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Inbox Zero: Manage Your Email Inbox Effectively

Many people think the term Inbox Zero means that they have nothing left in their inbox. They take it to mean that it’s about removing visual clutter. However, the Inbox Zero method is definitely not about that.

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Dutch Bros. Franchise – Watch out Starbucks!!

Watch out Starbucks – the Dutch Bros. Franchise is coming to get ‘ya How are they so different? For one, you can only buy a Dutch Bros. Franchise if you work for the company first. Now that is different but really just the beginning. With that said, what they do at Dutch Bros. is pretty special […]

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How to Vet a Franchise

When I was in my late twenty’s, I had a horrible experience buying into a popular franchise concept. I am a lover of all things business and have been self-employed most of my adult life. After my sour franchise experience, I have investigated hundreds of franchises trying to find just the right thing. At this point I consider myself a franchise investigation pro. Here are the questions you need to know to ask in order to properly vet a franchise.

These Business People Are Obsessively Good at What They Do

These Business People are Obsessively Good at What They do There’s a difference between someone who starts a business because they’ve found a profitable business idea, and someone who is absolutely driven, compelled even, to create the very best product possible. Have you seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It is a documentary about […]

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I Love Kick Boxing Franchise Looks Like a Winner!!

The I LOVE Kick Boxing Franchise Looks Like a Winner!!   BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE TO GET THE DETAILS. Ever thought about giving up your day job and launching your own Kick Boxing Franchise? Why not help people change their bodies and change their lives, all while you support yourself and your […]

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5 Profitable Businesses You Could Start Today with Little Money

Jumping from the daily 9-5 routine of working for someone else to becoming your own boss can seem like an all-too-distant dream. Nonetheless, ideas for profitable businesses you might want to start float through your mind day and night. However, you fear that there simply isn’t a sufficiently strong market for the business idea that most appeals to you. Or you might be afraid that most businesses would require you to spend money you currently lack. But wait. You could actually be mistaken on both counts. Here are some ideas for exciting and profitable businesses that would require only a modest financial outlay from the start.


How to Start a Private and Lucrative Recycling Business

Starting a recycling business is a responsible environmental decision. What’s more, it’s an opportunity to earn a good living. Seeing items get used again instead of polluting the earth in landfills makes recycling a personally rewarding career as well as a financially rewarding one.


Breaking Down I-9 Compliance Best Practices for 2018

Keeping up with government requirements regarding new hires can be a challenge. The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services maintains a page on its website entitled I-9 Central that can be especially helpful for employers with questions about compliance.


Business and Technology Ideas for Cities of the Future

Cities are increasingly preparing for the future now that there are innovators stepping up to fill the need. City planners and designers, in partnership with tech companies, are looking to make their urban areas smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient. The Consumer Technology Association estimates that the market for urban technology will reach $34.4 billion annually by 2020. Each innovative victory provides a blueprint for other cities around the world to manage growth in the coming years.

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How to Create an Effective Incentive Program for Your Sales Team

It can take some trial and error to get the right mix of incentive programs for your sales team. However, the reward is a well compensated and motivated team who will continually outperform themselves.

3 Pieces of Business Software for Startup Owners to Consider

When you start a new business, you’re often tasked with doing a majority of the work yourself. Therefore, sorting through your options for various pieces of software is likely low on your list of priorities. However, there are many types of software that can make things easier for you. What’s more, they will also be beneficial to your business. This is true not only in your company’s starting phase, but as it continues to grow. Here are 3 pieces of software to consider.

The Ultimate Way to Track Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

While influencer marketing works well, it’s important to know exactly how well your influencer marketing campaign is working, specifically. Each company wants to see how influencer marketers improve their branding. Hence, tracking your campaign is important. Here are a few ways to do that.

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