Home Based Business Opportunities:

Here’s a business idea that meets all the aspirations of the American Dream.

You can start small with a little or no investment, develop it in your spare time, and parlay it into a $100,000 a year income–all within the next twelve months or so.

Really, all it takes to move one is an empathy for people, a basic understanding of money management, and about 500 business cards, some smart advertising, and you’re in business. Your greatest expense or investment, of course, will be your advertising.

The first, and most important thing to learn is the “thought processes” in the minds of the people or firms that lend money. No one lends money with the thought of foreclosing on the loan and taking away a borrower’s collateral. Whenever the lender is forced into such a situation, everybody loses. The borrower loses his possessions, and the lender ends up with about one tenth of the money he originally loaned out.

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