Why get into the propane industry? For starters, it’s a $10 billion a year market.

Propane Gas is considered the world’s most convenient and versatile fuel — it is clean, efficient, economical and less expensive than electricity.

Propane is abundant and available. Almost 90% of the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically, helping reduce dependency on foreign energy sources.

Annual sales in the retail bulk propane industry are approximately $10 billion dollars ($10,000,000,000.00). Millions of American homes use propane as an energy source for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, swimming pools, spas and fireplaces. In addition, over 660,000 U.S. farms use propane for a variety of purposes.

Commercial energy users such as hotels, restaurants and retail stores, use propane for many of the same purposes as residential customers. Propane is also used as an engine fuel for powering over-the-road vehicles, forklift trucks and stationary engines in co-generation systems and standby generators.

In the near future propane will be used to power an emerging technology device called Fuel Cells. Fuel Cells are environmentally friendly, highly efficient devices that will use propane gas to generate electricity and heat water in residential homes and commercial businesses. Automobiles, buses and trucks of the future will also be powered by Fuel Cells designed to operate on environmentally friendly fuels such as propane.

The 1st Propane Franchise: Bringing a level of unparalleled sophistication to a fragmented industry.

As a 1st Propane franchise owner, you will contract with local homeowners, businesses and farms to provide them with the propane they need for a variety of uses.

The key to success is essentially the same for any business venture: find an empty niche in the market and fill it. 1st Propane recognized such an opportunity in the propane industry and created a franchise program that provides the qualified individual with a plan to garner their share of the market. 1st Propane brings a level of unparalleled sophistication to this fragmented industry.

The internal systems, guidance and assistance provided by 1st Propane to our franchise owners enables them to establish their customer base and compete effectively against any and all other propane dealers in their markets.

Key Factors of the Franchise Program

Initial Training Program and Ongoing Support. You will receive extensive training on the 1st Propane way of doing business through a detailed ten day training program at our offices in California. The remaining training is performed at your own location, giving you a hands-on feel for the business in your own market. Ongoing support is provided through our main office and periodic visits from members of the corporate staff to assist you with the efficient operation of your business.

State-of-the-art Equipment. You will be using state-of-the-art equipment with specific applications developed exclusively for 1st Propane. This high tech equipment includes computerized route scheduling for more efficient deliveries and a hand held computer to automate the delivery and customer billing process.

Proprietary Software Package. You will have the use of PLATO, a proprietary software system developed specifically for your use in managing your 1st Propane dealership. This sophisticated management tool is only available to 1st Propane franchise owners.

Centralized Accounting. To ease your paperwork burden and costly staff requirements, your business accounting is performed for you by 1st Propane. Each night your computer is polled via modem and the data collected is compiled, analyzed, and returned to you in the form of management reports and useful statistical data. As a management tool it is unsurpassed in value in that it monitors all of the financial aspects of your business.

Employee Certification. You and your employees will receive professional training and certification in the propane industry’s nationally recognized Certified Employee Training Program. Our training satisfies National LP-Gas Code requirements for qualified individuals by combining hands-on activities with written and verified evaluations.

Exclusive Territory. Included with the award of your franchise is a protected territory in which we will not install another 1st Propane dealer. You will have the exclusive rights to this area during the term of your franchise agreement and any renewals thereafter.

The future for propane is bright indeed.

For qualified individuals in the U.S., 1st Propane offers a sophisticated, professional and simplified system of providing the energy that is a necessity for many Americans. If you are interested in a 1st Propane franchise, contact us for more information.

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