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  • Minimum Investment: $4,995
  • Listed In: Beauty & Spa, Businesses for Women, Franchise, Health & Wellness, Low Cost, Tanning


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Infinite Glow® was showcased as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Franchise Trends for 2015, listed among the Franchise 500, crowned as one of Hottest Franchise Categories for 2015, and as one of the Best Franchises under $50,000.

Self-tanning manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries today, according to IBIS World.  It has grown furiously for more than a decade, and is projected to continue it’s rise over the next five years.  Sunless tanning was not affected by the economic down-turn, allowing spray tan artists to thrive in an otherwise bleak job market.   As concerns are growing about the effects of UV rays and the growing skin cancer rate, many consumers are turning toward sunless tanning products as an alternative to sun bathing or tanning beds, which continues to help increase the popularity of spray tanning and self-tanning products.

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Spray tanning services have recently been popping up in salons, spas, and mobile businesses all over the world!  Sunless can be a great service addition to a salon, spa, or home based franchise due to it’s low overhead and affordable initial investment.


Infinite Glow® offers the most unique and rare franchise opportunity in the beauty industry today.  One of the hottest fashion accessories is a glowing, “sunless” tan, and in the fast-growing, thriving sunless industry, profits are quickly made through our home based franchises.  Mobile beauty services are in high demand, so offering spray tanning services on location and unbeatable sunless products catapult Infinite Glow® to be one of the hottest trends in franchising today.


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  • Established Track Record:  When you buy a franchise, you become part of a proven system of operation. Infinite Glow® offers a concept with products and services that have sold successfully. You have history to learn from and to help you predict your own future.

  • Faster Start:  You have a short learning curve as a franchise owner, because you have assistance from Infinite Glow® with lots of experience to draw upon in starting other new operations successfully. You and your personnel will get on-the-job instruction.

  • Less Risk:  Your chances of failure are lower with a franchise operation, because of the experience, expertise and proven resources that support you in your business. Franchises succeed at the rate of 93%.

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  • Low Investment:  Infinite Glow® keeps the front-end investment demands low, which favors new entrepreneurs.  Mobile services do not require a brick and mortar salon, so the costs are minimal and allow for a quick return on your investment.

  • Purchasing Power:  The group purchasing power of franchisees can make a big diffference in your costs of doing business. Large buying groups can typically demand significantly lower prices on goods and services.

  • Name Recognition:  With an established franchise, you get the benefits that accrue from marketing an established brand of products or services. With a new franchise, you can grow and contribute to the creation of the brand.

  • Business Support:  As a franchisee, you will receive valuable, ongoing business support, including area or site selection, training, products, marketing, new technology and more. Infinite Glow® will assist you in developing a business plan, in learning the best ways to hire and manage personnel, and in how to profitably manage your facility.

  • Personal Fulfillment:  As a franchisee, you are your own operator, working for yourself, controlling your risks and charting your own course. Few business opportunities offer the possibilities of more satisfaction. You are a member of a family of business people with the same interest—franchisees helping one another.

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