how!!

Did you know the average hitting coach makes upward of $90 per hour teaching young players how to become better hitters???

That’s working part time and the average. Just imagine with good coaches make!!!

Watch our video below to see if this opportunity could be right for you

       We believe in our system so much we provide no down payment financing ….first payment not due for 120 days after license issued.

This feel-good, low overhead business is exciting, needed and could be for you if…

  1. You would like to make an above average 6 figure income with monthly residual income and have equity for retirement
  2. You enjoy helping children become physically fit
  3. You would enjoy developing young baseball and softball players into great hitters
  4. You would enjoy helping young people get awarded with college scholarships, play ball professionally, play on Olympic teams and attain success in the sports related career of their dreams
  5. You are looking for a fun business with low, fixed overhead and minimal operating expenses.

We have training, licensing & sales opportunities available on our website so be sure to check out the video below to see what we offer. When you are ready, use the contact form on the Top-Right side of this page to request more info. We will be in touch immediately!!


Product Example:


My son, Landon, came to coach Haney with an open mind.  Coach’s philosophy and caring nature are levels above anyone else we have dealt with.  The time coach Haney has spent with Landon has made him a threat to any team he plays against.

P.S.  Did I mention his .847 legitimate batting average? J Annoni

The system is paying off!  Morgan went 6 for 7 today…..4 singles, a double and a triple.  R Christine

My son has been playing organized baseball for nearly 10 years.  When we went to Rod, my son was mired in a 1-30 slump playing for his high school varsity baseball team.  Rod immediately identified the flaws in his swing.  He has introduced hitting fundamentals that no other coach over the years has taught my son.  My son is now playing for our local American Legion team and is currently batting .750.  I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Rod Haney for baseball instruction.  A Breittholz

My success as a player is a direct result of the training and conditioning involved with the system.  Jaime Wohlbach

**Jaime Wohlbach has played professional softball with the Philadelphia Force, Sacramento Sunbirds, Nebraska Comets and Tampa Bay Firestrikes.

“The copyrighted system works and we can teach it to you”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size facility do I need?  One of the attractive things about our system is, it doesn’t require the burden of expensive overhead. All of the training except the Visual Tracking and developing the timing for hitting pitched balls,can be accomplished in a space the size of a one car garage. For the Visual Tracking and developing the timing to hit pitched balls,we suggest the space should be no smaller than
12′ x 40′. Our experience has been that owners of batting cage facilities, driving ranges, etc.are receptive to allowing the use of their facility for the exposure, a joint venture or minimal fee.

What equipment do I need? In addition to our Tee Post Base and Taylor, you’ll need a couple nets, softee balls, a home plate and indoor – outdoor carpet. If you’re going to provide your own facility for the Visual Tracking training and timing, you’ll need a pitching machine, balls, and netting. We can provide all your equipment, but we know licensees can usually purchase it for less money elsewhere.

To learn more about this low cost, part time and VERY lucrative business model, please complete the “Request More Information” form on the TOP right side of this page. We will be in touch right away.  License costs start at just $4875.00……

Be sure to Request More Information – top right of this page

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