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US Court Fines Indian Yoga Guru

October 19, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

Times of India


A Los Angeles court has fined high-profile Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhury for violating building safety norms at one of his studios.

The court fined Bikram Choudhury’s company Yoga Inc. more than $8,000 after the company pleaded no contest to the charges, including operating without a fire permit, failing to provide required parking for customers and operating the studio without a valid license.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped charges against Choudhury, the city attorney’s office said.

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo charged Choudhury and his company in June with 10 criminal counts stemming from alleged safety violations at his La Cienega Boulevard Studio, according to Los Angeles Times.

Choudhury, 60, is the founder of ‘Bikram Yoga’, where practitioners perform a sequence of 26 postures twice in a room heated to between 100 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

After pioneering what is believed to be the world’s first yoga franchising operation, he made headlines last year for a legal fight over his claim to a copyright on the poses that would have prevented others from teaching his style. The dispute was ultimately settled.

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D.C. Limo Company Buys Its Baltimore Franchise

October 19, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

Biz Journals:


The D.C.-based limousine company said Tuesday that it has acquired its franchise in Baltimore for an undisclosed amount.

The purchase brings Carey’s fleet to 86 vehicles in the Baltimore and Washington areas.

“This is a very important acquisition for Carey,” said Devin Murphy, the company’s president and CEO, in a statement. “It will allow us to consolidate operations in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland under a single corporate-owned franchise to better service our customers and the region’s three major airports.”

Carey, founded more than 80 years ago, is in more than 550 cities and 65 countries.

The company provides chauffeured services as well as event transportation and meeting management services such as planning, logistics, on-site coordination and centralized billing.

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Fast-Food Operations Dominating Restaurant Groups Market

October 19, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments


As Ukraine’s restaurant business increasingly consolidates, fast-food joints are taking the lead, with demand from Ukrainian consumers looking for a quick meal continuing to rise over the last several years.

According to industry experts, however, the Ukrainian market still leaves hungry and hurrying patrons with a narrow selection to choose from, while some quick-service eateries are not above cutting corners on hygiene and quality to keep expenses down.

Also, say market players, big international fast-food chains are noticeably limited in Ukraine, having already missed their chance to occupy the better locations.

According to Olga Nasonova, the owner of Kyiv-based Restaurant Consulting, the number of restaurants belonging to restaurant groups has grown by about 20 percent in Ukraine in the last three years, while the level of restaurant services has been improving due to rising competition in every niche of the business, whether it is a high-class eatery with haute cuisine or a fast food joint.

“Five or six years ago, restaurants didn’t bother much about how to garnish a dish and serving it nicely with a smile, and they still kept their customers because there was almost no competition,? Nasonova said.

“Now the competition is getting tougher. A customer has a choice whether to go here, or turn the corner where there is another good place. That’s why there is a fight for clients now.?

According to Nasonova, fast food chains are well placed to take advantage of the increasingly competitive environment.

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McDonald’s Disappointed At Being Dumped By Police

October 19, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

Nz Herald:


Fast food giant McDonald’s is “extremely disappointed” at being dumped by police as the sponsor for their road safety campaign in schools, but child health advocates are praising the move.

McDonald’s had given police $40,000 a year for the past 20 years, in a marketing campaign which includes television advertisements and school visits.

But Acting Superintendent Sam Hoyle, national manager of youth services, told the Press newspaper the money was “a drop in the bucket” compared to the millions police already spent on road safety.

Police will make up the shortfall from their own budget, he said.

The end of the alliance with McDonald’s comes shortly after the government announced its $67 million, four-year campaign to tackle childhood obesity.

But police said the dumping was not related to the anti-obesity push.

Corporate sponsorship was against national policy and although the partnership had been helpful, it had run its course, Mr Hoyle said.

National’s law and order spokesman Simon Power said the police have been forced to adhere to a “misguided ideology about commercial involvement”.

“I understand that over the 10 years that this campaign ran, McDonald’s pumped $8 million into the campaign, including a $40,000 donation and considerable resource support.

“Now all that is down the drain because of some blind adherence to this Government’s ideology.

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Secrets Of Japanese Franchise’s Success

October 19, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

Manila Standard


The success of a business is measured by customer satisfaction. Thus, a company that is attuned to what its end-customer wants and needs achieves success ahead of its competitors. Franchising is particularly tricky because the entrepreneur has to deal with an existing network of stores, suppliers and customer base.

Ministop Convenience Stores hosted the Ministop Franchising Exhibit 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria where it revealed three key factors for its success in the Philippines and other countries.

After being in the Philippines for six years, there is a Ministop Convenience Store in every corner. The company believes it is helping the economy through its retail model and by providing jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Innovation. Ministop embraces the Japanese concept of Kaizen or continuous improvement and believes that every business must constantly upgrade products and services. The franchise’s success lies in innovation. It continues to provide customers with affordable ready-to-eat meals and snacks. During the exhibit, the company launched new products, including rice toppings in Pinoy bistek, pork sisig, beef caldereta, chicken teriyaki and bopis; pork tonkatsu with rice; Belgian cone sundae; Belgian white chocolate sundae; potato fries and taco hotdog with salsa dip. The company also plans to launch new combo meals and merienda packages. Bobby Go, business unit head for Ministop Convenience Stores, said the company was also looking at innovations in other areas to enhance its partnerships with franchisees. These include new POS software, new crew uniform and product display patterns.

“We are able to find inspiration beyond our own industry by looking at best practices in different sectors,? he said.

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What Do You Want From Your Business?

