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How to Vet a Franchise

When I was in my late twenty’s, I had a horrible experience buying into a popular franchise concept. I am a lover of all things business and have been self-employed most of my adult life. After my sour franchise experience, I have investigated hundreds of franchises trying to find just the right thing. At this point I consider myself a franchise investigation pro. Here are the questions you need to know to ask in order to properly vet a franchise.

How Big Businesses Are Getting Their Software to Market Quicker and Quicker

In the world of software development, these days it’s vital products are released quickly. Customers demand a lot more from technology in this digital age, which really increases the pressures on businesses to get it right the first time. As many smaller businesses have discovered the hard way, when you’re developing software yourself, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and it can be an extremely time-consuming process. So, how exactly do big businesses get their products to market quickly?

Could Investing in a New Office Be Less Expensive than You Think?

Have you been putting off moving offices because you think it will be too expensive? Even leasing is often considered an expensive risk. However, did you know there are some excellent, cheap ways to rent office space? What’s more, the benefits could far outweigh any initial costs you need to pay. Read on to learn more.

3 Things to Consider Before You Start a Business

If you fancy yourself as the next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs then now is as good a time as any to take the plunge. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding and empowering, and it could change your life. However, before you quit your job and start a company there are a few things you should consider.

Unique Ideas for a Successful Business

There are millions of people all around the world who would love to be able to start their own business, but finding a business idea that will prove to be successful is their first big hurdle. All the same, available business opportunities today are more diverse and unique than ever before. Herewe offer some uncommon business ideas that could lead you to success.

How to Find Ship Repair Services You Can Count On

When your company is in need of ship repair services, you might hire the first contractor you come across. However, this isn’t always going to produce the best results for your needs. Instead, take some time to find a quality company with a proven track record of success. Here you’ll find some additional criteria you can look for to ensure you find quality services.

Featured Business Opportunities