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Olly: Smell the Internet

Smelly-vision is here! Olly is a little white box that you connect to the internet that notifies you via your sense of smell. When it receives a notification from the internet, be it a new email, or a

Prisoners Internet Entrepreneurs

Escapist Magazine: Anyone who’s seen The Shawshank Redemption knows that it can be hard for people who’ve been institutionalized for most of their life to integrate back into a free societ

Internet Improves Life But Hurts the Economy

The internet improves our lives, while at the same time “hurts” the conventionally measured economy: Today these magic wands exist. For example, a couple of years ago, Google waved a magic

State of the Internet: 2012

Mary Meeker has published her annual Internet Trends slideshow. Lots of good insights and ideas in this year’s presentation below. 2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update from Kleiner Perkins

Erasing Yourself From Internet Is Impossible

It’s been almost two decades since mainstream users began trekking into the library-slash-playground known as the World Wide Web. Now, several years into that excursion, many are taking a long h

The Internet Challenge For Franchisees

Sydney Morning Herald: You spend thousands of dollars on a franchise, only to discover your franchisor is about to sell the same products or services online. How would you feel? Worried no doubt. What

Small Claims Court of the Internet

Judge.me is an online arbitration system that allows you to submit your testimony from anywhere, anytime, from any device you want. Within days, you can have a solution for all kinds of commercial and

‎Chicago Internet Marketing Agency Simplified Solutions Maximizes Online Marketing Results Of Growing Art Education Company

PR Web: Young Rembrandts, a recognized leader in teaching the fundamental skill of drawing to children both domestically and internationally, engaged Simplified Solutions to help them align both their

Could Morse Patent The Internet?

Samuel Morse may have come long before the invention of the Internet, but that didn’t stop him from trying to patent the basic idea behind it, reports The Wall Street Journal. This would have be

Comedy: Straight to the Internet

NY Times: Stand-up comedians of a certain era knew they had arrived when Johnny Carson invited them to a desk-side seat on “The Tonight Show.” A generation later, the gold standard was get

Franchisee Sales And Marketing Summit Includes Guest Speaker Melih Oztalay Of Smartfinds Internet Marketing

2012 Series Of Virtual Summits, Workshop and Webinars scheduled starting March 26, 2012 through March 29, 2012 exclusively designed for the franchising industry. SYS-CON Media: Melih Oztalay, CEO of S

WSI Internet Franchise Announces A New Regional Master In Northern England

PR.com: WSI, the world’s #1 Internet franchise, is pleased to announce Steve Harvey-Franklin as New Regional Master for Northern England. With 8 years of WSI franchise experience, Steve is exci

Low-Cost Solution To Start An Internet Service Provider Business

How we made it in Africa: Is it your ambition to run an internet service provider company, potentially providing thousands of customers with internet access? Business people and entrepreneurs across A

Internet Franchises Can Make Great Work From Home Businesses

Select Your Franchise (blog): It seems not a day goes by that I don’t have at least one email drop into my inbox promising a new way to make money from home. Not surprisingly the attraction is

Franchisees Grasp The Power Of The Internet

Peterborough Today: Businesses will learn about using the power of the internet at the next Peterborough Local Franchisee Network meeting on Thursday, June 30. At the event, which starts at 6.30pm at

WSI Internet Franchise: Master Franchise Offices Emerging Steadily Internationally

PR-USA.net: Through WSI‘s international development strategy, the #1 internet franchise is continuously seeking out and awarding Master Franchise Licenses in select regions, and expanding their

WSI Internet Franchise Announces A New Area Representative For Franchisees In Florida, USA

PR.com: WSI, the world’s #1 Internet franchise, is pleased to announce that it has appointed an Area Representative for Florida, USA. Tim Miller, a WSI franchise owner and Internet Marketing Co

WSI Franchise: Engaging In Its Largest UK And European Internet Franchisee Convention In Birmingham

openPR: WSI, the world’s #1 Internet franchise, organized its largest UK and European franchisee convention last week, which happened in Birmingham, UK on April 1-3. More than 150 WSI Digital M

Teen Internet Entrepreneurs

Business Week: The Facebook application High School Memories lets people share recollections of their teenage years. It might surprise some users to learn that the app’s creator isn’t old

Burger King Franchisee Keeps Guests Connected With Public Internet Access

Hospitality Technology: Strategic Restaurants Acquisition Corp. Holdings, Inc., is now rolling out MegaPath’s Managed WiFi HotSpots in key locations to provide public Internet access to its cus