Sharing the Game with Others

David St Lawrence:

This is sort of an advanced concept for some people. They may have such difficulty staying ahead of the game themselves, that they find it hard to conceive of sharing the best bits of their business with others. Others I have known were able to share their game without losing control of their business. It can be a real win-win situation when handled correctly.

Making your business into a game big enough for others requires an exterior viewpoint of your business and your reasons for establishing it. It also helps if you are a coldly analytical, yet compassionate judge of people. And finally, you must enjoy your work, if you want to share it.

When I say the game can be expanded to include others, I don’t mean adding extra hands. I mean that you enlist others to share the decision-making. Look at the decision you have to make on an ongoing basis. Are there decisions which you labor over, that others might enjoy making? If you can find that person, you can both be part of a bigger and more satisfying game.

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