The Visual Image goes on site in preschools and petshops and takes studio quality portraits. Because we specialize in the niche preschool/pet market, our photography is easy to learn and fun to do.

Why Visual Image?

The first thing our franchisees tell us they love about this new career is the positive experience that child and pet photography brings into their lives. We deal with young children (below the age of five), and pets. We create portraits that will last into the next generation… and, just for a moment, we freeze a small piece of family history, we capture a unique space in time that will never be again. So the fulfillment that comes with doing something important and doing it well, that is what makes getting up in the morning fun! The next most important thing we find is control. Because we do our portraiture on site at the preschools and petshops there is no need to spend hours waiting for the phone to ring, the door to open, the order to be placed. If there is a uniquely special day for you like a birthday or an event in your child’s life – don’t book a shoot! It’s that simple. No more keeping retail hours and paying for retail space and all the attendant hassles. You can take the day off and your clients won’t even know you are gone! And if you are raising children, this business works great for the Mom and Pop concept. Each spouse can take their part of the business and perform, while leaving the other to enjoy the children.

Finally, let’s talk finance.

All this freedom would be pretty useless if you could not afford the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family. Unlike many franchises, we proudly reveal earnings claims and what you can expect to earn in your new business. Let’s just say, you’ll be impressed!

We offer complete training, ongoing support, earnings claims, and twice yearly conventions.

Excitement, fulfillment and financial rewards – isn’t that what you are looking for?


Tel: 1-800-344-0323 or 931-836-2800

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