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Sell Long Distance – Lowest Domestic Rates

AmeriCom offers residential customers a flat 5.4 cents per minute 24 hour rate, with no minimum usage requirements, and no monthly fee.

Business customers are also offered 5.4 cents per minute, with no other fees or minimums.

AmeriCom’s automated direct customer sign-up procedure allows customers to sign up online with no paperwork required. For your non-connected customers, automated agent sign-up systems are available.

Toll-free, (or 800) service, which now also includes 888 and 877 codes, allows residential or business customers to pay the costs of their incoming calls. Residential users may prefer this to calling cards for family members away from home (like students), and business customers increase customer calls by making them free to their prospects. Rates and terms are the same as dial 1 service.

Because there are no “gotchas,” Simplicity is an easy service to sell. Customers find there are no unfavorable terms, no tricks, and no promotional rules or restrictions.

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