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Dreamers Find Plethora Of Franchise Possibilities

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There was doggie day care and fast-food fondue. There was something called Monkey Joe’s play centers and Maggie Moo’s treateries, whose ice cream claims to be so fresh, it moos.

If you want to own a piece of it, chances are someone had it here at the West Coast Franchise Expo, a buyer’s bazaar of everything franchiseable. Last weekend’s trade show drew about 9,000 would-be franchise owners to the Los Angeles Convention Center in search of their ticket to small-business ownership.

“You have the opportunity to take a close look at something that could change your life,” said Richard Rennick, the expo’s opening-day speaker, who recently sold his nationwide franchise chain, American Leak Detection.

Rennick’s story is a familiar one in franchising. In 1974, he left a career in Southern California law enforcement to found American Leak and never looked back.

“It changed my life because I was in charge of my destiny. That was the whole thing behind it,” Rennick said, a self-described “old plumber” who’s now a consultant to new franchise buyers.

The convention floor resembled a giant grocery store where the aisles were stocked with businesses lined up for perusal by eager buyers.

Take The Dinner A’fare, the Atlanta-based “make-and-take gourmet” dinner outlets, which are the brainchild of Pollock Pines native Ken Wright and his wife, Stephanie. Unlike most franchisers, the couple are young _ he’s 28 and she’s 31 _ but already are on a fast track with one of the franchise industry’s hottest concepts _ gourmet meals-to-go prepared by the customer. Since 2004, they have opened 23 stores across the country, and have plans for five more in Southern California.

For franchisers, eyeballs are the name of the game here. Get seen. Get investors. Grow your business.

This year’s expo was targeted at military veterans looking to start a second career, ethnic minorities seeking entree into entrepreneurship and women taking the reins of their own livelihood. Among the incentives are discounted franchise fees and other training programs offered through the show’s sponsor, the International Franchise Association, a Washington, D.C.-based industry trade group.

Most franchise buyers are in their 40s or early 50s, said Greg Roquet, a Sacramento-based regional president at the Franchise Network, a brokerage that works with both franchise companies and individual franchisees.

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New Real Estate Franchise Opens In Mass.

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Biz Journals:


Real Living Inc., the fourth-largest residential real estate firm in the country, has opened its first franchise in Massachusetts, the company said Wednesday.

The firm, Real Living Lifetime Real Estate, is located in Northborough and will be focused on the central Mass. and metrowest suburban market.Real Living officials said the company is distinguishing itself in the industry through technology. The company has a consumer-agent Web portal that allows consumers to personalize, organize, save and share properties, Real Living said. The firm has established relationships with several other resources, such as, according to a statement.

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Hi-Tech Pizza Plan

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PIZZA lovers can now track their pizza from dough to delivery through a new Domino’s Pizza hi-tech internet ordering system being implemented as part of a push to boost sales.
Focus on the the new internet booking system, known as the Anticipation Clock, is part of Domino’s plans to avoid another disappointing quarter of results.

Domino’s stocks continued on their steady decline yesterday to close at $3.08 as shareholders met for the annual general meeting.

Share prices took a 75¢ dive from $4.05 on the announcement of below budget first quarter results on October 18, and are yet to recover.

At the AGM yesterday, managing director Don Meij told shareholders the company no longer intended to make quarterly earnings announcements going forward.

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Gerry To Net $143m On Rebel

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RETAILER Harvey Norman stands to make a $143 million profit after agreeing to sell its majority holding in sporting goods retailer Rebel Sport to private equity outfit Archer Capital in a deal that values the company at nearly $370 million.

The move will give Archer a commanding position in sporting goods retailing, with Rebel’s 61 shops nationwide adding to the 70 stores under the Amart All Sports banner that Archer purchased two years ago.

Archer aims to acquire all Rebel’s shares at $4.60 each after a short period during which it plans to run its ruler over Rebel’s books.

It hopes to have the deal finalised by Christmas.

Gerry Harvey’s Harvey Norman has had majority control of Rebel since July 2001, when it bought a 55 per cent stake for just 83c a share after launching a full takeover bid.

Harvey Norman now owns 53 per cent but has six of Rebel’s eight board seats.

Archer Capital partner Peter Gold yesterday said Rebel and Amart All Sports would continue to operate separately, saying it was too early to predict the structure of the new private company.

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Franchise Leaders In Supplemental Education: A Tale Of 2 Different Tutors

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Franchise Trade:

Americans are now spending more than
$4 billion a year on tutoring for their children, and this number is expected to grow even larger in the years ahead.

The 2 U.S. leaders in the supplemental education franchise industry are Kumon Math & Reading Centers and Sylvan Learning Centers.

Come discover how they have each built decades of franchise success.

