Never Miss an Ebay Auction Again

For eBay auction bidders tired of losing out to last-minute snipers whilst running errands (or whatever may pull your attention from the computer), VeriSign and eBay announced an agreement to deliver mobile alerts via SMS from VeriSign’s Intelligent Messaging Network (VIMN).

eBay Volume Seller Shares How

No doubt about it, Wes Shepherd knows a lot about selling on eBay.

No Big Mergers for eBay Yet!

Mergers between big internet companies are unlikely in the short term because of difficulties combining brands, says Meg Whitman, Ebay chief executive.

eBay live’s Real Tool is Networking

The eBay Live conference guide shows pages and pages of information about all the classes, lectures and networking sessions going on, and sometimes it seems overwhelming.

Amway's DeVos Does He Have What it Takes?

Michigan voters can’t trust Dick DeVos.

Quixtar At the Top for Health & Beauty

“This is the third year in a row that Quixtar has been named the No.


With 12 Franchises, Harley-Davidson Dealer In Fort Lauderdale Is A Heavy Hitter

Towering nearly 7 feet tall and weighing more than 300 pounds, Bruce Rossmeyer has earned an impressive title: The world’s largest Harley-Davidson franchise owner.

eBay Live Unveiled

As the fifth annual eBay Live conference came to an end, it’s safe to say the three-day auction-fest was a success.


Ebay Afraid Of A Little Competition

That was Corp., the parent of eBay’s main auction rival in China, Taobao.

PayPal Blocks Phishing Scheme

Online payment portal PayPal over the weekend fixed a flaw in its Web site.

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