Rafat Ali: “This quote made me do it: take the plunge. This quote by Seth Godin came out in the Jan 2003 issue of Fast Company.. it seized on the inner conflict I was going through at that time. Penniless in London, literally. This quote ended up as a wall paper on my laptop and every evening, when I sat down trying to hunt for a job, it mocked me. It mocked me while I was applying for an entry level position at Mining magazine, or going to interviews for a media reports editor at Datamonitor, or chatting up clueless recruitment agency drone in the hope that she might help push my resume for that glorified data entry position. I had no choice but to take the plunge..it rings true as it did then. Thanks Seth. I still hate you for never replying to my thank you e-mail back then…”

What did Seth say that was so inspiring?

Quit Your Job.

Do it slow, or do it fast, but do it. In retrospect, people will say that 2003 was the best year in a decade to start your own company. Even better, the people with the guts to do it fast or the perseverance to do it slow will be happier, healthier, and more in control of their lives, their ethics, and their contributions to the world.

Did you ever notice that almost nobody who is successful at running their own thing ever goes back? In my case, I quit my one and only non – food service job in 1986. Take it from me: You’re too smart, too fast, and too talented to waste any more time.

Get going. Do it today.

You’ll thank me tomorrow. It’s the right thing to do in 2003 — or any year.