When searching for a business opportunity or franchise, don’t get immediately hung up on “how much money can I make?”

Startup Journal: “A better first question at the start of a search, if painfully obvious, is to ask yourself: What do you like to do? What sparks your imagination and engages you? How do you see yourself spending your time at work? Are you cloistered in a quiet office dreaming up new products? Or are you dealing with customers, making sales calls? Does it intrigue you to think about growing a business, expanding location by location, conquering new markets? Or do you envision a smaller-scale, less complicated enterprise? Do you like to manage people, or does it give you a headache just to read those words? Also, is there a particular industry where your experience will serve you well? A former educator might be interested in a tutoring franchise, for instance. Dr. Repack suggests that if you are thinking of retail or food service, you spend a day or two wandering at a big local mall to see what stores and products entice you.”