Unlimited Opportunities At Franchise Expo And Business Week

Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo (FBOE) 2006 takes place at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg, 7 – 11 September 2006, and is aimed at entrepreneurs with a desire to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Carnival of Entrepreneurship

This week’s Carnival of Entrepreneurship is up at A Thought Over Coffee.


Why a New Idea Isn’t the Key to Entrepreneurship

I used to think the key to entrepreneurship was a novel idea.


Spying on Mom

Worried about an elderly relative who lives alone?


Who Says You Have to Take Risks?

Recently while being interviewed for a small business journal, the interviewer asked if I thought anyone could own and operate a business.


Entrepreneurship Is in the Blood

Yesterday on the BBC news website there was an article about a UK-US study that has found our genes “are crucial in determining whether we are entrepreneurial and likely to become self-employed.” When looking at sets of identical and fraternal twins the study found that the siblings in the identical sets were more likely to be similar in their propensity to become entrepreneurs than those in the fraternal sets.


Characteristics of Franchises in Brazil

The success of the franchising system in Brazil is due to 3 key factors: <li>Lack of resources available to the businessperson who wants to expand his/her business; Steep reduction of job offers, which pushed people to the entrepreneurism; Creativity and entrepreneur profile of Brazilians.


Dealing With Failure

Most entrepreneurs fail at least once, if not many times.


LLCs Vs. S-Corps

[LLCs] offer no real tax advantage for most entrepreneurs, and since they tend to be more expensive, one might wonder why.

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