Replacing Hospital’s Whiteboards

Nursing supervisors use a hand-written markerboard to keep track of the current roster of patient names, doctors treating them, procedures they’re undergoing, and even critical contact information.


When The Internet Is Down, Do You Feel Like This?

Angela’s internet is down (and it’s her birthday) so posting will be light today.


100-Proof Turkey

That’s because the nation’s first 100-proof vodka-infused turkey has arrived, and just in time, right?


Chinese Inmates Farm for Gold

Chinese inmates in Jixi labor camp are reportedly forced to slay demons, battle goblins and cast spells in online games to farm credits for prison guards who trade virtual currencies for real money.


Zoo To Sell ‘Reindeer Gem’ Necklaces

The enterprising “gem”ologists at Miller Park Zoo now are offering necklace pendants from dried reindeer droppings, joining the explosively popular ornaments that debuted last year.


What is a Franchise?

What exactly is a franchise?


Motorcycle Design Disguises Trikes As Two Wheeled Bikes

Riders of a certain age sometimes switch to trikes, those three-wheeled bikes with a wide back end.


It’s Not An Incubator, It’s A Percolator

After a career in the travel industry, working for national companies and working as a management consultant for an international tour operator, it would be reasonable to expect that Ky Ekinci is always thinking big.


Ensure Your Business Is Running As Efficiently As Possible

Running a business is not easy, even more when you want everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Growing a Business is Exciting!

Starting a new business can be an exciting venture, yet knowing where to start is often difficult.

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