Work at Home Parents:

How many times while battling rush hour congestion have you pondered the concept of working from home? No mad dashing to get the kids ready and out of the door for day care? No wardrobe or inflated gas prices to worry about. The liberty of being the boss working around your determined time schedule.

Sound wonderful? It is. As a veteran telecommuter of 14 years, I can attest that the perks certainly outweigh the disadvantages. Can’t conjure up any disadvantages? Granted, there aren’t many, but there are a few that you need to consider prior to embarking on your telecommuting search.

The Work-At-Home Mind Frame – Initially, it’s very tempting to “play”. This is where self-discipline really needs to be a top priority. Set regular working hours. Limit personal calls until evening or better yet, turn your voice mail on to halt unnecessary interruptions. Schedule errands for a designated lunch hour. If your home or apartment is not large enough to accommodate an office, find a quiet area free of distractions to work from. On days that your schedule is particularly heavy, arrange for childcare for the little ones. Start a co-op with other area telecommuters or stay-at-home parents.