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Birchbox: The Netflix of Cosmetics Birchbox: The Netflix of Cosmetics

Mashable: While Harvard Business School grads Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna were looking for a business idea, they noticed that the beauty product industry was seriously behind the times on the online retail side. They discovered that some of the biggest pain points for customers included the overwhelming selection of products and the inability to [...]


TurningArt: The Netflix of Paintings TurningArt: The Netflix of Paintings is a Netflix for art. Starting at $10 per month, you select from a variety framed 16” x 20” museum quality prints and choose one that you’d like to see on your walls. If you don’t like it, you can send it back and you’ll be shipped the next piece from your online queue. [...]


Netflix Sees Profit Gains Netflix Sees Profit Gains

Even with a little controversy behind the service and a loss of customers, Netflix saw serious gains over the last 12 months. What does this say for ‘net-to-door rental services? Is this still a decent market for new companies to enter? Netflix Inc., the film-streaming and mail-order DVD service, rose the most in almost 12 [...]


The Kindle Is On Fire The Kindle Is On Fire

Long before its official release date last week, everyone has been trying to get a handle on what the Kindle Fire is when compared to the iPad. Thanks to pre-ordering and one day shipping, I became the proud owner of this device on Tuesday. After spending a week playing on it, I believe I can [...]


Plus: Netflix for Baby Clothes Plus: Netflix for Baby Clothes

Before having her first baby Caroline O’Connor was sifting through piles of hand-me-downs and gifted baby clothes when ,in the excitement of pregnancy, she wondered who she’d be able to handle all of the stuff associated with babies. The mountains of quickly outgrown baby clothes were foremost on her mind when she quipped to her [...]