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Learn How to Launch Your Own Business and Earn a Living has been online since 2001. The articles, ideas, tips and tricks, and online resources on our website can help you find the perfect business opportunity and create a profitable cash flow. Jump into insurance, travel, food service, and other franchises or take advantage of our featured opportunities, launch a social media service for businesses, or become your own commercial financial services provider.

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Low-Cost Business Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity in business, but need ideas and a place to start? We are here to help in many areas, from possible business opportunities to useful resources. Learn how to get started in the Forex market, or building a business as an investment advisor, online learning provider, B2B marketer, or freelancer.

Business Ideas
Insights on various types of business are available on this site. Many don’t require as much of an investment as you may think. For example, people have built their real estate portfolio from scratch with rental properties and worked their way up.

Home Based Business
Home based business opportunities enable you to profit and grow your business or franchise without leaving the house. Do you need ideas? Surf our website to learn how you can profit by using a smartphone, completing simple tasks, or teaching online classes. Learn how you can earn a living as a stay-at-home mom or dad by being a virtual assistant, providing daycare, selling crafts, or being an event planner or drop shipper.

Online Business Opportunities
Physical expansion is no longer necessary to grow a profitable business. Our resources can enable you to use online learning, WordPress, Instagram marketing, SEO, affiliate programs, and e-commerce to your advantage. Keep checking our blog for the latest online business ideas, as this arena continues to grow and evolve.

Help Running Your Business
Learn how to manage internet sales and other business activities. We also understand other needs of business owners, so we have included useful insights on taxes, life insurance, and retirement savings on our blog. Improving your customer payment process or creating content or using customer data to your advantage are also covered.

Franchise Opportunities
The opportunity to buy into a franchise comes with the advantage of support, equipment, and an existing customer base. Established companies with known brand names often look for franchisees willing to participate in training and work with their sales and marketing professionals to join their team. Our featured business opportunities provide access to some of these organizations looking for you to join them.

Network Marketing Opportunities
Learn about how SEO, social media, omnichannel marketing, MLM, and direct sales can strengthen your network marketing posture. Insightful articles can help you make the most of social analytics or learn the most pertinent questions to ask your customers, prospects, team, and the business. In short, know as much as possible before getting involved with a network marketing company.

You can find online business opportunities, franchise opportunities, and various low-cost business opportunities on this website, in addition to a wealth of informational resources. We’re here to help you learn as much as possible about getting started, boosting cash flow, and running a franchise or home-based business.

Feel free to start checking out our information-packed website. Search our resources, browse our blog, or send us a message. We can also be reached at [email protected], so connect with us today!

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Online since 2001, we offer articles, ideas, tips, tricks & excellent resources to help you start your own business. Learn how to create a windfall of cash flow for yourself and your family here on the pages of business opportunities!

Featured Opportunities

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Inbox Zero: Manage Your Email Inbox Effectively

Many people think the term Inbox Zero means that they have nothing left in their inbox. They take it to mean that it’s about removing visual clutter. However, the Inbox Zero method is definitely not about that.

Girl Holding Favorite Coffee Drink - Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros. Franchise – Watch out Starbucks!!

Watch out Starbucks – the Dutch Bros. Franchise is coming to get ‘ya How are they so different? For one, you can only buy a Dutch Bros. Franchise if you work for the company first. Now that is different but really just the beginning. With that said, what they do at Dutch Bros. is pretty special […]

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How to Vet a Franchise

When I was in my late twenty’s, I had a horrible experience buying into a popular franchise concept. I am a lover of all things business and have been self-employed most of my adult life. After my sour franchise experience, I have investigated hundreds of franchises trying to find just the right thing. At this point I consider myself a franchise investigation pro. Here are the questions you need to know to ask in order to properly vet a franchise.

These Business People Are Obsessively Good at What They Do

There’s a difference between someone who starts a business because they’ve found a profitable business idea, and business people who are absolutely driven, compelled even, to create the very best product possible. Have you seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It is a documentary about sushi master Jiro Ono. His tiny, out of the […]

I Love Kickboxing Brand Image

I Love Kick Boxing Franchise Looks Like a Winner!!

The I LOVE Kick Boxing Franchise Looks Like a Winner!!   BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE TO GET THE DETAILS. Ever thought about giving up your day job and launching your own Kick Boxing Franchise? Why not help people change their bodies and change their lives, all while you support yourself and your […]


A Comprehensive Driving License Guide for Expats in Dubai

If you have recently moved or expanded your business to Dubai, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to obtain a driving license and car insurance. That’s because, first and foremost, you’ll need a license in order to legally drive a car. However, the rules and regulations pertaining to getting a driving license can be confusing. What’s more, the process varies from one emirate to another. Moreover, you can’t buy car insurance until you have a valid UAE driving license. Based on your situation, you can decide what you should do next. This guide will help.

virtual machine

6 Key Pointers for Running Your Virtual Machine Safely

First things first: What exactly is a virtual machine? In a nutshell, a virtual machine, or VM, is “a computer file, typically called an image, that behaves like an actual computer…creating a computer within a computer.” Virtual machines have a slew of useful applications. However, when they’re not properly secured, virtual machines present real security risks for their users. These six pointers will help strengthen your security posture while running virtual machines, though. Are any of these missing from your system?

training programs

Training Programs: The Secret to Business Success

Employees are the driving force in any organization. If they aren’t properly skilled and motivated, their productivity diminishes. This can only drag your business down. On the other hand, investing in employee training programs will develop new skills and improve existing ones in your workforce. It will help your business keep up with emerging trends and remain competitive on the market.


How to Write a Great Resume as a Business Professional

If you are a business grad out on a job hunt, you’re going to need a great resume. That’s because business is one of the most competitive fields when it comes to landing a job. There are thousands of business grads coming out of hundreds of business schools every day. Therefore, if you want to grab a business position that you really aspire to, you will need to stand out in the market.


Arbitrators: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a group of techniques that helps businesses and individuals to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of going to court. Within ADR, there are several different approaches. Mediation, for example, involves a neutral third party who consults with two or more disputants to assist in reaching a settlement. Businesses certainly use mediation to settle disputes. However, they more commonly use the ADR method of arbitration for reaching a binding decision. Instead of simply mediating, one or more arbitrators makes a legally binding decision on behalf of the disputants.

devops consulting

What Is DevOps Consulting and Why Do You Need It?

Would your company benefit from DevOps consulting? If your business is engaged with delivering software to the marketplace, DevOps consulting could give you a strong lead. At its finest, DevOps transforms a company’s culture so that it produces and evolves its products at a much faster rate than its competitors do.

How to Write a Great Introduction for Whatever You’re Writing

Are you struggling with writing a good introduction paragraph for an essay or some other piece of writing? No matter what you’re writing, having an effective introduction is essential. In other words, you want to pull your readers in right away. You want to write an introduction that makes your reader interested from the very first sentence. Every introduction has some key elements, and today we’re going to discuss those basics so you’ll know what to do.

Featured Business Opportunities