The Creare Group Welcome Franchisee’s To Growing Web Design Company

It is rare in this economic downturn to see businesses celebrating new ventures.


Birthday Shock For Paige

Paige Jones got an unwanted birthday surprise when she found out her party at Lollipops Playland had been cancelled.


Food Costs Put The Hurt On Low-Price Restaurants

In normal times, restaurants serving normal food and charging normal prices hope to keep food costs hovering around 30 percent of their menu prices.


Basil Plews Explains ‘The Franchise Way’ To Business Success

Successful businessman turned franchisee and motivational speaker, Basil Plews, reveals the secrets of buying and running a successful franchised business in his new book, ‘The Franchise Way’.


Finding a Business That Matches your Personal Skills and Interests

photo credit: LaserGuided

The following is a guest post from Bizymoms.


The $7.95 Business Plan Ebook

Free E-Book: If A domain name is used well together with a creative idea, you can create a killer marketing campaign that can skyrocket your sales.


Oregon Overcomplicates Entrepreneurship for Unemployed

All enrolled Self Employment Assistance Program claimants must attend self-employment assistance counseling/training and engage in self-employment activities on a fulltime basis.


Entrepreneur Passionate About His Neckwear

When he was growing up, Efferem Williams would get a new suit each Easter.

FTC on Bizop Fraud

Via Michael Webster comes this video from the FTC on business opportunity fraud:


Rental Business: Drills

Zilok takes advantage of a number of relatively recent developments, not least the Internet (and in particular Google Maps), to enable you to search for things and then to rent them from a neighbour.