Max Mail

Minimum Investment: $99
Type: Business Opportunity
Home Based: Yes
Training Provided: Yes

New Hot Product that is Growing Fast!

MaxMail offers a unique way for any business or individual to professionally personalize their daily email with its exciting, proprietary email letterhead product.

Businesses no longer want to send out boring black & white emails that don’t get read! Now with MaxMail, anyone can add a custom email letterhead to the top of each email they send to help market and grow their business.

MaxMail’s partner program provides you a turnkey system for success offering MaxMail to the businesses in your local market area or anywhere. It provides you unlimited residual income, is easy to run and requires no experience.



Email letterhead is positioned at the top of each email a business sends, getting it noticed and helping it to grow!

Features and benefits of MaxMail’s email letterhead

  • A professional image that markets their business at the top of each email they send.
  • Includes 4 built-in, live, clickable web links that drive traffic to their website.
  • Tracks and lets the business know if the email gets opened or not.

HUGE MARKET – Any company or individual that uses email is your prospect!

Realtors | Financial advisors | Insurance agents | Mortgage brokers | Travel agents | Network marketing reps. | Accountants | Auto dealers | Health & fitness industry | Consultants | Non-profits | Churches | Retail | Medical professionals | Home builders | Sales reps


Start MaxMail in your market area, starting at only $99 per month

  • Opportunity for lifetime residual income
  • Support in generating leads
  • Our entire system replicated
  • Billing services for your customers
  • We provide designers to create the email letterheads
  • Easy to sell - send out emails to get customers
  • You receive payment weekly
  • No experience needed and you can work from home

Marketing materials provided

  • Marketing materials & sales scripts
  • Partner resource center

Premier training and support

  • Free ongoing training and support
  • Support for your customers

How you make money

A customer pays only a $139/yr. for their email letterhead for the entire year.

You keep $100 of this annual renewable subscription fee.

= Lifetime residual income with annual customer renewals.

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