October 19, 2006 by Cris | 0 Comments


A successful franchise is often a business model that is simple to replicate and usually very defined. But franchisees got to be close involvement. The reputational risk appears too great. Managing and maintaining the quality reputation in their own business will keep them ahead of competitors.

Franchising can be a long-term option.

Briefly, it involves packaging up all or part of what your business does into a separate, fully systematised business that someone else can run as well as you can. You then sell licenses to operate this separate business to franchisees.

An ideal franchise is a win-win opportunity. The franchisee gets a ready-made business that exploits their strengths and the franchisor gets a committed local partner in their expansion.

Because franchisees operate a copy of your business, they only need to learn what your business does. Because it’s a separate business, owned by the franchisee, they’re motivated to make it work. They’re paid to be part of it and usually pay an ongoing fee as well. If they don’t deliver, they lose money. Franchisees operate under a commercial contract, so it’s easier to remove underperforming individuals.

By distributing day-to-day responsibility across franchisees, you can concentrate on generating new business ideas. Nevertheless, franchising isn’t an easy option. It takes time, effort and money – all of which has to be invested before you take on a franchisee. But the payback – a business worth many times the value of the original – is well worth it.

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Local Families Open Franchises

October 19, 2006 by Cris | 0 Comments

Union Leader:

Much like the story of Vince Milley, 60, who opened a Quiznos.jpgQuiznos franchise with his daughter Tracy Sheldon, 34, the modern economy is seeing more people open franchises to make their mark.

Although the franchise business model as practiced today was initiated just after World War II, the sector is seeing rapid growth, according to the IFA, offering benefits like self-employment and peer advice. Read all.

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123 Fit Fitness And Health Franchise

October 19, 2006 by Cris | 0 Comments


Once in awhile, an individual comes along who changes the world. A person with vision, passion, and perseverance… Whose contributions are immeasurable. From housewives in the 50’s to presidents of the United States, Ray Wilson has shaped the way the world stays fit.

While his accomplishments may be little known outside the fitness industry, they are infinite. Today, evidence of Ray Wilson’s innovations are visible in virtually every gym in the world.

Once restricted to professional boxers and wrestlers, Ray was responsible for pioneering the concept of health clubs for the common man, and woman. Starting in the 1950’s and throughout the decades to follow, Ray developed several chains of spas and gyms across the United States and abroad, selling memberships and outfitting clubs with his revolutionary introduction of the Lifecycle, the first stationary exercise bike.

Known as the father of fitness, Ray’s reputation earned him the honor of overseeing training programs for Apollo 13 astronauts, movie stars and Presidents Kennedy and George Bush, Sr.

Meanwhile, another influential visionary, Rick Schaden, had a dream of growing a neighborhood sub shop into a worldwide franchise. With passion and perseverance, Rick took the quick service restaurant industry by surprise and in less than 10 years became the fastest growing franchise in America collecting an array of accolades along the way. Quiznos Sub is consistently ranked in the top 5 franchises by influential publications such as Entrepreneur, Nations Restaurant News and Technomic. By creating a solid concept and delivering a superior product Quiznos quickly became the golden opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Today these 2 powerhouses, Ray Wilson and Rick Schaden, have joined forces to build a health club concept to surpass all of their combined efforts of the past. They formed a partnership to the 123 Fit franchise. With Rick’s experience and incredible knowledge of franchising and Ray’s 50 plus years devoted to revolutionizing the fitness industry, other clubs don’t stand a chance in this highly competitive market.

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Hard Rock Cafe Denies Award Of Franchise

October 18, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

Gulf News:


Dubai: American rock n’ roll restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) on Monday denied reports that Planet Group was awarded the franchise for an Abu Dhabi-based location.

George Moussa, managing partner of the Planet Group, announced at an October 9 news conference in the UAE capital that the group has secured the franchise for HRC in Abu Dhabi and a location was being finalised.

According to a statement from Hard Rock Cafe Middle East, (HRCME) which controls franchising for the UAE, discussions are still open for anyone looking to open a franchise anywhere in the country, except Dubai.

“Hard Rock Cafe Middle East declares that the franchise for Hard Rock Cafe in Abu Dhabi has not been granted to any company, including Planet Group, that no agreement or undertaking or commitment was given neither to Planet Group nor to any other group in Abu Dhabi for the opening and the operation of [a] Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in this area,” the statement said.

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Rosy Future For Budget Hotels In China

October 18, 2006 by Mark | 0 Comments

China Daily:


Budget hotels in China are booming. Their recipe of “two-star lobbies, three-star rooms and four-star beds” is increasingly popular with tourists and occupancy rates are going through the roof.

During the week-long National holiday, occupancy rates at about 3,000 budget hotels in Beijing reached 90 percent, according to the municipal tourism bureau. Major tourist destinations such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Ningbo reported similar rates.

Jinjiang Inn, China’s largest budget hotelier, had opened 139 hotels with 19,812 rooms by June this year and has almost doubled capacity each year for the last three years.

Other domestic operators like Home Inn and Motel 168 are expanding through franchising and certified operations, which are key expansion models for budget hotels in China.

“The budget hotel boom shows that recreation tourism is gaining popularity among ordinary Chinese people,” said Wei Xiao’an, a researcher with the Tourism Research Center of China’s Academy of Social Sciences.

According to Wei, budget hotels are a relatively new concept in China and do not yet have an official definition, but industry insiders say budget hotels have “a two-star lobby, three-star rooms and four-star beds.”

The lack of a precise definition means that the total number of budget hotels is unknown. According to the National Tourism Administration, 60,000 of the nation’s 260,000 hotels, with a combined 3 million rooms, can be termed budget hotels.

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