‎ $30 Plastic Device That Makes School Buses Run More Efficiently

Fuel economy is hardly the most popular subject among teenagers, but it’s a passion for 17-year-old Jonny Cohen, who’s found a way to save schools money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing school bus fuel efficiency.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: August 17

1807 – Robert Fulton’s North River Steamboat leaves New York, New York for Albany, New York on the Hudson River, inaugurating the first commercial steamboat service in the world.

Facelift Bungee: The Temporary Mini Facelift

She looked into what a mini-facelift would cost.


Niche: Organic Food Garden Kits

“I’m one of these guys with a lot of energy,” the 48-year-old Mount Airy resident said by way of explaining what is, by his count, his seventh business effort:

Providing homeowners turnkey organic vegetable gardens that don’t require them to thrust shovels into the ground, or even do the watering.


5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Business

The following is a guest post by Perry Sheraw.


Need Something Small: Just Download and 3D Print

Thingverse is a website to swap digital files for 3D printing tiny objects.

Find Opportunities, Not Ideas

Every founder who’s been in the game a few years has clouds of potential ideas floating around that they can’t find the time to work on.


How Retail Stores Know You’re Pregnant Before You Do

There are, however, some brief periods in a person’s life when old routines fall apart and buying habits are suddenly in flux.


Laboratory Style Initiative: Innovative Lab Coats

Laboratory Style Initiative produces high-end lab coats for women.


A Rethinking of Stone Soup

One of my favorite parables is about a man who arrives in a village with what he claims is a magic stone.

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