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Factors To Consider In Choosing Your Ideal Franchise Investment

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Revolutionary New Concrete Floor Polishing System Launched By Fab-u-Floors

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PR Leap:

Fab-u-Floors Refinishing Services Ltd. is pleased to announce they are the 1st company in North America authorized by Werk Industries to employ the new proprietary WerkMaster Concrete Polishing System.

This unique and exclusive system provides a high gloss mechanical shine on concrete without the use of epoxies, polyurethanes or other chemical treatments that require chemicals or additives to produce the shine.

Fab-u-Floors and WerkMaster were commissioned by Intrawest Resorts, to develop this process for use in their new Mammoth Mountain Resort Condominium Development. Mike Hartigan, Senior Project Manager was ecstatic over the results: ‘In all my years in the business, I’ve never, ever seen results like this! This is fantastic and amazing! Beyond anything we would have expected. Boy’s you have a million dollar floor here! We would like to spec it in all our new developments.’

The results are similar to highly polished granite or marble, giving an incredible finish and luster that will last for years without having to continually refinish the floors. The advantages are limitless, and can be used on concrete counter tops and it also allows for new unique design capabilities for tilt up concrete wall construction.

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Century 21 Apex International Branches Out

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CENTURY 21 Canada is pleased to announce the expansion of CENTURY 21 Apex International into Burnaby, BC.

Owners Jag Bhandari and Sam Thind opened the first CENTURY 21 Apex International office in Delta BC in early 2005. The office’s growth and high production levels have allowed them to open a branch office in the very appealing city of Burnaby, a suburb in the Greater Vancouver area.

“The real estate offices that were located in Burnaby were few and limited to specific brands. We wanted to revitalize the CENTURY 21 brand in Burnaby and opening an office there was an essential part of having a significant presence in the area. The CENTURY 21 name is big and we want to take advantage of that. We aim to have 40 to 50 Realtors working with us in time for the spring market,? says Ron Basra, Managing Partner at CENTURY 21 Apex International, who has been in the real estate industry for 10 years.

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First-Time Franchisees Face a Tougher Road

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Start up Journal:

Amid strong profits at franchising giants such as Domino’s Pizza, Yum! Brands and McDonald’s, buying a franchise may sound like an attractive way to go into business for yourself.

But be careful. A franchise is an investment, and like many complex investments, it merits a big “buyer beware” sticker.

Buying the right to operate a business under a nationally recognized name can give you a leg up compared with starting a restaurant or other business from scratch. But start-up fees can be steep, ranging from under $50,000 to over $1 million. Later, advertising fees and royalties will cost about 8% of gross sales, on average, according to the International Franchise Association and FRANdata.

Franchise fans often boast that buying a franchise increases the odds that you’ll be a successful entrepreneur. But Timothy Bates, an economics professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, found that’s not necessarily the case. He found that 38% of young firms that open a franchise fail within five years, compared with 32% of young firms that go it alone.

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Candid Camera At The Fast-Food Drive-Thru

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Money Cnn:


Wendy’s, McDonald’s and other chains test technology that will match customers with their orders.

Smile! Candid camera could soon be coming to the fast-food drive-thru near you.

With more than 70 percent of fast-food orders today coming at drive-thrus rather than at restaurant counters, leading chains such as Wendy’s (Charts) and McDonald’s (Charts) are testing new technology aimed at combating some of the growing problems facing the $142 billion fast-food industry: Things like long lines, rude service and incorrect orders.

Exit41, a closely held Boston-based based provider of technology for the fast-food industry, has developed the system, called “Order Perfect.”

Exit41 CEO Joe Gagnon said the system was developed primarily for restaurant locations with multiple drive-thrus. The technology is already in use in 40 locations across the nation, including select Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King (Charts) locations, Gagnon said.

Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order at the drive-thru speaker, the order is taken by someone at a remote “order center.” The order is then sent right back to the restaurant where it was received.

Gagnon said the purpose of using an order center is to speed up the process, especially during peak times when restaurant workers are busy taking orders, delivering food, pouring drinks and mopping floors.
A little Big Brother-ish?

The second component of the technology is even more interesting, and somewhat controversial. It involves a camera located at the drive-thru order window that takes a picture of the customer and the car.

According to Gagnon, the pictures help staff accurately match the order to the customer, thus cutting down on botched orders.

While that makes sense, plenty of people could be very uncomfortable with the idea that they’re being photographed every time they make a quick stop for a double cheeseburger with fries.

Gagnon insisted that Picture Perfect is a “non-invasive” procedure. “The photos aren’t stored in our system. They’re deleted as soon as the order is completed,” he said. “A lot of restaurants already have surveillance cameras on their premises that photograph people.”

Nevertheless, he conceded that a handful of customers did ask restaurant staff why they needed to be photographed. “So some of the restaurants that use our picture technology decided to put up a disclaimer letting people know they will be photographed at the order point,” he said.

Still, some consumer privacy advocates are concerned.

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