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Franchises Sprouting Across China

November 21, 2005 by Dane | 0 Comments

China flag China Economic Net:

When domestic franchise enterprises began consciously to speed up their pace for adjustment, international franchise giants are accelerating their steps to enter China.

Statistics show that at present there are more than 1900 franchise systems and nearly 82 thousand franchise chains in China, providing jobs for about 2 million employees and covering more than 50 industries and formats. Franchise mode has begun to extend to more industries particularly since early of this year when China canceled restrictive prescriptions on foreign-funded franchise according to the promise it made on its entry into WTO and when Managing Measures on Business Franchise went into effect formally on February 1.

The lift of policy restrictions is one of the major reasons attracting over 100 famous “franchisers”, including Dicos, Subway, TNT, etc., to attend the Franchising China 2005. There are up to 305 exhibit spaces in this exhibition, 10 percent higher than last year. Some international chain titans, which have entered China in early years to establish “direct sales stores”, begin to exert their energy on franchise business.

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West Coast Franchise Expo Report

November 18, 2005 by Dane | 0 Comments

Don on Blue Maumau has written a brief report of his impressions of last week’s West Coast Franchise Expo:

It looked like thousands attended the West Coast Franchise Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the weekend. Varied franchise concepts were on display, such as Geeks on Call, Marble Slab Creamery, or PostNet. These events feel like a county fair. There were probably somewhere around a couple hundred franchisors trying their best to sell their concepts to potential franchisees. While others seemed more content to service and sell to franchisors. That is to say, they set up a booth not for you or me but rather to be seen by franchise chains.

Read the rest.

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The Time Is Ripe For Fast Food BBQ Franchises

November 16, 2005 by Dane | 1 Comment

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A hamburger is a hamburger. But depending on where you live—or perhaps more importantly, where you grew up—barbecue might mean dry-rubbed ribs with a side of tomato sauce or smoked brisket served plain. It could also mean chopped or pulled pork mixed with vinegar or mustard sauce. Despite these regional differences, several restaurant companies are vying to take quick-casual barbecue national.

But can a food that invokes passion, spawns competitions, and begets heated arguments sustain a national chain in parts of the country where smoked meats are unheard of and “barbecue? means a backyard party with grilled burgers? With modern technology and the right mix of meats and sauces, barbecue experts and restaurant consultants ask, “Why not??

“There is a place for it,’’ says Mike Mills, president of the National Barbecue Association and owner of two full-service barbecue restaurants. In Mills’s mind, the key to success is an operator with a passion for barbecue. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, forget it. “If it is the real thing, then you’ll have a good business,’’ he says.

“It’s just the hot, new old food,’’ says Caroline Wells, executive director of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, an organization that sanctions barbecue competitions all over the country. Wells isn’t surprised that barbecue fast food is popping up all over the place. She gets calls regularly from restaurant executives interested in the concept. Moreover, while barbecue conjures images of a pit master slaving for hours over a pork shoulder or brisket, the reality is that slow cooking is perfectly suited to fast food. The work is done ahead of time (overnight or in the morning.) “You don’t cook a brisket to order,’’ says Wells.

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Una Mas

November 15, 2005 by Dane | 0 Comments

Una Mas

Una Mas, purveyors of fine Mexican grill, and of energetic advertising fame, is looking for franchisees. From their website:

No restaurant experience? No problem, we focus on Food Quality, Customer Service and a Clean Environment. If you share these beliefs, call us today.

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Ireland: How Do I Turn My Brand Into A Franchise?

November 14, 2005 by Dane | 3 Comments

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Sunday Times:

Watching a business grow rapidly into a recognised brand is every entrepreneur’s dream. Franchising is a popular route to turning that vision into reality. That’s what three former IT entrepreneurs did with the wine shop they launched in Limerick (Ireland) five years ago.

Having sold their previous venture, a technology firm, to an American multinational in the late 1990s, Michael McDonnell, Paddy O’Flynn and Darragh Moore decided to do something completely different. They opened their Wine Buff store on Mallow Street in Limerick just before Christmas 2000.

The aim was to concentrate on wines from small family-owned vineyards, primarily in France, where O’Flynn now lives and sources stock.

The success of the store led the trio to think about expansion. Rather than opening more shops themselves, they decided to bring in franchisees. Today there are seven Wine Buffs around the country, and scope for many more. The aim now is to have 40 franchised stores throughout Ireland before moving on to Britain and France.

via EirePreneur.

Photo by edvvc.

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Welcome to the Franchise Business Opportunities Weblog

November 14, 2005 by Dane | 10 Comments

Welcome to Franchise Business Opportunities, the newest addition to the Business Opportunities Weblog Network.

As the name implies, this blog will focus exclusively on franchises and franchising.

If you’re interested in blogging here, shoot me an email and we’ll work out a deal. BOW Network bloggers make a fl ate rate per post that increases as traffic and ad revenue increases.

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