A Ghost in a Bottle

You’ve heard about owning a star or a piece of swamp; now a St.


Tiny Startup Uses Twitter To Find Success

With some 58,000 iPhone applications in the iTunes Store, developers face an uphill battle when it comes to building a user base for their applications.


What Does It Take To Be A Hit Inventor?

Inventors Digest:

For the 5th year in a row, Kentucky’s largest Inventors Conference will host inventors and entrepreneurs from throughout the state and region on Tuesday, Oct.


Talk To A Small Business Failure Before You Quit Your Job

So if you are considering small business ownership, entrepreneurship or self-employment keep survivor bias in mind as you read surveys and talk to people.


In Tough Times, Referee Work A Good Call

Mike Velez always starts his day with a bedside prayer, followed by a descent to the kitchen to reheat the coffee his wife has left for him.


Honest, Scam-Free Inventor Help

Do you have a protected invention (provisional filed, patent pending or granted, or major trade secrets)?


Myths About Marketing

photo credit: Eddi 07

With marketing becoming such a huge part of business more and more everyday, and the number of different ways to market your business today via traditional marketing, online marketing and more it is no wonder that there are some ideas floating around that have people confused over marketing concepts and strategies.


Google Awarded Patent For Homepage

Google was awarded United States Patent No.


Yummy, Healthy Menu For Kids At Bakers Club

A franchise bakery network is offering healthier takeaway food options for children and showcasing the choices on redesigned menu boards as part of a presentation overhaul.

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