eBay Blogs and Wiki

eBay will be launching eBay Blogs to give sellers an opportunity to market themselves, and also plans to launch an eBay Community Wiki, AuctionBytes.com reports (via MarketingVOX and Micro Persuasion).


Bootstrap or Bust

In the aftermath of the DotCom Bust, bootstrapping is an in topic.


More On Tiny Businesses Like SingleStat.us

I have talked about businesses based around MySpace with several people, and I may be the only one who thinks it is not a good market, but here are my reasons why:

MySpace doesn’t even break even on their own advertisingUsers of MySpace do not have high standards for software and services Anything valuable you could create for MySpace, NewsCorp could easily replicate and integrate MySpace is dying

I response, I said:

Interesting points, but your four reasons not to start a business around Myspace are just excuses not to try something.

MLM Home Based Business

Now that you have made your decision to start an MLM home based business, you are probably revved and ready to get going.

eBay TV Show Canceled

No explanation has been given for the demise of the reality show “Buy It Now,” which ABC has been forced to remove from its summer lineup, a Broadcasting & Cable article noted.


BizIII Podcast Review

In daily, small digestible chunks Mike and Les provide you the latest insight into online marketing, media, applications and more.

What’s a Turnkey Franchise?

You’ve probably heard the term “turnkeyâ€?


Born To Be In Sales!

According to some you are born to be a salesperson – something which Steve Wright knows a lot about having dabbled in two totally different careers before becoming his own boss.